Blackmailing Shalini Story # 1

I am delighted to be her
Blackmailing Shalini 1 – 3
Shalini answered the phone, “this is the head librarian, how may I help you?” Frank said, “just listen
and say nothing unless you want the information I have made public. Do you want that?” Shalini let
out a small gasp, and asked, “who are you, and what do you want?” “I told you to just listen,” Frank
snapped, “just listen!” “Okay,” was her response. “You will go to the bar in the Steak House, the one
near your home, tonight at 6:00 for happy hour. Take a seat at a table in the corner, order yourself
a drink and wait for me to introduce myself. If you are more than five minutes late, I will leave, and I
will make sure your newspaper gets all the information I have collected on you, and copies will be
sent to the library board as well.” He then abruptly hung up the telephone. Shalini shook as she
placed the receiver back on its base. She quickly regained her composure, and went through the
motions of finishing her work day. On the way home, she drove by the Steak House, noting it was a
very popular cafe and feeling reassured about her safety if she decided to meet this man who had
been mailing packages, shocking packages, to her for the past ten days. She glanced at her watch,
noting it was already 10 minutes until six o’clock. She drove on by, then turned around realizing she
did not have time to go home first. There was a parking space near the front door, she took it
feeling some relief about its location. Inside the bar, she saw a good size crowd all enjoying drinks
before their meals. Shalini sat at a table off to herself, and ordered a glass of wine. As she sipped
her wine, she looked around at the men there, wondering who the person that had called her was.
She saw no one she knew, but saw several faces she vaguely recognized. She finished her wine and
looked at her watch. It was just a few
minutes after six. She ordered another glass of wine. The waitress had just set the glass down when
she saw a man walking toward her table. It was one of the ones she knew from somewhere, but she
could not place where. She noticed he was carrying a couple of large envelopes similar to those she
had been receiving for the past ten days. As soon as their eyes met, she remembered where she
knew him from. He was a patron at her branch library, but she could not think of his name. He laid
the two envelopes in front of her on the table for her to see. One was addressed to her newspaper
and the other to the San Francisco Library Board. “May I join you?” he asked, smiling at her obvious
discomfort. “Do I have a choice?” she responded. He picked up the two large envelopes and turned
to walk away, then stopped. “Of course you have a choice, but make it carefully unless you want me
to mail these envelopes. You know what is in them don’t you?” Taking a deep breath to steady her
nerves, Shalini replied, “don’t mail them, sit down,” adding as an after thought, “please.” He took a
chair on the opposite side of the table, and took a sip of the drink he had brought with him to her
table. He leaned back in his chair and stared at her. “Who are you? I have seen you in the library,
but what is your name?” she asked. “I am your date for tomorrow night for dinner here at 7:00, that
is enough for you to know right now,” was his answer. He took another long drink and added,
“unless you want what I know about you to become the talk of the town.” “But, I don’t want a date
with you. I don’t even know your name, much less want to go on a date with you.” “Shalini, look at
the stamps on these envelopes, they are ready to drop in the mail box. Had you rather have a
dinner date or have these placed in the mail?” “That sounds like blackmail, and it is a crime. You
could go to jail
if I reported you to the police.” “I don’t think you want to get the police involved in this Shalini, you
know what I would do with all that I have collected on you. You might also want to consider that
you have seen only a portion of what I have and what is in these envelopes.” Frank looked directly
at her as he said this, then took another sip of his drink. “All you want is a dinner date?” she asked.
She glanced down at the table as she spoke, avoiding looking directly at him. “For now, Shalini for
now. But I will require that you dress a lot nicer for our date than the way you are now dressed. In
fact, I will have some packages delivered to your house tomorrow afternoon that will contain what I
want you to wear.” He stood up, picked up the envelopes and his drink, and said “tomorrow at
7:00, we will meet here at this table and. wear exactly what is delivered, no more and no less. If you
are more than 5 minutes late, these envelopes will be mailed.” Then he walked away from the table
and disappeared into the crowd. Shalini jumped to her feet to find him, but she could not. She
spent several minutes looking, then paid for her wine and left. She was relieved that it was still
daylight as she got in her car and drove home. She changed clothes and sat down to read, but she
could not concentrate. Her mind was on the man she had just met, the envelopes she had been
receiving, and the “date” he wanted for tomorrow night. She had so many questions, and he had
disappeared so quickly. She wondered what this was all about. All night long she tried to sl**p, but
the events of the evening were running constantly through her mind. She knew she would be
ruined professionally, socially, and personally if the information he had got out into public
knowledge. “After all, he just wants a date, and it is a very public and popular restaurant,” she
rationalized. “I will be safe, nothing could possibly happen there,” she decided as she drifted off
into a deep sl**p. As her Saturday progressed, Shalini starting feeling a little better about her
“date” for the evening. She was convinced that she would be safe, and she needed to find out what
this man wanted in exchange for his silence. She had decided not to call the police, and just to pay
the blackmailer to keep her past a secret. It was the only choice she had and she knew it. She had a
good job, had saved a lot of
money, and she was prepared to buy his silence rather than go through the humiliation of the
exposure of her past. It was just after four o’clock when she heard her door bell. Looking through
the peephole, she saw a delivery man from Macy’s standing on her porch. She opened the door,
signed for the packages and waited until the delivery man was gone before shutting and locking her
door. Shalini sat the packages down on her couch and began to open them. She found a red nylon
slip dress, red lace bikini panties with a matching shelf bra, dark thigh high hose, red high heel
shoes, a red purse, small gold hoop earrings, and a gold chain bracelet. She was surprised that there
were earrings and a bracelet, but no necklace, and even more than a little surprised at the fact
everything was her exact size. A small shudder of fear run through her body. She poured herself a
glass of wine and took it and the clothing to her bedroom. She took her shower, then started
getting her hair fixed and makeup on. After she was dressed, she looked at her image in the mirror.
It had been several years since she had worn anything as sexy as these clothes, and she just
admired herself for several minutes. She had always hated bikini panties because of the panty lines
they created, and they were very prominent in this thin nylon dress. Remembering the man’s
threats, she decided against changing and was dressed for her “date.” Shalini arrived at the Steak
House at exactly 7:00, parked her car and went into the bar. She saw him sitting at the table she
had sat at last night. He smiled at her as she walked to the table and told her to have a seat. She sat
down being careful to avoid eye contact with this man. He just seemed to look right through her
and that made her very uncomfortable. Her hands were noticeably shaking as she sipped the glass
of wine he had already sitting on the table. Shalini was in no mood for small talk, and asked “how
much do you want to keep silent about what you have discovered about me. I am willing to pay you
for your silence.” He said nothing, but continued to stare at her and sip his drink. “How much?” she
asked in a demanding tone of voice. He smiled and said, “it is not your money that I want, it is your
body that you will use to buy my silence.”
“What?” she reacted, “you don’t expect me just to have sex with you do you? What do you think I
am, some kind of a whore?” Smiling still, he said, “you are a whore, I have proof of that, we are just
haggling about the price.” “That is all things that happened in my past. It was years ago when I
needed the money. I am ashamed of what I did, but I am not a whore.” “Yes, that is exactly what
you are, Shalini, in fact you are not only a whore, but a slut. You were and you still are. You can’t
change your past. According to your arrest records, you were selling your body to anyone that had
$100 to pay for it. I am willing to pay much, much more than that. I am willing to pay with my
silence, that has the value that you place on your career, you social standing, and your reputation.”
He paused glared into her eyes and asked, “how much is all that worth to you Shalini?” Her face
turned as red as her dress with rage and anger. She stood up and reached for her purse, but her
eyes saw him holding the two stamped envelopes. “Have you forgotten about these?” he asked.
She slumped back in her chair. She knew that he had her in a mess and that she had to get out of it
some how. She said, “no, I have not forgotten. You are not an unattractive man, why don’t you just
ask someone you know for a date? Why me, we don’t even know each other?” “You are wrong
Shalini, I know you very well, but not as well as I am going to. I know everything about you, as you
have seen, even your torrid past. I know your credit card numbers, your clothes sizes, I know a lot
about you.” “How did you find out all of this?” “I have gone through your history, your personal
information is well known to me. I have gone through you trash where I learned your clothing sizes
and so much more.” He took another drink out of his glass and smiled at her nervousness, “yes I
have chosen well,” he thought to himself. Shalini just sat looking at her glass of wine. Without
looking up she said “okay, if I agree to have sex with you, will you give that information to me and
promise to keep quiet about what you know about
me?” Without waiting on an answer, she added, “when do you want this?” “We will start tonight?”
he replied. “Start? What do you mean start?” “That is exactly what I mean. We will start tonight.
You are going to buy my silence by being my private whore. You are going to pay for my silence with
your body as often as I want you to, and that starts tonight. I know you are not seeing anyone at the
present time, and that you have a lot of time on your hands, and I will allow you to continue to keep
up appearances at social functions. But Shalini, you are now my whore. If you find that more
objectionable than the consequences, you can leave right now.” “For how long?” she asked meekly
as her body trembled with fear and her voice cracked. “Until you are fully trained or you no longer
please me. If it ends because you don’t please me I will send the information to the library board
and to your newspaper,” he answered, but he was no longer smiling at her. “What do you mean by
until I no longer please you or until I am ‘trained’?” she asked still trembling. “You will find out in
time, you will find out.” “Or had you rather I mail these envelops?” gesturing to them laying on the
table. “Your rapid rise in the library system has made you some enemies, what would they do with
this information. What would your high society friends do? You know how those people love gossip.
Then there is your newspaper column to think about.” The Waitress sat two more drinks on the
table as Shalini contemplated her situation. “Now, be a good little girl and go to the restroom.
While you are there, take off your bra and bring it back to me.“ “Just like that? You expect me to go
and take off my bra and hand it to you?”
“You have worn less in public as I am sure you remember, or do I need to show you some pictures
of yourself? Yes, that is exactly what I expect you to do. If you question that, I will demand your
panties as well. Now go do as you have been told, and be quick about it,” he said sternly. Shalini
could tell he was serious about what he had asked her to do, and she knew he was equally serious
about sending the information as he had said. Taking a deep breath she said, “okay,” and reached
for her purse. He grabbed her hand and said, “leave that here.” “But how will I be able to bring my
bra back to the table without someone noticing what I am carrying?” “I don’t care, that is not my
concern. No one will have any doubt about you not a bra on in that dress when you walk all the way
back over here anyway. Now go, before I decide I want your hose also.” Shalini left the table
realizing for the first time that the restrooms were all the way across the lounge. She tried not to
attract attention, but it seemed as if every eye was on her as she walked to the ladies room. Frank
smiled as he watched her walk away. This had gone much faster and easier than he had hoped for,
and he was getting sexually aroused. He had anticipated much more resistance, and he knew it
would come as his demands got harder for her to accept. He would make sure that he stayed right
on the verge of scaring her off at all times. Step by step he had planed her enslavement and was
thrilled that it was moving so well. When he saw her returning, he felt a tinge of guilt because her
eyes were full of tears. No one else saw the tears though, their eyes were on her body and the bra
she was obediently bringing to him. “What is your name?” she asked avoiding eye contact. “How do
you refer to men that come to you in the library when you don’t know their names?” Shalini
thought for a moment, then answered, “ I just call them ‘sir’.”
“Then for the present time you may simply refer to me as ‘sir’ also.” “Just call you ‘sir’? Are you
k**ding?” Tapping his fingers on the envelopes laying on the table to make his point, Frank
responded, “did it sound like I was k**ding?” She simply shook her head “no.” She still felt the stares
of the men in the bar, and knew she was being trapped in something by the man. Frank looked at
his watch. It was after eight, and he had a big night planned. He said it was time to eat and told her
to follow him. They walked into the restaurant portion of the building. He told the waiter where he
wanted to sit, and they were led to a table. He ordered only a salad for Shalini, but a steak for
himself. As soon as the waiter had taken their order and walked away from the table, Frank said,
“take off your panties and hand them to me.” Shalini was taken by surprise, she sighed, then stated
to get up to go to the restroom and do as she had been told. She knew it would do no good to
protest anyway. She stood up. “No, here, take them off here and hand them to me.” “Here?” “I
don’t like having to repeat myself, yes here damnit. Just reach under the table and take them off,
now!” Shalini looked around the restaurant, then carefully and as discreetly as possible removed
her panties. She reached around the table and handed them to him. He took them and laid them
near his drink on top of the table in clear view. When the waiter brought their meals, he spilled a
glass of water when he saw the red lace panties next to Frank. Frank used the panties to wipe up
the spill as the waiter stared at Shalini and grinned. They ate in silence, he going over his plans for
the evening, and she on the verge of crying about the predicament she was in.
Frank had eaten about half of his steak when he paused and said, “go to the restroom and take off
your hose. Be a good girl and bring them to me. Go quickly or I will want you to take them off right
here at the table.” The tone of his voice was enough to let Shalini know he was serious. His
information was enough that if that is what it would take, she would have no choice but to obey.
She got up and walked all the way back to the restroom, took off her hose and returned. She felt
like she was being visually ****d as she went, and even more so as she returned carrying her hose
balled up in her hands metamail: Incomplete multipart message -- unexpected EOF tml>
Blackmailing Shalini [2/15] CHAPTER TWO Shalini could never remember a Monday morning when
she had been so glad a weekend was over and to be driving to work. The weekend was a nightmare
that she was glad was over. She engrossed herself in her work and managed to keep from thinking
about her ordeal. She actually held her breath as the mail was sorted, and was relieved that no
package came for her. She kept watch over the entrance to the library expecting to see the man
who was blackmailing her walk in at any time. By the end of the day she had not seen him and felt
better than she had since she started receiving those packages in the mail. She went home, ate, and
read until it was time to go to bed. Tuesday found Shalini’s spirits even higher. The assistant branch
manager even commented on her good mood. Again Shalini watched the patrons come and go, but
that man did not appear. Like Monday, there was nothing in the mailed for her, and she felt more
than just relief. Her spirits rose and she was back to her normal self again. Shalini was helping out at
the “return” desk just after noon on Wednesday. She looked across and saw him checking out some
across at the other counter. Although their eyes made brief contact, there was not even a flicker of
recognition that she saw in his. It was if he did not have a clue as to who she was. He left without as
much as a second glance in her direction. As soon as he left, she walked over to the check out desk.
She looked at the records and learned that his name was Frank Benson. Shalini pulled up his records
on the central computer. He was a psychologist, and a professor at City University. It had his work
and home addresses and phone numbers. There was nothing else, but at least she knew more than
she did before. Thursday went as uneventful as had the other days, and by the end of the work day,
Shalini was feeling elated. She was convinced that he had his fun with his little game and was out of
her life. She literally breezed through the day. She actually hummed to herself as she drove home.
All week, Shalini had dreaded the arrival of the mail. Not one single package had come for her. This
with the absence of recognition in Dr. Benson’s eyes when they had exchanged glances, and no
contact from him strengthened Shalini’s belief that she had paid her debt and the nightmare that
was last weekend was over. She was in a particularly good mood as she pulled into her drive way.
She took the two small sacks of groceries she had picked up on the way home and walked to her
front door. Then she saw it, an envelope taped to her door. On the front, in big red letters was the
word “slut.” She looked around to see if anyone was watching, then she quickly pulled the note off
her door. She went inside as tears began to drip down her cheeks. After sitting the grocery sacks
down, she opened the note. It read, “I want your cunt at my house tonight at 10:30.” She laid the
note on the kitchen table, and went through the motions of putting away the groceries. By the time
she had finished, her cheeks were wet with tears. She poured herself a glass of wine and collapsed
on her couch, her wine in one hand and the note in the other. Her high spirits were crushed, it was
not over after all. She finished her glass of wine and poured another. She read the note over again,
and felt even worse. It was just 7:30, when she had gotten home, and her plans to spend the
evening reading and relaxing now were a thing of the past. Shalini sat
on her couch and watched the time slowly tick away. She decided that now that she knew who he
was, she would go as the note said, but she would confront this Dr. Frank Benson. It was going to
end tonight, this horrible thing was over. That thought made her feel better, and her self confidence
grew as she waited. It was 10:30 when she pulled into his driveway, and walked to his door still
wearing the clothes she had worn all day. She rang the door bell. “Come in slut,” Frank said as he
opened the door. “No, I can say what I need to say right here,” she replied shocked that he was
nude except for a black leather g-string covering his male genitalia. “I know who you are, Dr. Frank
Benson. This is over, I will tell the administrators at City University all about you, and I will tell them
that you are blackmailing me. You are through tormenting me as of right now.” “Yes, you could do
that slut, but you will need proof that I am blackmailing you, otherwise it is just your word against
mine. Wait here for a second,” he said as he walked back into his den. He returned and handed
Shalini a large envelope saying, “here, you will need this,” handing her the envelope. “What is this?”
she asked. “It is the proof you will need to give my Dean when you turn me in as a blackmailer.” She
fingered the packed envelope, “what is in it?” “All the proof you will need. It contains the same
information that I will mail to the Library Board and to your newspaper on the way to the Dean’s
office.” Frank smiled and as he shut the door with Shalini still standing on his porch he said, “you
win, you are free.” Shalini stood on his porch, holding the envelope he had handed her. He had said
she won, but she did not feel like she had. She went back to her car and started it. She just sat there
with the car running, thinking. Frank stood just inside his closed front door, smiling to himself and
waiting. He wondered just how long he would have to wait. Somehow Shalini did not feel like she
had won. She looked at the
envelope he had handed her realizing that he still had the two stamped envelopes, one to her
newspaper and one to the library board. No, she did not feel like a winner at all. She moved her
trembling hand to the keys of her car and turned the engine off. Shalini was again crying. Frank
grinned as he heard her car engine stop. He opened the door when he heard the bell, and said
simply, “come in slut.” Shalini walked inside and asked, “when is this going to end, Dr. Benson?” “I
did not tell you that you could call me by my name,” he said in an irritated tone of voice. “You are to
refer to me only as ‘sir’ until I tell you otherwise.” Shalini looked down and said, “when is this going
to end..........sir?” “When I want it to slut!” he snapped. Then added “strip down to your panties and
bra for me slut.” Shalini paused for a moment, she had no choice. She knew that he was still in
control and that her protests would fall on deaf ears. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off
laying it on the back of the chair near where she was standing. She reached behind and unzipped
her skirt, stepped out of it and laid it next to her blouse. Next came her slip over the top of her
head, and it was placed with her skirt and blouse. She the removed her pantyhose, and stood there
shaking in her bra and panties metamail: Incomplete multipart message -- unexpected EOF
Blackmailing Shalini [3] CHAPTER THREE Shalini woke up and went to her kitchen and made coffee.
She ate her usual bowl of cereal, and read the newspaper drinking her coffee. She read her book
review and was pleased with the job she had done. She showered and gave no thought to her 2:00
date until she was washing her hair and felt the necklace. Her spirits immediately sank to a new
low. She remembered how her body had betrayed her last night and redoubled her determination
to never let that happen again. She spent all morning reading a new book and working on her next
column for her
newspaper. It was just after noon before she realized that she was expected to be at Dr. Benson`s
house at 2:00. It had been in the back of her mind, but her work had kept it hidden from her
thoughts. Now as the time approached, she could no longer suppress the thoughts of having to be
with him. She sat down and put her makeup on, and she put her hair in a ponytail. She hated
looking in the mirror for it seemed like the word “slut” on her necklace was all she could see in her
reflection. She went to her closet to pick out the clothes she would wear to Dr. Benson`s. She chose
a pair of loose fitting tan walking shorts, a sleeveless turtle neck knit blouse that would hide the
horrid necklace, and a pair of white sandals. She wore her usual cotton panties and a comfortable
bra. It was 1:45 when she was fully dressed. She started to pour herself a glass of wine, but did not.
She wanted to be fully in control of herself and her body this afternoon. Shalini figured that she
would be at his house for just an hour or so, and she was ready. She drove to his house, parked in
the driveway, and rang his door bell at 2:00. Frank opened the door, and said “Enter slut.” He shut
and locked his door as she walked inside. He turned to her and said, “strip.” Frank smiled inwardly
as he watched her immediately start removing her clothing without protest or even a moments
hesitation. She folded her things and placed them on the back of the chair near her aware that he
was watching her, but there was nothing she could do or say about it. Soon she was standing across
the room from him totally nude. “Is your cunt clean?” he asked. “Yes,” was her answer as she
shuddered slightly. She hated that question because it was as if he thought she was dirty some how.
Pointing to a place between his spread knees, he said, “stand here and let me check to be sure.”
Shalini walked across the room and stood in front of him with her legs spread.
Frank laughed out loud when she spread her legs without having to be told to do it, and said, “for a
slut, you are a fast learner. But, turn around, then bend over and touch your toes and stay like that
until I tell you to straighten back up. Keep your legs spread nice and wide while you do that.” Shalini
paused for a moment wanting to protest, but turned, spread her legs and bent over touching her
toes. She felt his hands on her buttocks, spreading them apart. She instinctively clenched her
buttocks closed. She felt a sharp pain as he slapped her on her rear as hard as he could from his
seated position. “Ouch!” she exclaimed as she stood upright and turned around. “Did I tell you to
stand up slut?” he snapped. “No, but that hurt, you hit me!” she replied. “Yes, I did because you
tried to close your butt and hide your ass hole, slut. It belongs to me, and you have no right to try to
hide it. Now get back in the position I told you to be in or get the fuck out of here and accept the
consequences slut.” Shalini glared a him for a full minute, then she turned back around, bent over
and touched her spread toes. Again she felt his hands separating her buttocks, but she did not resist
this time. Then she felt his finger violating her vagina. “Slut, you are dry. A slut, my slut, should
never be dry when I want a fuck,” he said in a very stern voice. She just kept in her humiliating
position, saying nothing. “Go lay back on my bed, you already know the position I want you in. Slut,
I will be in there in 15 minutes and if your cunt is not sloppy wet when I get there, I am going to butt
fuck your ass hole. Do you understand me, slut?” Without waiting for an answer, he added, “do it
now!” Shalini almost ran to his bed room. She was crushed at the prospect of having anal
intercourse with any man much less this one. Years ago, she had tried it a few times and found it to
be both degrading and painful. She laid on her back on his bed, she realized that she now was
having to do the one thing she had resolved last night to not ever do. She was having to get herself
aroused, but it was to save her the pain of anal intercourse. She worked furiously with her hands on
vaginal area, on her clitoris, and into the entrance opening. She worked until the juices flowed
and she was not only wet but aroused. She was still working on herself when Frank walked into the
bedroom. He was nude except for his socks. She stopped as soon as she realized he was watching
her. “Spread your cunt lips open so I can see if it is wet,” he told her as he got between her spread
legs. Shalini did not hear or at least did not understand what Frank had said, either because of her
embarrassment of having him see her masturbating or the fact that she was concentrating so hard
on what she was doing to herself. She responded with, “huh?” “Slut,” he said in an angry tone of
voice, “I have warned you about making me repeat myself. Roll over on to your stomach, you are
going to get a good butt fucking now.” “No, please,” Shalini pleaded, “please, I just did not hear
you.” “Slut are going to make me repeat myself still again? Or do you want to get up, go home, and
read about your escapades in the newspaper?” Shalini slowly rolled over on to her stomach crying
so hard that she was shaking. She felt him separate her legs and get on the bed. She buried her
head in the pillow and continued to sob silently in to it. Frank looked at her body shaking with her
sobbing and almost changed his mind, yet he knew this was something he liked and that she
needed to accept it. He covered her anus with KY jelly and very gently started inserting his finger.
He spent a long time with just one finger stretching her anal muscles and telling her to try to relax.
Then he used two fingers, then three as gently as he could, but all the time stretching and preparing
her for his penis. He coated his penis with the KY jelly and pushed the head of it against her anus. “It
will hurt a little at first, just relax, relax,” he told her over and over. He pushed harder, then felt the
head enter and heard a loud gasp muffled in the pillow. He pushed slowly until the full length was in
to her bowels. He just held it there to allow the initial pain to subside. Then he slowly fucked her for
nearly 30 minutes until he felt his cum shooting deep inside her. The crying from the pillow had
stopped, but he knew she was not enjoying this. “She will learn,” he thought, as he pumped the last
of his cum into her. Frank pulled his spent penis from Shalini rectum and smiled at the stretched,
gaping hole that was her tight rear just a little while ago. He said, “slut, my cum is in your ass hole,
you are mine now.”
She did not move and kept her face buried in the pillow. She still felt the pain from the torn muscles
in her rear and her stretched rectum. But most of all she felt the humiliation from having had her
rear used by him and having been unable to prevent it. “Get yourself out of the bed and clean you
butt hole. Get dressed, you will wear what I have laid out for you on the vanity in the guest
bathroom.” He slapped her hard on her buttocks and added, “be quick about it slut before I decide
to fuck your ass hole again.” Shalini jumped out of bed after hearing his threat to do even more
damage to her rear. She went into the bathroom and used tissue to clean her sore rear. She saw a
trace of bl**d on the tissues from the tearing she had felt. Her anus was indeed sore as she gingerly
cleaned herself. She looked around for the clothing that Frank said was laid out for her to put on.
The only thing she saw was a box sitting on the vanity. She opened to box to see four padded white
leather cuffs. Each cuff had four rings equally spaced around it. As she placed a cuff on each ankle
and each wrist, a shudder of fear ran through her entire body. Frank had dressed in a pair of jogging
shorts. He sat in the den wondering if Shalini would return from the bathroom wearing the cuffs, or
if she would first put up a protest. He waited for her return in a state of high anticipation. When he
saw Shalini walk into the den, he was unable to hide his delight at her having put the cuffs on with
out protesting. “You have pleased me slut,” he told her. “I found your ass hole to be also pleasing
for me.” Shalini said nothing but just stood in front of him trying to keep from trembling. “Are you
wet?” he asked. “You mean my vagina,” she questioned. “Sluts don’t have vaginas, only nice girls
do. Sluts have cunts that are to be used. I want to know if your cunt is wet.” She looked down at the
floor and answered, “yes.” “Good, be sure it stays wet for me.”
Frank got up and walked over to her. He reached into the pocket of his shorts and pulled out a
photograph. He handed it to her and said, “see how your makeup looks in this photograph?” Shalini
looked at it. It was one from a magazine layout she had done about 10 years ago. She was totally
nude and posed in as obscene a position as the editors thought they could get away with. She was
embarrassed to just even look at it, and said nothing in response to his question. Her make up was
so exaggerated that she barely recognized her own face. It was a part of her life she thought she
had put behind her, one that she hated. “Do you see your makeup slut?” he asked interrupting her
thoughts. “Yes,” she answered so meekly it was almost a whisper. “I am going to let you go home in
a few minutes, and when you come back that is how I want you to look. However,” he added, “I
want much darker eye make up, more of it so you look more like the slut you are. Do you
understand me?” “Yes,” Shalini answered. “Why don’t you park your car in you garage slut?” he
asked. “don’t you have a garage door opener?” “Yes, I have a garage door opener, I just don’t park
in there,” was her reply. “Well, from now on, you will unless you want your neighbor’s to suspect
something. Also, I want you to return with a spare key to your house to give me.” “A key to my
house? You have gone to far, I will not do that. It is my house, you can not have a key to it,” she
said. “Oh? Have I? Then you may leave now. I have no use for you, and you full well know what I am
going to do with all the information I have, don’t you?” “Wait, okay, but why do you want a key to
my house? There is nothing of much value there you would want.” “I want a key to your house
because as my slut, you are entitled to no privacy, not even in your own home. I may feel the need
to use you at times that are convenient to me and not want to wait for you to come here. I may just
drop in unannounced for a quick fuck, and I want that option whenever the mood strikes me.,” he
told her. “Are you going to bring me the key as I asked, or do I go
to the mail box with my envelopes?” She said nothing, but nodded her head in a sign of
acquiescence. “Take off the cuffs, and put your shorts and blouse back on, but not your bra and
panties,” he said as he got up and went into his kitchen. When he returned with a glass of scotch
and water, she was dressed. He said, ”lift your skirt.” “That is good slut, no panties, just like the slut
you really are. Now take off your shoes, I did not tell you to put them on. You will go barefooted.
You had better use your garage, and when you return, you will pull into mine,” he said as he handed
her his spare garage door opener. He motioned to the couch, “sit down.” Frank sat next to her and
said, “give me your left hand.” He took her extended hand and laid it on his knee. He held up a
small tube, and asked, “do you know what this is?” Shalini looked at the tube he was holding and
replied, “yes it is a tube of Super Glue.” She watched as he placed a tiny drop on the inside of her
little finger on her left hand. “close your fingers together,” he instructed. She did and felt a light
tingle between her little finger and the adjoining finger. “Super Glue does very nicely on skin. It is a
good tight bond. If you can get your fingers apart by the time you return without tearing the skin, I
will fuck your cunt. If they are still glued together or if you have torn your skin getting them apart, I
am going to fuck your sore ass hole. Is that clear?” Shalini nodded that it was as she tried
unsuccessfully to separate her two fingers. Frank looked at his watch, and said, “be back here in one
and a half hours with your face painted up like the slut you are. Now go before I decide to fuck you
in the ass right now.” Without saying a word, Shalini walked barefooted to her car and drove the
block to her house. She parked in her driveway as usual and went inside. She did not stop
until she had poured herself a large glass of wine. She glanced at her watch and noted she had an
hour and 15 minutes before she had to return to Dr. Benson’s house. She tried to separate her
fingers, but even the tiny spot of glue he had placed there was enough to keep them solidly stuck to
each other. She took a bowl of warm water and her second glass of wine to her dressing table and
started applying her makeup as he had told her to do. She worked with one hand, keeping her left
hand in the warm water as she worked. She occasionally tried to separate her fingers, returning to
the job of applying her exaggerated makeup after each unsuccessful try. At last her makeup was
complete. She felt more like a clown than a librarian, but her fingers were still glued as tight as ever.
She tried alcohol, fingernail polish remover, and anything else she could find. Nothing seemed to be
able to dissolve the Super Glue. She even tried using a knife to cut the glue. As last she got her
fingers apart, but felt a sharp pain as they came apart. The small spot where the skin had actually
been torn from her finger filled as bl**d oozed into the tiny wound. She held a cloth over the place
until the bl**d stopped, then carefully covered it with makeup to hide it. Shalini poured herself
another large glass of wine and sat down on her couch. In one hand she held the glass of wine, the
other held her spare house key. She sat, drank and cried over the happenings that had turned her
entire life into such a complete nightmare. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she sipped her glass
of wine. She looked at her watch, it was nearly 4:30, the time she had to return to Dr. Benson’s
house for more torment. She looked in the mirror and was glad she had used water proof makeup.
Barefooted and with no underwear, she drove back to Frank’s house. Shalini operated the remote
control and pulled into Frank’s garage. She noticed that it was partitioned and that he had
apparently made a room of some kind out of the other half of it. She checked her little finger and
hoped he would not notice the tiny red spot of bl**d stained makeup where the Super Glue had
torn her skin slightly. She rang the door bell. “Come in slut,” he said as he opened the door. “Your
makeup looks good and slutty, strip.” She undressed and laid her clothes on the back of the chair.
Things had gone too far for her to protest this humiliation any more. “Hand me the key to you
house, so I can use my slut whenever I wish to. Hand it to me with your left hand.”
As she held her hand out, he grabbed her wrist, and examined her little finger. He said, “so, you got
your fingers unglued, but tore the skin didn’t you slut?” He took the key from her hand and laid it
down on his coffee table. “Go get on my bed, face down, I am going to butt fuck you again.” “Please
don’t, I am too sore. I will do anything you want if you will not do that to me,” Shalini pleaded as
tears welled up in her eyes. “Anything?” he asked. “Yes, anything you want,” she pleaded. Laughing
he said, “slut, you will do anything I want anyway because you need to protect you job, your
reputation, and your social standing. That is not an offer I am interested in. Go lay down, I am going
to fuck your sore ass hole. Now go before I get mad.” Shalini went to his bedroom, she knew that
she simply had no other alternative than to obey him. She laid down and buried her face in the
pillow. Her tears wetted the pillow as she waited. She stiffened as she felt him sit on the bed. She
felt his hands spreading her buttocks as he move into position between her legs. Frank looked at
her swollen and red rectum, and felt some pity for her, but he knew this was a necessary part of his
overall plan. “If you concentrate on relaxing your slutty ass hole, it will not hurt as much,” he said as
he started applying KY jelly to her rear. He saw her jump and heard a low moan when he touched
her, but continued to slowly penetrate and stretch the muscles in her anus for his penis. Then he
positioned the head of he penis on the center of her anus, and in one hard push, drove it all the way
in to her bowels. He felt her rectum stiffen, then relax as he drove into her. He fucked her hard and
fast, until he had shot his load into her deepest recesses. Then he pulled out and told her not to
move until he returned. Shalini was still crying with her head buried in the pillow when he came
back a few minutes later. The throbbing in her rear was lessening, but her spirits were lower than
ever. Being used like this without mercy or feeling made her feel terrible. When Frank returned he
was wearing a pair of jogging shorts and nothing else.
He started at her lovely body and was surprised that he felt a twitch of life in he penis so soon after
having shot his load in her rear. He got on the bed and sat on top of her upturned buttocks. “let me
see your left hand again,” he told her. Shalini moved her left hand behind her for him to examine.
She felt him separating her fingers, then when he said he wanted to see her right hand for
comparison, she moved her other hand to behind her back. She felt him examining that hand also.
Then she felt him holding both hands, then something cold, then a click and a tightening of
something around her wrists. “Those are police quality handcuffs slut, they will not give. You can
struggle if you wish, but it will do no good.” he said. She pulled against them for only a few
moments, before she realized that he was right. Struggle would be futile. She relaxed with her face
still buried in the tear stained pillow. She could not help but wonder what she would have to
endure next at the hands of this man that she hated so much. “Roll over on you back,” he told her.
It was difficult to do with her hands cuffed behind her, but she managed to do it. She shifted until
her hands were as comfortable as possible in the small of her back, and watched as he sat to top of
her hips. “I am sure you will agree that the Super Glue glues skin very tightly. I am also sure that it
hurt when you finally managed to pull your fingers apart.” He paused a moment, then continued
“fingers tend to be less sensitive than other parts of the body, and yours had natural body oils on
them.” She watched as he took a bottle of alcohol and dampened a large cotton ball. “Just think
how much better the glue would stick if I had cleaned your fingers with this first, and just think if
they had not been smooth, and had been much more sensitive,” he told her as he smiled a wicked
little grin. He leaned over her body as if he was going to kiss her, but instead pulled the ends of a
wide leather strap from under the mattress. Shalini had thought he wanted to kiss and had
instinctively closed her eyes. She felt the leather strap across her neck, then felt it tighten. It
happened so fast that she did not have time to react. She could barely swallow, and could not lift
her head even a fraction of an inch.
“What? she exclaimed. “Now, just you relax. I am not going to hurt you. I just did not want you
trying to avoid the inevitable my dear slut.” He took the alcohol and put more on the cotton ball. He
started wiping down her right nipple rubbing very hard. Shalini tried to move, but was held in place
with the strap across her heck and his weight as he sat on top of her hips. She said nothing partly
because she knew it would do no good and partly out of fear. He worked on her right nipple until it
was raw form the scrubbing, then did the same thing to her left nipple. He held for her to see two
small pieces of shiny metal, each about 1/2 inch long and cone shaped. They were open at the wide
end and had a bright shiny ring attached to the pointed end. He put more alcohol in these cones
and cleaned them as thoroughly as he had her nipples. He laid them on her stomach. “Remember
this?” he asked as he held up the tube of Super Glue. She watched in fear as he placed a large drop
right on the tip of each of her nipples saying, “this will sting a little.” Shalini tried to move, to resist
as she felt the glue stinging her raw nipples, but she could not get away. Her eyes were wide in fear
as she saw him place one of the tiny cones over each nipple. “There, we will just give it a few
minutes for the glue to harden, then I will let you get up and go clean your ass hole,” he said. The
stinging went away about the time Frank got up and released the Velcro across Shalini’s neck. He
told her to stand up, and when she did, he removed the hand cuffs. “Go clean your ass slut, then
come to the den. Be quick, I will be waiting on you,” he said as he walked out of the bed room. As
soon as Shalini walked in the bathroom she went up to the mirror. She examined the things that he
had attached to her nipples with the Super Glue. She tugged on each one only to find they were
very securely and firmly glued to her nipples. She cleaned her bottom and went into the den. “Why
did you glue those things on me?” she asked as soon as she got to the den. “Because I wanted to
slut, and do you have any objections?” She started to say something, but instead just shook her
head “no.” “I can assure you that the rings are well secure to your soft nubby nipple flesh. If you
pull them off you will cause yourself more pain than you could ever
possibly imagine. You will actually pull part of you nipples off and they might never grow back to
look normal. You would not want that would you?” She again shook her head “no,” but said
nothing. “In a few days, the skin of your nipples will grow and the glue will loosen its hold. I would
guess that you should be able to get the them off your nipples in four or five days. If you are careful
and gentle, there will be no damage at all. Come over here and let me see how well they are
attached.” She walked to where he was seated. He reached up and examined each one pulling her
breast out from her body as he did. “They are really well attached slut, they would pull your whole
fucking nipple out by its roots if you are not careful. It would mutilate what otherwise are nice tits,
do you understand that?” “Yes,” was her only reply. She watched as he took a small chain from his
pocket. It was about 24” long and had a ring at each end. She stood motionless as he used tiny locks
to attach each end of the chain to one of the rings on her nipples. “Follow me,” he told her. She
followed her into his guest bathroom. There he took a chain that was looped around a faucet and
locked in place, he locked the other end to the short chain running between her nipples. “If you are
not here when I return, you are free, truly free from me. I will destroy the material I have collected
on you and never bother you again. This I promise” He walked to the bathroom door, and said, “I
have to run some errands, I will be back in an hour or so. Here is your chance to be free of me
forever, all you have to do is get loose.” With that he closed the door. Shalini waited until she heard
him drive off, the she examined the chains and locks. While they were small, she could tell they
were very strong and would not break. She pulled at first one nipple then the other, but there was
no sign they would come off. She tried over and over until her nipples were sore and she could try
no longer. Then she sat on the closed toilet, helpless and totally hopeless. She cried as she waited
for his return.
Blackmailing Shalini[4] CHAPTER FOUR At last Shalini heard Frank’s car drive up and the door slam.
She heard the front door open. Then she heard someone at the door to the bathroom.
Frank walked in wearing tan slacks, a knit shirt, and top sides with no socks. He said, “when I did not
see a trail of bl**d leading from my house, I knew you had decided to stay. It is better you did
because you would have probably bled to death before you could get to a hospital anyway. Your
nipples would be badly torn and have bled a hell of a lot.” He explained as he unfastened the lock
holding the chain to the faucet. Using the end of the chain he held as a leash he said, “come on, it is
time for you to fix us something to eat.” He led her to the kitchen where bags of groceries were
sitting on the counter. He locked his end of the chain to a post at the end of the counter holding up
the cabinets, and said, “I hope you are a good cook slut. If you are not, that sore ass of yours is
going to get fucked again.” He then left her alone in the kitchen saying, “put up the groceries and
cook the steak for me. You can fix yourself a salad.” Shalini looked around the kitchen noting it was
very much like her own. She had no choice but to do as he wanted. She put away the groceries, and
started the meal. The steak was broiled and the salad ready in just over thirty minutes. She waited
for him to return, but when he didn’t, she called, “Dr. Benson, the meal is ready.” He walked into
the kitchen and snapped, “did I tell you to call me anything but ‘sir’?” She shook her head “no.” He
picked up a large wooden spoon and hit her right on the soft part of her lower stomach. “Aw!” she
exclaimed. “If you ever do that again, I will beat you badly, do you hear me?” “Yes,” she answered
“Put you hands behind your back slut,” he barked in a tone so angry that it startled her. Shalini,
fearing he would hit her again, put her hands behind her back as fast as she could. He stepped
behind her and placed the handcuffs he had used earlier on her wrists. “You will eat tonight like a
slut bitch dog,” he snapped. He placed her salad bowl on the table and waited for her to sit. Then
he took his place across from her and started his meal. Seeing that she was just sitting and not
eating, he said, “I will shove any scrap of that salad in front of you left uneaten up your ass with a
broom handle. Eat it slut, or suffer the consequences.” Shalini immediately started bending over
and eating her salad like a dog would eat dog food. She ate as quickly as she could just to get it over
with, but did not leave a single scrap much to Frank’s amusement. It was after 8:00 when the had
finished. Frank took the hand cuffs off Shalini’s wrists and told her that she had no more than 30
minutes to wash dishes unless she wanted more ass fucking. She hurried through the clean up and
had just finished when Frank came back in the kitchen. He unlocked the chain and led her to the
den. After sitting on the couch, he asked, “is your cunt wet and ready for me to use?” “Yes,” she
answered not knowing if it really was or not. “Come over here and let me see, do it bending over
like you did last time.” She stood in front of him, turned, then bent over and touched her spread
feet. She felt his finger touch her swollen anus and let out a tiny whimper of pain. The she felt his
fingers violating her vagina. “It is not wet enough to suit me slut,” he proclaimed. “But your ass is so
stretched it would not give me pleasure.
Turn back around, get on your slut knees and suck me off.” When she turned back she was he had
already pulled down his shorts. She knelt in front, between his legs and took his penis in her mouth
and started giving him the oral sex he had demanded. She had been at it for over 10 minutes when
he pushed her head off his penis and said, “stand up slut.” “What is my name slut?” “Sir,” she
answered. “What is that?” he asked pointing to her vagina. “My cunt,” was her reply. “Who owns
your cunt?” “You do.” “What is your name slut?” “Slut,” she answered looking down at the floor.
“Very good slut, very good indeed. You are learning, and that pleases me,” he said laughing. “Now
how do I like for my slut’s cunt to be?” “Wet,” she replied still looking at the floor. “It is good that
you are a fast learner. There is much more for you to learn.” Taking hold of the chain attached to
her nipples, he said “follow me.” He led her through the door into his garage and past her car. They
went to the door in the part of the two car garage where he had his shop and went inside. He
turned on the lights and said, “look around.”
At one end was a work bench covered in tools and electrical parts. Alone the wall above the bench
were cabinets. The sheet rock had been removed from the ceiling and there were ropes and pulley
hanging from all the rafters. Near the other end was a strange looking table about 8 feet long and 3
feet wide. The floor had several eye bolts embedded into the concrete floor. There were cabinets
all along one side of the room. “Tomorrow, you will learn what all of this is for, but not just yet. I
just wanted you to get an idea of what you can expect. Do you know what all of this is for?” Shalini
shuddered, and said that she did not, but the truth was that she suspected it was for the continued
mistreatment of her. He led her back out of his workshop and into the house noticing that she was
trembling. In the den, he told her to wait and he would be right back. He disappeared back through
the garage door. When he returned he was carrying what appeared to be three pieces of chrome
plated metal, each about 3 feet long. She watched as he sat them on the floor. Two of the pieces
were attached in the middle and formed a large “X” on the floor when he opened it up. He
tightened the mechanism, and took the third piece and placed it into a cylinder about 12” long that
was just slightly larger in diameter. The upright piece was about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and ended
in a round ball like blunt point. He had an adjustment on the center and lowered it to just over two
feet. “Stand with one foot here and the other here,” he said pointing to places on opposite sides of
the upright piece.
She hesitated for a moment, then stood where he indicated, with the upright directly beneath her
bottom. He bent over and started to raise the upright. Just before it touched the entrance to her
vagina, he stopped. “This will not hurt, I just want you to relax. I am going to put it into your cunt,
but if you feel pain, let me know. Will you do that?” Shalini felt it was strange for this man to ask
her if she would do something rather than telling her she had to. It made her feel more secure, and
she said “yes, I will.” He bent back over and gently eased the blunt end into her vagina. She felt the
cold metal against her hot insides and it felt good to her. Her raised it higher, ever so slowly. He was
waiting for her to let him know it was deep enough inside her body to just press against her cervix.
This he knew would cause a sharp pain. He continued until he saw her jerk and heard a low moan.
He lowered it nearly two inches so she was in no discomfort, and the tightened the adjustment
screw to hold it in place at that level. he stood back to admire his latest “invention.” “Are you in
pain?” he asked in what truly seemed like a caring tone of voice. “No, not if I stand still,” she
answered. He took a seat so he could look at her and said, “if you can get off that rod sticking in
your cunt, you can go home right now. If you can’t get off, I am going to ram this up you sore ass
hole,” showing her a large butt plug. It was shaped somewhat like a Christmas tree with a flat base
as large around as the wide part of the “tree.” The “trunk” of the tree was about an inch in
diameter and a little over an inch long. “this is bigger around than my cock, so you can imagine that
it will hurt like hell until it is inside
your butt far enough for you ass to close over the small part and hold it inside you. Now you have
15 minutes to get off of it and go home, otherwise it is the butt plug up your ass.” He sat and
watched amused as she first tried to push the rod down. He had tightened the screw and knew it
would not slip. Next she tried standing as high as she could on her tip toes, but she could not get
high enough to get it out of her. She tried leaning forward, tilting the base up on two of its four legs,
but she was stopped when the tilting caused the end to raise just high enough to touch her cervix
and cause a sharp pain. He watched her struggle, then said, “you have less than two minutes slut.”
To his disappointment, she tilted it far enough just to the point of lightly touching her cervix, then
took a chance he had not anticipated. She hopped far enough that it came out and she was off of it.
“Do I get to go home like you promised?” she asked innocently. Frank hid his disappointment and
said, “yes, you will learn that you can always trust me, and you can count on me to do exactly what I
tell you I will do. Slut you will learn to trust me fully and without exception. Yes, you may go home,
but you must return tomorrow afternoon at 1:00, it that understood?” “Yes,” she replied. He
walked over to her and unlocked the long chain attached to the short one that ran from nipple to
nipple. “You will keep the other chain on unless you can figure a way to get it off when you get
home. Now leave but leave just like you are, naked. Be here tomorrow and be naked then also
slut.” Having said that he got up and went to his kitchen, and mixed himself a stiff drink.
When he heard the door to the garage close he went to his desk noting her clothes were still on the
back of the chair where she had put them when she arrived. He sat at his desk, took out his journal
and started making notes. The night had not gone as planned, but it had worked out perhaps better
in the long run he noted. He worked quickly because he knew he had work to do in his workshop,
work on the device that had failed him, his “display stand.” Shalini drove home nude except for the
necklace and the short chain running from one nipple to the other. She was glad it was dark and
drove more carefully than she had ever before driven. She was so relieved when her automatic
garage door closed behind her car, that she just sat and trembled for several minutes before going
into her house. Inside, she almost ran to her bathroom to put on her bathrobe. She closed it all the
way up to her neck and tied the belt tightly. She wanted to cover up the chain between her nipples
and the “slut” necklace. Some how, she reasoned, if she could not see what he had done to her
body, she could just forget what was happening to her. She went back to her kitchen and poured
herself a large tumbler of wine. She took the bottle and sat it on her coffee table, and she collapsed
on the couch in a near fit of depression. Her thoughts were only about how she could get herself
out of the trap she was now in, but it had to be done so that her reputation would not be ruined.
Soon she was finishing her second large glass of wine. Her hand toyed with the small cone that was
attached to her left nipple with super glue and the chain that run from it to the right nipple. She
pulled and tugged on it to loosen it until her nipple was sore. There was no sign of it loosening, not
even a tiny bit. Shalini toyed with it for a long time. Then she felt strangely aroused by the constant
fiddling she was doing with her nipple. This made her feel even worse, and she poured herself a
third tumbler of wine. She went to the full length mirror in her bedroom, and slipped the bathrobe
off her shoulders. She stood there looking at the necklace and the chain between her nipples. Still
naked, she returned to the couch and her glass of wine. She laid back on the couch and thought and
drank. Her hand moved to between her legs and she felt the soft wetness of her vagina. She
inserted her finger and located her clitoris. There she stayed and just teased it for a while. It made
her feel better and took her mind off the terrible mess her life had turned into. Now, she was
drinking directly form the wine bottle, the nearly empty wine bottle. Her right hand was busy
between her legs, and her left hand alternated between tugging on the chain and drinking the last
of the wine. She worked more furiously on her clitoris and was getting very aroused. Her finger
touched her swollen and sore anus, the went back to her clitoris. In a d***ken stupor, she worked
until she had three hard orgasms, the fell to sl**p still naked on the couch. Shalini awoke in her
dark house. She turned on a light and saw it was 2:30 am. She went to her bathroom, took a shower
and put on her pajamas. In bed, she quickly went back to sl**p. The end of what had been a long
and confusing day for her. Shalini thought she heard a noise. She opened her eyes and looked at her
alarm clock, it was 6:30
am. She did not move, but stayed real still just listening for whatever had awoken her. She heard
another noise, and sat up in bed. Then she heard it again, someone was in her house. “Slut,” she
heard Frank’s voice saying, “I am drinking a glass of milk from your refrigerator. When I am finished
with the milk, I am going to fuck you. If your cunt is wet, I will fuck it. If it is not, I am going to fuck
your sore ass hole. You have just a couple of minutes before I finish the milk, then I will be there in
your bedroom to fuck my slut.” Frank had always enjoyed his early morning walks, and this was
going to make them even more enjoyable. Like most men, he frequently awoke with an erection,
and now he had a way to resolve his need. He had just let himself in her house and taken off his
shorts and underwear. He wondered if she was now working her hands between her legs to get
herself wet, and smiled to himself as he waited and finished the glass of milk. Shalini was more than
just startled by his unannounced entry into her house, she was angered by it. Yet she knew it would
do no good to protest, he simply had too much to hold over her. She had no choices available to
her. She knew her rectum was still sore, so she started to masturbate herself to get her vagina wet
in an attempt to keep him from injuring her rear further. Soon she was aroused and wet, very wet.
Frank walked into her bedroom and said, “is your cunt wet, slut?” She just nodded that it was. She
looked at him standing in the doorway to her bedroom wearing a t-shirt
and sneakers, but nothing covering his male genitalia. His penis was fully erect as he stood there.
“Spread your legs and show me if it is wet, slut.” He smiled at her as she spread her legs, then she
used both hands, spread her labia. Her moisture caused a very erotic glistening on her inner labia.
He said nothing, but got on her bed between her legs. She felt his erect penis pause just at her
entrance canal, the felt the fullness of it as he pushed it inside her body. He moved it in and out of
her body slowly and as sensually as he could. He wanted to make her enjoy this despite what he
knew would be her resolve to not respond. He kept up his slow movement, not touching her except
for the connection of his penis and her vagina. As he felt himself building to a climax, he heard
several low moans of pleasure escape from her lips. He gave no indication that he had heard
anything, but just continued his movements. Shalini was mortified at how she was responding to
this intrusion into her privacy. She tried to hold back, but the passion was rising in her body. It was
again betraying her despite her best efforts. She felt him quiver just as she lost all control over her
own reflexes. They came together, and she hoped he had not noticed. He was thrilled that she had
reached an orgasm, for today was an important one in her training. It was good then she had
responded so well. Frank pulled his now limp and spent penis from her body, and walked out of her
bedroom. In just a couple of minutes, she heard her front door close. She knew he had gone, but
she did not move. She started crying, not because Frank had come in to her house without an
invitation, not because he had just ****d her still again, but because she had been betrayed by her
won body. She had reached a
climax and she had hated it. At last she got up and took her shower. She spent the morning reading
the Sunday paper dressed only in her bathrobe. After a light breakfast, she went to work at her desk
in a book review that was due on Monday. As the time crept slowly to the time she had to return to
Dr. Benson’s house, her mood became more and more depressed. She finished the book review,
and looked in her refrigerator. There was no wine left. She mixed herself a strong drink of orange
juice and vodka, and sat on her couch. She need the alcohol to boost her nerves and steady her
thinking. She went to her vanity and started to put her makeup on. She did it as Dr. Benson had
wanted yesterday, heavy and gaudy. Then she looked at the time, it was 12:30. She had to be at his
house in just thirty minutes. She fixed herself another equally strong drink and sipped it as she
watched the time slowly slip away. Back at his house, Frank was also checking the time. He had
been very busy since returning from Shalini’s house. He had spent the entire morning getting his
workshop ready for her. The work table now had been moved to the center of the room, ropes
hung from pulleys high on the ceiling rafters, and the cabinets had all been opened for easy access.
Today Shalini would learn that he enjoyed bondage and giving pain. She had already learned that he
liked total control, but that was just one of the steps of her training. Today she would learn to
accept pain, then
maybe next weekend she would learn to enjoy receiving pain as much as he did giving pain, but it
had to be this difficult step that came first. She was due to arrive in just thirty minutes and he
needed to shower and change clothes. He closed his workshop door and went to his bathroom to
get ready for her arrival. CHAPTER FIVE Shalini waited until it was 5 minutes before 1:00, then
wearing only her raincoat, she got in her car and drove the short distance to Frank’s house. She
wore nothing underneath except the chain attached to her nipples by Super glue. Shalini wondered
how long it would be before the glue came off and she would be free from that chain. It was much
worse than the necklace with the word “slut” that hung from her neck. She parked, walked to his
door, and rang the door bell. He opened it and said, “good, you are on time slut. Come on it.” Then
shut the door behind her. She was a bit surprised that Frank was wearing what looked like old work
clothes, jeans and a T- shirt. But not when he told her to strip. She quickly removed the raincoat
and neatly folded it and placed it on the back of a chair. “I have been in my work shop all morning
and I need to shower and change clothes,” he explained. “While I am doing that, I will give you
another chance to end your afternoon with me early.” Gesturing, he said, “ stand over that,”
pointing to the chrome plated shaft she had escaped from yesterday. Shalini did as he directed,
straddling the vertical part of the
device noting it glistened with a liberal coating of KY jelly. She watched as he knelt between her legs
and raised the adjustable shaft. He paused and told her, “just as in yesterday, if you can get off of
this, you are free to go back home, and I will not need to use you until Wednesday evening at 7:00.”
She felt the cold metal shaft as it entered her vagina. It seemed like it had gone deeper into her
than before, and this was confirmed when he told her that he had made modifications to it. She felt
it touch her cervix and winced in light pain from the contact. Frank stood back to admire his nude
prisoner. She was strikingly beautiful and progressing nicely in her acceptance of his control of her.
“Just to give you added incentive in your attempts to free yourself and go home, I am expecting a
guest to arrive at 2:00. That is a little over 45 minutes from now, and if you don’t want to be seen
like that, you better get yourself off.” “What?” Shalini exclaimed! “A guest? No, you can’t do that!”
But Frank just smiled, turned and walked down the hall to his bedroom. He shut the door to the
bedroom, chuckling to himself, and began to get his shower and change clothes. When he returned
to the den, he noticed that Shalini’s body was covered in sweat, her cheeks were streaked with
tears, and a small amount of bl**d had trickle about 6” down her inner thigh. It was obvious that
she had tried very hard to get off his “display stand,” and that she had even gone so far as to hurt
herself in so doing. She was so busy in her continued attempts to get off the rod extending into her
vagina, that she did not see him return. “Well I see you are still here,” he said, grinning at her. “Our
guest will be here in just about 5 minutes, so you better hurry if you are going to get off and leave.”
“This has gone to far, Dr. Burns. I demand that you free me
right now.” “And if I don’t?” he asked laughing. He watched as she struggled with renewed
determination. “Please, let me off this contraption, please,” she begged. “I will do any thing you
want, just don’t let any one see me like this?” She started crying again, and a little more bl**d
trickled down her inner thigh. “No, I already can get you to do as I wish, and your struggles are
causing your cunt to bleed. However, I will allow you to hide your face if you wish,” he told her as
he produced a black leather hood from his pocket. “That is the only concession I will allow.” Shalini
stopped her vain attempts to free herself, but continued to cry. Sobbing, she said, “ OK let me have
it,” pointing to the hood he held. “No, I will put it on for you, but you must also wear this,” and he
held out a large red rubber ball with straps attached to it. “It is a ball gag, my dear, and it will not
hurt you. Do we have a deal?” Shalini heard a car door slam just outside his house. In a state of near
panic, she said, “OK, OK, but hurry.” She was surprised at how wide she had to open her mouth to
receive the ball, and how tightly he fastened it behind her head. Then he slipped the leather hood
over her head and fastened it behind her neck. Only then did she realize it had no holes for her to
see through and that it could be locked in place. She was in total darkness, and unable to utter a
word, when she heard the door bell ring. Frank went to the door and opened it, “saying her ears are
not plugged, do you thing she will recognize your voice?”
Susan Winters, Society Editor for the newspaper walked it and directly to where Shalini was impaled
on the shaft protruding into her vagina. “No we have met only a few times, and never under these
conditions,” she said laughing. “So this is the Head Librarian and Book Editor of the newspaper. I
would have never believed that she had such a great body under the dowdy clothes she always
wears.” Shalini was horrified to learn that this person, Frank’s guest, was someone that knew her.
The female voice she heard was vaguely familiar, but Shalini could not identify it. Yet she knew they
had in fact met before, she just couldn’t place it or the speaker. “Frank, this is wonderful,” Susan
said. “how is her training coming along?” “She is doing nicely, but we have a way to go before she is
ready,” he answered. “Help me with these,” Shalini heard Frank say. Then without warning, both of
her wrists were grabbed and twisted behind her back. She felt the cold steel of handcuffs around
her wrists, then heard the click as they were locked in place. “Would you like a glass of wine?” Frank
asked his guest. “Yes,” she responded. “May I examine her while you get our wine?” she asked. “Of
course, my dear,” he said as he went to his kitchen. Shalini felt hands feeling her breasts, then her
back and buttocks. The hands then were groping her vagina. Shalini wanted to resist, but there was
no way to avoid the hands. “She has wonderfully firm and well shaped breasts Frank, and her ass is
equally nice.” “I was very surprised at her body myself,” he responded.
Shalini felt her nipples being tugged by the chain attached between them. When does she get rid of
these?” she heard the woman ask. “The glue should loosen enough in a couple more days to get
them off,” was his answer. “Well, are you ready to get started?” “God yes. I thought you would
never ask, I am dying to do it,” the lady answered. “Shalini,” Frank said, “I am attaching a short
leash to your nipple chain, don’t pull away or you will severely damage them. We are going to lead
you to my work shop, and you will not be hurt in the least if you do exactly as I tell you. Do you
understand?” Shalini nodded her head that she did, but her body was trembling in fear of just what
was going to happen to her. She felt the metal shaft being lowered from her vagina, then a light
flash of pain as the nipple leash was pulled. She followed in the direction of the pulling leash. Soon,
she heard Frank say, “you are at the edge of a table, we will help you up on it.” Then she felt herself
being lifted and was sitting flat on top of it. Her shoulders were grabbed and she was f***eful pulled
down flat on her back with her hand cuffed wrists painful in the small of it. She felt what seemed
like a strap tighten across her stomach and at the same time another tightening across the front of
her neck. The neck strap was so tight she could just barely breathe. “My guest is going to shave your
cunt hair off. Unless you are perfectly still, you will cause her to cut you, and I know you would not
want that. So just remain motionless.” Shalini struggled against the straps when she heard this, but
was unable to make more than the slightest movements. She tried to
protest, but was prevented from making more than just grunting noises by the ball gag in her
mouth. “Aw, the lady does not want her pussy shaved,” she heard the unknown lady say in a
mocking tone of voice. She grabbed a handful of Shalini’s pubic hair and yanked so hard that
Shalini’s torso was lifted off the table, “maybe she had rather I pull it out,” she said as she laughed.
Shalini was surprised at the suddenness of the pull and the extreme pain it caused. She let out a
loud groan, then whimpered audibly. “If you don’t want it pulled out, then you better spread you
legs nice and wide for me honey. Actually, I just hope you do resist, I love to hurt girls such as you. It
gives me great pleasure.” Then to drive home her point, she grabbed another handful and yanked
equally as hard as the first time. Shalini immediately spread her legs. Frank said, “I think the slut
wants to cooperate.” Both laughed as Shalini felt shaving lather being spread between her legs.
Then she felt the pull of the razor as it started cutting through her pubic hair. Stroke after stroke
she felt for what seemed like an hour. Her legs were raised and the shaving continued until, Shalini
knew that she was now totally hairless. She jerked in pain as alcohol was splashed on the newly
shaved skin burning like fire. “There, I think she looks much better, what do you think Frank?” “Yes,
it is a vast improvement,” Frank said agreeing. “Can I cut her just a tiny bit?” the lady asked. “No,
but I will let you if the slut fails to keep herself shaved for me at all times. In fact, I will let you do
more than just
a tiny cut if there is ever any stubble there. Did you hear what I said slut?” Shalini was just able to
nod that she did. The woman said, “I have to go now, but I want to save a sample of her pussy hair
before I go. Do you have an envelope or something I could put some of it in?” she asked Frank.
“Sure, I’ll go get an envelope for you. I will be right back.” Susan leaned over Shalini’s body strapped
to the table and whispered, “we are going to become very well acquainted. I hope you like eating
pussy, darling.” Then without warning, Shalini felt a finger being thrust inside her vagina. The finger
lingered there a while then withdrew, as she heard Frank handing the envelope to the woman.
“Here,” he said, “collect all you want.” Shalini heard Frank ask the lady if she thought that Shalini
had recognized her voice, and the lady say she didn’t as they left and closed the workshop door.
Shalini was strapped down so tightly, that she could move little but her legs which she quickly
closed. She was exhausted from the stress and actually drifted off into a fitful sl**p. CHAPTER SIX
When Shalini woke up, she was aware that she was on her side. She raised up just enough to
discover the straps which had held her to the table had been removed. She was aware of a dull
ache in her jaws from having been f***ed open wide for so long.
“Good, you are awake,” she heard Frank say. “Sit up and I will remove the hand cuffs, hood and the
ball gag, I have other uses for your mouth.. Although Shalini did not like the sound of that, anything
would be better than having that ball in her my mouth for another minute. She sat upright. Quickly,
the hood and gag were removed, then the hand cuffs. Shalini just sat rubbing her wrists, but not
speaking. “Who was that woman? she asked after a few minutes. “You will find out when she wants
you to know her identity, but not before slut. By the way, I meant what I said about letting her cut
you if you fail to keep your cunt shaved nice and smooth at all times. Believe me cunt, you would
not like that at all.” She looked down for the first time at her hairless vagina, and was repulsed by it
nakedness. Yet she knew it would do no good to protest, he would just threaten to send his file on
her to the newspaper and the Library board, and she would have to give in to prevent that. “Okay,
now follow me to the bed room, and I will let you suck my cock. If you do a good job, you can then
go on home. Remember though, that you are to return here Wednesday night at 7:00, with just
your rain coat on, just like today. If you are lucky, we will be able to take the glued rings off your
nipples. In fact: Frank said, “if you can get them off before then, go ahead and do it.” He added,
“We will not need them anymore after Wednesday night.” Shalini was so thrilled to hear that she
would no longer have those ring glued to her nipples, that she literally bounced down the hall as
she follow Frank to his bedroom. She waited until he unzipped his pants and pulled them down, and
while he laid back on his bed. She took his penis in her mouth and gave him the very best oral sex
she could possibly give in hopes he would be pleased enough to let her
return to the safety of her own house. Within 15 minutes, Frank was squirting his cum down her
throat, moaning with pleasure as he did. “Ok, slut, get out, but be back Wednesday night,” he said
as he rolled over turning his back to her. Shalini got in her car, noting it was still not quiet 5:00, and
drove home. She parked and went inside and locked her door. In her bathroom, she opened her
raincoat and looked between her legs at her hairless vagina. It was not attractive to her at all, and
looked obscene. She pulled on a pair of short and a T-shirt, fixed herself a stiff drink, and sat on her
couch. She spent a long time trying identify the voice of the woman who had shaved he. It was a
voice she had heard before, but she just could not place it Monday morning, she arrived at work
ready to put in a hard day. She felt strange between her legs where the hair once was, but so
engrossed herself in her work that she was able to put it out of her mind. The day passed
uneventfully, and soon she was driving to the newspaper’s building to turn in the book review she
had worked on over the weekend. She parked and went to the third floor to turn the review in and
check the box there for any messages or rewrites that she needed to get do this week. She
thumbed through the messages that had been left there by her boss, and stopped at a sealed
envelope that had no name on it. She opened the envelope. Inside was a hank of hair tied together
by a tiny pink ribbon and a typewritten note. The note read, “Here is a souvenir of our time
together, Shalini. I look forward to our next meeting.” There was no name indicating who the note
was from, but it had to be an employee of the newspaper. The public did not have access to this
floor of the building. Shalini closed the envelope and hurriedly put it in her purse. She looked
around, but no one was there. She quickly left the building and drove home.
In her house, she poured a glass of wine and sat down with the envelope of hair she had taken out
of her purse. She looked at it and decided it was, or at least had been, hers. “Now who put it in my
box, who was that woman who know also knows about me?” she wondered. h had two more
glasses of wine while pondering on that question. Then she fell asl**p on the couch still fully
dressed. Sometime after midnight Shalini awoke, undressed, took her shower and went to bed. She
was fast asl**p when she heard someone. She opened her eyes to see Frank standing at the foot of
her bed dressed in his jogging outfit and smiling don at her. “What are you doing here?” she
exclaimed. “I wants my slut’s cunt if it is wet, or your ass if it is not. I am going to piss, it better be
wet when I get back or I will butt fuck you.” he walked to her bathroom having said that. Shalini
seethed with anger, but she quickly started working on herself to get as wet as possible in the few
minutes she had before he returned. She was reminded just how much she hated her hairless
condition as her hand found their way to her vagina. Soon she was not only wet, but had managed
to again aroused herself in the process. She hated that most of all, and felt as if her body was an
enemy in this matter. He returned naked proudly displaying his erect penis. “Part your knees and
spread your cunt lips, et me see if you are wet enough to avoid an ass fuck,” he told her. She did
just that even though it was almost more humiliation than she could take. He inspected, and
inserted a finger, them pronounced, it was not as wet as it ought to be, but it would do. Once again,
he inserted his penis being careful to insure that was the only point of contact between their
bodies. He watched as his male meat glistened with her moisture as in slid in and
out of her hairless pussy. He moved in and out very slowly at first, then he saw what he was hoping
to see. Shalini’s hips had moved slightly forward to meet his deliberate motion. He continues to
watch and increased the speed of his thrusts. As he did, her motion increased in speed to match his.
He smiled to himself and sped up even more as she did the same. Then he slammed hard and fast
into her. He heard a low moan, the another, and still another as he continued. At the moment he
was shooting his cum into her, she let out an even louder groan. Frank pulled his spent penis from
her body and got off the bed. He said nothing, but just dressed and left her still laying on the bed
with her knees apart. She continued to lay on her bed, not moving long after he had gone. She
hated herself for having lost control, even more because she was sure Frank had noticed it. She
resolved to never, never let that happen again, even if it meant allowing him to have anal
intercourse with her. She was just not going to arouse herself to get wet for him again she thought
was why she had lost control. She got up at last and showered. There she examined her bald vagina,
and was repulsed at its hairless obscenity. She was at least comforted by the fact that her hair
would grow back. At work, she felt more comfortable. Her mind was totally engrossed by her love
of her job and blocked out all thoughts of her plight. Only in using the bathroom was she f***ed to
confront the reality of her situation. She was growing to hate being hairless “there” by the second.
Soon it was Wednesday and she was home drinking a gin and tonic, watching the clock tick ever
closer to the time she had to be at Frank’s house. She made up her mind that she was not under
any circumstance get herself wet for him, and that she was going to just endure the pain of anal
intercourse. At last, she put on her rain coat. A button caught in the
chain between her nipples and with a slight tug, one side came free. The chain just dangled from
her right nipple. This was the first thing that had pleased her in some time. She knew that soon the
other would come free and she would no longer have that chain between her nipples. When she
rang his door bell, he opened the door and said, “come it and strip slut. He closed the door behind
her. Shalini removed the rain coat and folded it over the back of a chair. “I see the glue is coming
loose,” Frank commented gesturing to her chest. “Do you want me to glue them back on?” “No,
please don’t do that, please,” she responded. “Ok, we will not do that again. Does that make you
happy?” “Yes.” As he walked to the couch, he pulled down his pants and undershorts, then sat
down. “I have a date tonight, but she is a nice girl, not a slut like you. I just want to used your mouth
then you can go home. First though, stand in front of me and spread your legs, I want to examine
your cunt.” The impact of what he had just said about his date being a nice girl and not a slut hit
Shalini like a ton of bricks. It made her realize just how low she was considered to be by this man
who was able to control her life by his nasty blackmail threats. She moved to stand in front of him
and spread her legs as he told her, but her eyes were filling with tears as she did. Frank was very
pleased to see the tears, but restrained any show of his elation. His hand reached out and caressed
her hairless vagina. Then he asked, “why didn’t you shave your fucking cunt?” “I did not think it
needed it,” was her reply. “The hair is very fine and less than a 16th inch long, it is hardly visible.”
“On your knees,” he said. Shalini knelt between his legs and leaned over to give him the oral sex he
had said he wanted. In a move so swift she had no time to react, he covered her head with the
leather hood he had used last Sunday. He held her head while he closed the tiny padlock to hold it
firmly in place. “Stand up slut,” he ordered in a surprisingly stern tone of voice. He shoved her down
the hall to his bedroom and pushed her so that she fell back on his bed. “I will leave you here until I
return, then I will get my sex.” She felt him grab first one wrist then the other as he tied them to the
headboard of the bed. “That should keep you out of harms way until I return,” he said as he left the
bedroom and closed the door. Shalini laid there, unable to see and tied to the bed for what seemed
a long time when she heard the bedroom door open. Actually it had taken Susan less than a half
hour to get there when Frank called and explained what he wanted her to do to Shalini. Shalini
heard the bedroom door open, and a female voice say, “well Shalini, you are a lovely sight.” “Who
are you?” Shalini asked. “Don’t you remember, I am the one that shaved your lovely pussy last
Sunday.” “No, I mean what is your name?” “You will learn that when it is time. For now all you need
to know is that I love to hurt helpless girls like you, but promised Frank that I would not harm you
unless I needed to. If you cooperate, I will not hurt you, do you understand?” She reached out and
Shalini’s left breast and squeeze hard to emphasize her point. Shalini gasped in pain, but said, “I will
do as you want, just don’t hurt me, please don’t.” “Good, you will be glad to know that I will not
hurt you, but do as I say or else I will teach you the real meaning of pain.” She then told Shalini to
lift her head. When Shalini did, she wrapped something around the hood over Shalini’s mouth
gagging her into silence. She told Shalini to lift her hips and then slid two large pillows under them.
“I am going to remove your hair again. The good news is that I am not going to shave you, Frank
was afraid I would be too tempted to cut you. The bad news is that I am going to remove them with
tweezers.” She saw Shalini’s body jerk as she said that. “Oh, don’t be afraid, only the first few will
hurt, then you will become accustomed to it and they rest will hardly cause any discomfort at all.
Besides, you have no choice anyway, unless you want me to get rough with you.” “Now, spread
those legs nice and wide for me,” Susan said. Soon, she was at work, and Shalini’s body jumped as
each hair was pulled out, follicle and all. Then, as she had been told, after about the first couple of
dozen, there was just the lightest sing as each hair was removed. Shalini lay that way for hours as
the unknown woman worked. At last Shalini felt Her get off the bed and say, “finished.” She was
surprised to hear Frank ask, “did you get all of her hair.” She did not know he had returned. “Yes,
but I may need to get a few others later, just to clean it up good for you.” Shalini heard them walk
out of the bedroom and close the door. In a couple of minutes< Frank returned, and said, “that took
than I expected. It is almost 4:00 am, and I don’t want you to be late for work this morning. We
can’t chance you loosing your job.” As he said this he was untying Shalini’s wrists, and removing the
gag and hood. “You go on home now, but be here Saturday at noon, naked of course. I will use you
body then for my pleasure. By the way be sure to bring a front hook bra with you, that is very
important.” Shalini said nothing, but got up, and went to the den. She put on her coat and drove
home. She went straight to bed without even taking a shower and fell to sl**p immediately.
CHAPTER SEVEN When Shalini woke up Thursday morning, she discovered that her hips were a little
sore from having been spread so wide apart for so long last night. She went immediately to her
bathroom and examined herself in the mirror. Her entire pubic region was covered with hundreds
of tiny red dots where her hair had been removed, but it was not sore. She had plucked enough
eyebrows to know that in a couple of weeks her hair would start to return, so she was not worried.
She showered and went to work, tired but on time. She left for home a little early saying she wasn’t
feeling well, but the truth was simply that she had to catch up on the sl**p she had lost last night.
As soon as she got home she started getting undressed. All she wanted to do was to put on her
pajamas and go to bed. As she removed her bra, she saw the other end of the chain had come loose
from her right nipple. She almost cried with joy and happiness. At last she was free from that chain
on her nipples, and it was a good feeling. She went to bed happier than she had been in a long time.
She was so happy and in such a good mood the next day, that everyone who worked with her said
something about it. Little did they know that she was, she thought, nearing the end of what had
been a
nightmarish few weeks in her life. Shalini really felt that this was going to end and could hardly
contain herself. On her way home, she stopped by the newspaper office to deliver the rewrites she
had finished for the Sunday edition. On the third floor she checked her box for messages. There
were several, but one was in a sealed envelope with her name typed on the front. She was about to
open it when others came into the room. She hurriedly put it in her purse and left the building. She
got to her car and locked the doors. Opening her purse, she removed the envelope. Inside was
another typewritten note and a small strip of scotch tape folded over and stuck to itself. Between
the layers of the scotch tape were about a dozen or so tiny hairs with the follicles still attached. The
note read, “be sure to keep these and the other souvenir I sent you in a very safe place. The
importance of the two souvenirs will be made known to you when Frank is ready for you to know.”
It, like the first, was not signed. She put it back in her purse and drove home wondering just who
the sender was and how this could ever have any importance to her.. She walked straight to her
bedroom when she got home. The envelope was placed in the top drawer along with the first, the
one containing a lock of Shalini’s pubic hair. After a quick dinner, she went to work on her next book
review. It was the best way she knew to block things that bothered her out of her mind. She worked
late, and didn’t get to bed until after midnight. Saturday morning, Shalini checked her vaginal area
and was pleased to see that the red spots had almost faded away. She showered, ate breakfast, and
continued the work she had started last night. At just before noon, she removed her clothes, put on
her raincoat and started for the door to go to Frank’s house as he had told her. Then she stopped,
and returned to her bedroom. There she put the gold chain and a front hook bra in her purse and
headed back to the car. She wondered why she needed the bra, but was not
concerned about it. She was invited into Frank’s house and told to strip as had become the routine.
When she turned around, Frank noticed the chain was off the other nipple. “Are you still sure you
don’t want me to glue the ends of that chain back to your nipples?” he asked. “Yes,” was her
immediate response. “Are you absolutely sure?” he questioned again. “Absolutely.” He sat on the
couch, and told her to let him examine her “cunt.” As he felt of it, he said, “nice, very nice. Did you
bring the bra I told you to bring?” She reached in her purse and handed it to him saying that she
had. “Go get on my bed and get your cunt ready for me to fuck slut. Remember though, if it is not
wet enough, I will fuck you in your ass hole.” Shalini said nothing, but went straight to his bedroom.
She laid back in his bed and waited for him. She had not intention of arousing herself to the point of
wetness, so she just waited. The pain of anal sex was less than the embarrassment of responding to
him like the way she had done the last time. “Is you cunt wet?” he asked when he entered the
bedroom. “No,” was her only reply.
Went to his bathroom and tossed her a tube of KY jelly. “You know what to do with this cunt, do it
quickly so I can cum in your bowels.” She put the jelly all around her rectum and on his erect penis,
the rolled over on her stomach to wait on the pain she knew was coming. Frank had not been
surprised by her refusal to get herself wet, in fact he sort of expected it. He was going to make her
wish she had not chosen as she did as a lesson for her to remember. He got between her legs and
positioned the head of his penis at the center of her rectum. With one hard lunge, he drove it all the
way inside her as hard as he could. He chuckled out loud at the yelp of pain that came from her
mouth, the brutally pounded his penis in and out of her until he as last short his load into her
bowels. When he withdrew, he was please at the spot of bl**d on the sheets between her legs.
Only then did he realize that she had passed out. He got off thinking just how much easier this was
going to make the next part of her ordeal. He did not even stop to clean the fecal matter and bl**d
off his penis, but picked her up and took her to the table in his workshop. Inside the work shop, he
laid her on his table, her feet together and her arms along her sides. Then he put a strap across her
neck, one above her breasts, another below her breasts, still another across her hips, and a last one
across her knee caps. Then he tightened them to hold her securely in place. Only then did he go to
clean up, get dressed and make a phone call. When he returned to the workshop, he saw that
Shalini had awakened. He said nothing, but went to a large cabinet and returned carrying a roll of
duct tape. She did not protest as he put three wide strips across her mouth and another wide strip
across her eyes. “I am going to be gone for a while. I am going to Chicago to work on a project with
a friend. I may not return for a couple of weeks or more, but I will let you know when I want to use
you again.
This will give you time to heal also.” She then heard him leave and close the door to his workshop.
“To heal?” she thought, “what does he mean by that.” But the pain in her rump seemed to provide
the answer to her question. He returned carrying two zip lock bags of ice. He place one directly one
top of each of Shalini’s breasts, then left again. At first the ice was very cold, then numbness set in
as time passed. She heard the door open, and a female voice, the one she had heard before ask,
“how long has the ice packs been on her nipples?” “Over 45 minutes,” Frank answered. “Then she is
ready. Plug this in,” the female said. “You told Frank that you did not want those rings glued to your
nipples again, so I am going to pierce them and put the rings through you nipple flesh Shalini,” the
woman told her. As Shalini bucked and strained against the straps futility, she continued, “I will be
using a heated needle so it will cauterize the bl**d vessels as it goes through them. You will not
bleed, but they will be very sore for several days. It is going to hurt a little, but I don’t give a damn
about your pain.” “Why don’t we give her the sedative now?” Frank asked. “It will put her to sl**p.”
“No, you told me I didn’t have to put her to sl**p until I was ready, and I want to her suffer as her
nipples are pierced. That was our deal.” The Susan picked up the heated needle in her right hand,
and grasped one of Shalini’s nipples between her fingers of her other hand. The needle slid easily
through the tender flesh making a hissing sound and creating a small wisp of smoke. Just as she did,
Shalini’s body stiffened and shook. Then without hesitation, the same was done to her other nipple.
“There, it is done,” Susan pronounced. “Now I will give her the sedative, then you can attach the
rings.” She reached into her purse and removed a syringe. The contents were placed into Shalini’s
arm, and Susan said, “it will be just a moment before she is out.” Shalini’s brain was too
preoccupied with the pain in her freshly pierced nipples to feel the needle placed into a vein in her
arm. But she was aware that she was loosing consciousness, then it all went blank for her. Frank
took his time soldering the 1/2 inch gold rings in place on Shalini’s nipples. He want to be sure it
was a strong weld that would not come apart. Once that was done, the two of them untied Shalini
and put her bra on. The used several sheets of tissue to line the cups to catch the small amount of
bl**d. Then the two of them loaded her into Frank’s car, and drove over to Shalini’s house. Inside
her garage, they got out and took her inside. Susan left a note for Shalini as well as some antiseptic,
and they left her still under the influence of the sedative. It was about midnight when the sedative
wore off and Shalini started awakening. Her first realization was of the sharp throbbing pain in her
nipples. Then she became aware that she was no longer tied to the table because her arms were
free. She open her eyes to find, much to her surprise, that she was in her own bed in her own
house. She called out, “Dr. Benson?” There was no answer. She realized that she was alone. Her
hand went instinctively to her breast as she remember what had been done to her body. She
withdrew it quickly because of the pain it caused. She laid still for nearly an hour crying softly to
herself while the effects of the sedative continued to wear off. At last, she painfully struggled to her
feet, and shakily made it to her bathroom. She peed, then stood if front of her mirror. Standing in
front of the mirror, Shalini carefully unhooked the
front of her bra. What she saw caused her to gasp. In each red, swollen, distended nipple was a
small gold ring. The rings ran directly though her nipples. Her body now had been permanently
damaged and rage filled her thoughts. She went to the phone to call Dr. Benson to tell him that this
had gone too far, and that she was finished with his blackmail. She was madder than she had ever
been in her entire life. There was a note stuck to the telephone, it read, “don’t waste your time
trying to call, my flight left at 6:00 pm earlier this evening, and I will not return for a while. Take
care and heal, I’ll let you know when I get back.” It was not signed, but she knew it was Frank’s
handwriting. Shalini called any way, and found there was no answer. On her vanity, she found a
large bottle of antiseptic, with a typewritten note telling her to use it on her nipples often to avoid
an infection setting in. Then Shalini returned to her bed and cried herself back to sl**p. CHAPTER
EIGHT It was after 10:00 Sunday morning when Shalini awoke from her deep sl**p. The soreness in
her breasts confirmed that she had not had a nightmare, it had all been real, real as hell. She got up
and went to the bathroom. In front of her mirror, she examined her still red and swollen nipples.
She carefully looked at the rings to see if they could be removed by some kind of a release or
something like that. She was surprised to see they were solid, all the way around. She stood there
looking at them and her body with its hairless vagina. She noticed the gold chain around her neck
with the word “slut” had been removed, but now that seemed like a very minor thing The sight of
her own body repulsed her, so she put on her bathrobe, and went about fixing breakfast.
It was about 2:00 when, fully dressed, she drove to Frank’s house to see if he was home, or if he
had really left town. There was no answer at his door, so she drove back home. During the next
week, the soreness and swelling in her breasts went away. She was glad the rings in her nipples
were small enough that they did not show through her clothes. Slowly she became accustomed to
them and went about her duties at the library. As the week progress, her mood improved, and soon
she was working with the enjoyment she had always had. Her trips to the newspaper to turn in
book reviews or get rewrite notes were uneventful. She wondered if Frank had actually moved, or
just when he would return. She hoped with all her will that he was gone forever. By the end of the
second week, Shalini was surprised that her pubic hair had shown little evidence of growing back.
That is except for one small dime sized spot centered near the top of where her hairline had been.
That tiny spot seemed to be trying to start some hair growth, so her concluded the rest would
likewise soon follow. The third week passed without contact from Frank, and there were no notes
from the woman whose identity was unknown. It was as if things were really over. The only
reminders were her nipple rings and her still hairless vagina. That Sunday, at the end of the third
week, Shalini sat on her bed nude. She took a make up mirror, and using the magnifying side of it
looked for signs that her pubic hair was returning. The dime sized spot now had hairs, only a couple
dozen, but they were now over 1/2 inch long. Yet the rest of her vaginal area showed no sings of
hair growth. Shalini’s concern grew, but she still expected to see her hair returning any time now.
Her nipples had completely healed by now and there was no trace of the soreness that had lingered
for so long, but she was increasingly concerned about her pubic hair.
The next Wednesday, when she went to the newspaper to check her message box, Shalini found an
envelope, sealed and with her name typed on the front. She suspected it was from the unknown
lady, so rather than open it, she just placed it in her purse, and went back to her car and drove
home. She thought it was going to be telling her that Frank was back in town, and she did not want
to read the bad news in public. She went into her house and straight to her kitchen. She mixed a
large tumbler of gin and tonic and returned to her den. She sat down and drank several long drinks
of the gin. Only then did she open the envelope with her trembling hands. Inside was another
typewritten note. It read, “I bet your sweet pussy looks funny with just a small spot of hair above it.
Remember how the first few hairs I removed hurt, and how the rest were removed with what felt
like a light sting? Guess where they were pulled out by tweezers and which ones were removed
permanently by electrolysis?” The contents of the note hit Shalini like a ton of bricks. Her eyes filled
with tears and disbelief. She quickly undressed and again examined herself with the magnifying
mirror. It was true, there was no hair growth anywhere but for the small spot, and there the hair
was close to an inch long. She buried her face in a pillow and cried for nearly an hour. Her body had
been ruined by these people and she could not change what they had done. Even if she were to be
free of Frank and this woman, her body would never ever look the same. After she had cried herself
out, she returned to the den and her glass of gin. She drank it, then another and another. She drank
until she actually passed out. Shalini was late to work the next morning and had a bad headache
from all the gin she had consumed. But she made it through they day. The week passed slowly, but
at last the weekend arrived. She had spent time in her library researching hair removal by
electrolysis, and found it was indeed permanent. Frank had now been gone four weeks and Shalini
had ceased driving
by his house to see if he had returned. She hoped that he was gone for good, and resigned her self
to the permanent removal of her pubic hair. She had decided to go to a doctor and simply tell him
that she had changed her mind about having nipple rings, and to get him to remove them for her.
The only thing that kept her from doing it was the embarrassment of being seen with them, even by
a doctor, but it was something she was definitely going to do in the near future. She stopped by the
newspaper on her lunch hour Monday to turn in the book reviews she had done over the weekend.
In her message box was a memo from the Society Page editor, Susan Wright. The handwritten
message said, ”I am considering doing a feature length article about our city’s library in the near
future. I would like your insight in this area. Please call my secretary and let her know when a
convenient time would be for us to meet on the subject.” Shalini was thrilled at such a chance. The
library was about to start a fund raising campaign and this would be great publicity. She called the
main office and talked with the Director of Branch Libraries, her boss. She told him of the message
and asked for time off during work hours to meet with Ms. Wright. Her boss told her that she
should take what ever time was needed, and that he agreed how fortunate the timing on such an
article was coming just as they were starting the fund raiser. As soon as she hung up, she called the
newspaper and asked for Ms. Wright’s office. Her secretary answered, and Shalini identified herself.
An appointment was made for Wednesday at 4:30 pm. Shalini hung up, then told her assistant
about the appointment and that she would not return to work since she normally got off at 5:00
anyway. It was just after 4:00 when Shalini rode the elevator to the top floor of the newspaper
building. She went to Ms. Wright’s office and identified herself to the secretary explaining that she
was early. She sat in the reception area until a few minutes after 4:30, when the secretary told her
the Ms. Wirght had been detained at another meeting, and they would have to reschedule the
meeting. She apologized on behalf of Ms. Wright, saying that she was awfully busy.
As they walked back past the secretary’s desk, she handed a large envelope to Shalini. “Ms. Wright
was afraid this might happen, and she ask me to give you this if she was unable to make the
appointment. She ask me to tell you that she would like for you to review the material, and give
your opinion of it for her feature article.” Shalini assured her that she would do just that, and that
she would call for another appointment tomorrow. She tucked the envelope under her arm and
went back to her car. It was too late to make sense for her to return to her branch library, so she
drove on home. She fixed herself a sandwich and ate, the changed into her old sweats. Shalini got a
glass of wine and sat at her desk ready to review the information Ms. Wright had assembled. Inside
the envelope, she found many articles the newspaper had done about the library and its personnel,
including herself, over the past few years. There was also a couple of article outlines for her to look
over. One was about the tenure of the head librarian and his retirement plans in the near future.
Shalini’s name was on a list of five expected to replace him, and there was a little about each
person on the list. The other was an outline about the history of the library which Shalini found
interesting but dull. There was a handwritten note in the envelope, at the end of the other material
from Ms. Wright. It said that she preferred the story about the head librarian’s nearing retirement,
and that she would be very proud if one of the newspaper’s part-time staff were to be awarded
that position. In her note, she added that being involved in the article could give her some public
exposure that would help her chances in getting his job. She closed with saying she looked forward
to working with her. Shalini was flattered, Susan Wright was in her late thirties, and known
throughout the city. She had social contacts everywhere and was always in the lime light. She had
lost her husband about four years ago and was incredibly wealthy now, and she was a major
contributor to
all of the local political candidates. Her support would almost guarantee her succeeding as the new
head librarian, even though she was a least ten years younger than the others being mentioned as
possible replacements. Shalini went back through all the material about the first article again. She
noticed that there was a personal biography about the other four, but not for her. She assumed it
was because they had all been with the library for much longer than she had been. She made a
mental note to mention that to Ms. Wright when they met. Shalini was about to call Ms. Wright’s
secretary the next morning to schedule a new appointment when the phone at her desk rang. It
was her secretary, she said, “Ms. Wright asked me to call you and tell you that she needs to meet
with you this evening. She said something urgent has come up and it is of vital importance to you.
She would like for you to join her for dinner at her home this evening at 7:00. Can you make it?”
Shalini was taken aback by what she heard. What had come up she wondered, but she stammered
out that she would be there. The secretary gave her Ms. Wright’s address, and said good-bye.
Shalini was worried about this meeting with Ms. Wright, and was distracted in her thoughts for the
rest of the day. The thought of Frank and what he knew flashed through her mind, but she was sure
he had not sent it to anyone because she had done all he had required. “No,” she thought, “it must
be something else.” CHAPTER NINE Shalini left home in time to be sure she was punctual. She had
put on her nicest looking dress and tried to make her hair as attractive as possible. She wanted
desperately to make a favorable
impression on this woman. She drove up to the large house, parked, the paused long enough to
check her make up in the mirror. The door was answered by Ms. Wright’s maid. She told Shalini to
follow her to the study, which Shalini did. She had never been in such a magnificent home before.
She marveled at is richness and splendor as she follow the maid down the hall. The maid opened
the door, and told Shalini to wait and make herself comfortable. She said that Ms. Wright would be
with her soon. She added that there were sandwiches and drinks on the coffee table and the she
should go ahead and eat for Ms. Wright had already eaten. Shalini was more than just a little
surprised hearing that. She thought they were going to eat together, but went ahead and nibbled
on a couple of sandwiches and poured herself some wine to go with them. She had been there for
over half an hour when the door opened and Susan Wright walked it. She was tall, extremely
attractive and had jet black hair that hung past her shoulders. She was wearing a long floor length
dressing gown that buttoned up the front. Yet, it seemed very elegant on her. She sat in a large
leather chair across from Shalini and smiled. “How are those lovely nipples of yours?” she asked.
Shalini immediately recognized the voice, it was the woman she had never seen but who had been
with Frank. The woman who had removed her pubic hair and pierced her nipples. “You?” was all
Shalini could manage to say. “Yes, I am the one,” she said smiling. “Just keep quiet and listen, I will
let you talk when I am finished.” Shalini was totally speechless anyway. She had not ever suspected
that woman had been Susan Wright. She just nodded her head “ok.” “First of all, Frank asked me to
tell you he will be back soon , and that he is looking forward to using your body some more
when he gets here. “You have read the outline of the article I plan to write, and you know what
effect it will have on your career. I can guess that you are also aware of the effect the information
that Frank has gathered on you will have on not only your career, but your personal reputation as
well. Which article I write depends entirely on you. Do you understand me?” Shalini nodded “yes.”
She was still to shocked to say a word. “Good,” Susan said. “You will do exactly as I say at all times,
you will never contradict me, and you will never refuse any request I make. If you please me, your
secret is safe and you will become the next head librarian in this city. If you displease me, well you
already know what will happen. Now have you ever had sex with another woman?” Shalini’s eyes
had filled with tears as Susan spoke, now the tears were running down her cheeks. She was still
unable to speak, and just sat as if in a trance. “Answer me bitch, or get out of my god damn house!”
Susan snapped in an angry tone of voice standing as she spoke. “No,” Shalini whimpered as tears
continued streaming down her cheeks. “Now think about your answer to my next question and
what will happen if you displease me, she said. After a long pause, she asked, “do you want to have
sex with me?” Again Shalini did not speak, but she managed to nod her head “yes.” “That was an
excellent and wise decision on your part. At times you may doubt that wisdom, but your other
option is one that would destroy you. Now, stand up and take off all of your clothes.” Shalini stood
slowly, she wanted to refuse and just return to her
home, but she knew that was no a choice she could make. She unzipped the back of her dress and
pulled it over her head. She hesitated for a moment. “Now bitch! Be quick about it or I will get
angry, and you already know I like hurting people,” Susan snapped. Shalini removed her shoes, then
her panty hose and placed them by her dress. Her bra and panties came off last. She felt faint and
flushed as she watch Susan examine her ripples and her hairless vagina. “Ow!” Shalini exclaimed
when Susan tugged on the dime sized area of pubic hair she still had. “Well, it is time for that to go,
it looks rather silly. Lay back on the couch, it will just take a few minutes my pet. As Shalini laid on
the couch, she felt the light stings of the electrolysis machine remove the remaining hairs. While
Susan was doing this is said that she hope Shalini had kept the hair she had left in the envelope
because she would never have any “pussy “ hair again. The process of removing the final hairs took
about 30 minutes. She laughed and said, “there you hairless bitch. How does it feel to know that
you will live the rest of your live with the shame of having no pubic hair?” Shalini did not answer,
none was necessary. She had already thought about just that. If she were to escape from their
clutches, and she was going to somehow, she could have the rings in her nipples removed and the
holes in them would eventually close. Her pubic hair was another matter, it would never grow back
and would serve as a constant reminder of what she had been put through at their hands. Shalini
felt Susan’s fingers lightly squeezing her nipples. “Are they sore pet?” she was asked. “They were,
but no longer,” Shalini answered. The telephone on her desk in the study rang. “Damn,” she
muttered, “I told staff not to interrupt me.” It rang again, and this time she picked it up. Shalini
watch as Susan listened, the hung up. She turned to Shalini and said, “get dressed, you must leave
now, but be here, dressed casually, tomorrow afternoon at 5:30. You will just have to wait until
then to get your fist taste of pussy my pet. Something has come up. Staff will show you out when
you are dressed.” With that, Susan left the room closing the door behind her. Shalini got dressed as
quickly as she could and opened the door of the room to find the maid just standing there as if
waiting on her. She followed her back to the front door and left saying nothing. She drove quickly
home and went inside. After mixing a glass of gin and tonic, she relaxed on her couch. “They don’t
know everything at least,” she thought to herself. Shalini had lied to Susan about ever having had
sex with another female, and she had gotten away with it. Her first job, one at a suburb library, had
been under the supervision of a woman who was openly lesbian. She and Shalini had become good
friends during the few months that she worked there, and had become occasional lovers as well.
She smiled warmly remembering the close, softness of that relationship.
CHAPTER TEN Shalini was, in some ways, actually looking forward to the special closeness of a
sexual encounter with another woman. Susan was indeed attractive, and the fact that she could
help advance Shalini's career was an added incentive. She was dressed in slacks and a bulky cotton
sweater, with panties and a bra, but no pantyhose, as she went to her car Saturday afternoon. The
drive to Susan's house was pleasant, and Shalini was fairly relaxed as she turned into the long drive
that led to her house. She parked, and went to the door. The maid answered the bell, and asked
Shalini to follow her. Again, she was led to the study, and told to wait, that Ms. Wright would be
with her shortly. Shalini sat on one of the large leather chairs and waited.
"First things first my pet," Susan said as she entered the room dressed in a long pink robe. She
parted the robe as she walked past Shalini and sat on the couch. Shalini looked at her, and her
exquisite nude body. It was absolutely perfect in every respect, from her pear shaped breasts, to
her neatly trimmed pubic hair barely covering her vagina, to her long and graceful legs. Susan laid
on her back on the couch with one foot on the floor and the other leg over the rear of the couch,
obscenely displaying her vagina. "Eat my pussy, pet," she said as she closed her eyes and waited.
Shalini started to pull her sweater over her head, but Susan snapped, "that is not what I told you to
do, now eat my pussy and do the best you can at making me happy or there will be hell to pay
bitch!" This was not starting at all like Shalini had envisioned, but she pulled the sweater back
down. She moved to the couch and knelt, her knees on the floor and her face just above Susan's
vagina. She was leaning over, as Susan said, "if you really do good, pet, I will let you wear some
clothes tonight when we entertain my guests, otherwise it will just be your naked pussy and ripple
rings." Shalini heard that, and felt a cold chill running down her spine. She already knew that Susan
was not k**ding, or at least she knew enough not to take that chance. She was glad that this was
something she had done before and had enjoyed, but under much more favorable circumstances.
Shalini licked, sucked and used her tongue to probe every inch of Susan's vagina. She brought her to
three orgasms in less than 30 minutes, and was still going hard even though her mouth and tongue
were tiring, when Susan said, "enough pet, you will wear clothing tonight." "You are a good little
pussy eater." She sat up, then added, "are you sure you have never done that before?" "No, that
was the first time for me," lied Shalini, not wanting this woman to know any more about her than
she and Frank already did. "The maid will take you to your dressing room and show you what to
wear. If you protest, I will beat the shit out of you and you will be buck ass naked tonight, do you
understand me, pet?" Without waiting on an answer, she got up and left Shalini still on her knees.
The maid came in as soon as she had left and told Shalini to follow her. Once again, Shalini followed
the maid. This time she was led to a bedroom. Motioning to the bed, the maid said, "this is what
Ms. Wright has selected for you to wear. She said for me to caution you that you are to wear
nothing but what is on the bed, not even your panties and bra." Then she abruptly left the room
closing the door behind her. On the bed was a simple white cotton dress with a moderately
scooped neckline. It was about knee length and looked like something Shalini would buy for herself.
Beside it was a pair of white, low heel sandals. Even though Shalini knew she would not be wearing
bra nor panties under this dress, its modest appearance made her feel better. At least she would
look decent and presentable for Susan's guests. Just as she was finishing getting dressed, the maid
returned and told her to follow her to the den. In the den, Shalini found that Susan had also dressed
in casual clothing and was sitting on the couch talking to an oriental looking lady. "Hi pet," Susan
said as Shalini walked into the room. "This is Dr. Li Cho, a very special friend of mine." Her tone of
voice left little doubt in Shalini's mind just what she had meant by "special friend." The lady stood
and walked over to Shalini. Shalini watched as she was examined by the oriental woman. She was
taken aback at how strong and muscular the woman appeared even though she was neither big nor
tall. "So this is Frank's little toy?" Li asked. "Yes, isn't she wonderful. She ate her first pussy just
before you came, and she is pretty damn good at it. I can't wait until she has some experience."
Susan looked at Shalini and said, "lift you dress pet and show Li your wonderful little bald cunny."
Shalini was shocked at what Susan had just said. She responded, "you are k**ding. You can't
possibly expect me to do that." She stood and stared at Susan in total disbelief. "She has a long way
to go, doesn't she?" asked Li. "Yes, and it is going to be most enjoyable dearest Li, most enjoyable
indeed." Turning back to Shalini, she said again, "lift your dress pet so Li can see your naked cunny."
Again Shalini just stood and stared at her. "I will deal with you insolence after my meeting," she
snapped at Shalini.
"Li, perhaps you would like to assist me in teaching this piece of shit some manners?" "I would love
to Susan, but Mary and I are going to enjoy some time together after your meeting," Li said. "Why
don't you invite Mary to join us? Do you think she would be interested?" "Yes, I am certain of it. I
will ask her as soon as she gets here," said Li grinning broadly. The two women left Shalini still
standing in a near state of shock. She heard the distinctive "click" of the door being locked as they
left. Shalini walked to the door and confirmed that she had just been locked in the den in Susan's
house. She sat in one of the large chairs shivering at the thought of what was going to happen to
her. "How have I so completely lost control of my life?" she thought as tears began flowing freely
down her cheeks. Shalini remained in the den while Susan conducted a meeting of the social
committee of the Arts Council for San Francisco just doors away from where she sat in fear. It was
over two hours later that the meeting ended. Susan walked into the den and said, "so now it is time
for you to learn to obey me bitch. It is going to be a lesson you need to never forget." As she
finished, Li and Mary walked in. "Shalini?" Mary said. Shalini looked up to see Mary Owens, the
branch librarian with whom she had been involved some time ago following Li into Susan's den. She
did not respond. "Shalini, it is you. How delightful to see you again," Mary said. "You two know each
other?" asked Susan. Mary giggled, and said, "we were extremely good friends just after she started
to work in the library system," she paused, giggled again and added, "if you know what I mean."
"So, you piece of shit, not only have you failed to obey me, but you have lied to me as well," Susan
snapped. "What did she lie about?" asked Li. "The bitch told me that my pussy was her first to
taste." "Shalini, how could you? We had many, many fun times together," asked Mary.
Susan, teeming with anger, said, "Li, perhaps you will not want Mary to see this. I am going to
punish her severely." "Please Li, let me stay. She broke up with me without even as much as a goodbye.'
Please let me stay," pleaded Mary. "What are you going to do to her?" asked Li. "I really just
don't know. I promised Frank that I would not leave any marks on her body. Otherwise, I would
whip the skin off her back." "Please, please, don't hurt me," begged Shalini as she fell to her knees
whimpering. Susan, filled with rage, kicked her in the side of her head so hard that Shalini was
knocked u*********s and fell face down on to the floor. When Shalini regained consciousness, she
found herself laying on her stomach. She had a large ball gag in her mouth that was fastened tightly
around her head. She tried to moved, but discovered that she was secured, spread eagle and face
down on some sort of a low bench. She looked around within her vision to see that she was in what
appeared to be a well equipped gym. She was alone, nude, and cold. She saw Susan and Li come
into view. "Welcome to hell," growled Susan. "Li, since you came up with the method of
punishment, why don't you explain to this piece of shit just what is going to happen to her." "I
would be delighted, it is just too bad that Mary did not have the stomach for this." She paused, then
continued, "we are going to very carefully and systematically bruise all the major muscles in your
body." Upon hearing what Li said, Shalini bucked and strained against the bonds holding her in
place. Her eyes widened in sheer panic as she realized the severity of the way she was held in place
and unable to move. Her struggles were met by laughter from the other two women. "Go on Li, tell
her, explain it to her like you did Mary and me. I want her to know just what is going to happen. I
want her to realize that it will happen again if she ever lies or refuses to obey me again," Susan said.
Li held a rolling pin in front of Shalini. "This is what we are going to use, but we are not going to hit
you with it, that would leave bruises, and Frank would be mad at us. No honey, we are going to use
it by rolling it over your legs, arms, back, and shoulders. We will start with moderate pressure at
first, then heavier pressure. Every cell in you muscles will be f***ed against the others over and
over. You will be deeply, very deeply bruised and the will be not a single mark on your body. It is a
trick my Korean ancestors used to get information from prisoners, and you will find it very
effective." Shalini continued to fight to get loose, but was losing her strength and making no
progress in freeing herself. "We each have a rolling pin, and we are going to start by working on you
calf muscles, then we will get your hamstring muscles, and work our way up your back and
shoulders, then out your arms. Next, we will turn you over and work on you front side. If you are a
good girl, we will not bruised you breasts, something you should thank us for because that would
take even longer to heal. Now relax and enjoy yourself," she concluded. "Wait," Susan said, "you
have forgotten something. You did not mention the pain killer you have in your medical bag."
Laughing, Li said, "thanks hon. Yes, I am going to give you a strong pain killer so you will not feel the
pain and pass out on us. You will however be able to feel what is happening to your body, there just
will be no pain until it wears off." Shalini watched as Li prepared the syringe. She felt the cold of the
alcohol swab on her arm, then the prick of the needle. Soon there was almost a narcotic haze that
felt like was covering her brain. She felt the two rolling pins, one on the calf muscle of each leg, as
the rolled from her ankle to the back of her knee. She heard Li telling Susan to vary the angle of the
rolling pin as it moved back and forth so as to get the entire muscle involved. Even though she felt
no pain, Shalini could tell that they were using most of their body weight behind every movement
of the rolling pins. "Do you feel it Shalini?" asked Li. "Do you feel the sinews, the tendons, the very
fiber of your muscles being stretched and crushed. Isn't it the most unusual thing you have ever
experienced?" She heard them laughing and talking as they moved to the back of her thighs, and
started the same process on her hamstring muscles. Shalini heard them as they decided that it
might be best if
this time they limit their damage to just her arms and legs. She learned the Frank was due in town
Friday, and they wanted her to be able to please him when he got here. Then they moved to her
arms and continued. She heard Susan tell Li what good exercise this was for them and heard them
laugh at the joke as they continued. At last Susan and Li stopped. "Time to turn her over," Li
explained. "What if we have a hard time getting her to lay back down?" Susan asked. "We have
done enough damage to her leg and arm muscles that, pain killer or not, they will not support her
body. She will give us no trouble I promise." Although Shalini felt them unstrap her from the table,
she was able to put up only the weakest opposition, and was soon fastened just as securely as
before, this time on her back. She watched them as they worked first on her legs again, the her
arms. At last, Li proclaimed, "we have been at this for two hours, I think she will long remember
this, and us ," she added with a laugh. "Now we have to get her home, will you help me?" asked
Susan. "Oh yes, I don't want to miss the surprise you have planned for her, not one bit. In fact, I
want to join in if it is okay with you," was Li's response. They carried Shalini's limp body to her car,
and put her in the back seat. Li drove it while Susan followed in her own car. Soon they were pulling
into Shalini's garage. They took her into her bathroom and put her in the sunken tub. Susan stood
back and smiled. "Doesn't she look lovely just laying there?" "Yes, lovely indeed. I bet it will be this
time tomorrow, at least, before she can get out of it," Li said gesturing toward the tub. "By that
time she ought to be rank as hell." Laughing, Susan said, "yes, that is a fact. Now you want me to
pee on her first or do you want to be the first?" "You go first, after all, it was your idea. But don't
forget to close the drain," replied Li. "How much longer will the pain killer keep her from enjoying
what we have done?" "Lets see, it is now just after mid night.......I'd say she ought to be coming out
of it real soon," answered Li. Shalini already was in fact feeling the first onset of the pain from the
damage that had been done
to her muscles, but she did not move for fear of irritating her tormentors. She knew what they were
going to do, and she simply no longer cared. She watched as Susan reached under her skirt and
removed her panties. She laid motionless as she stood above her body with one leg on each side of
the tub. The warm golden stream of Susan's urine splashed down onto Shalini's chest covering her
breasts and running down between her own legs. Next, Li got over her. Li's urine splashed on to
Shalini's face and into her hair and eyes. The two women left laughing as they closed the bathroom
door. Shalini at last allowed herself to cry. She shook uncontrollable as she sobbed. She tried to
raise up to turn on the shower an rinse her urine covered body off. The shock of intense pain
consumed her, and she fell back against the hard tub still crying. She cried until she fell into a deep
sl**p. Shalini's first awareness the next day was a throbbing from her entire body. Her eyes were
shocked open by that pain and the stench of the two women's urine in the tub and all over her
body. Her next awareness was her own need to use the bathroom, both to urinate and to defecate.
She struggled with the pain that racked her body as she tried over and over to get out of the fowl
smelling tub. It was not use. Her muscles had been so damaged that there was little strength in
them, and the pain almost was causing her to faint during each try to get out of the tub. Shalini
again broke into heavy sobbing as the pressure in her bladder f***ed her to relieve herself, adding
to the day old urine of Li and Susan. The pressure growing in her bowels was just as intense.
Although Shalini fought against her own body, she lost, and was now sitting in and on her own body
wastes. The time passed as she tried from time to time to get out of the tub. She alternated
between the pain in her muscles as she tried, to a fitful sl**p. She had lost all track of time and now
had no idea whether it was day or night. She was becoming weak from hunger and dehydration as
she continued to struggle to get out of the tub. At last she managed. Although she could not stand,
she could crawl. She crawled to the commode and drank from it to quench her thirst. She rested for
a long time, then crawled back to the tub, opened the drain, and got in. She sat and let the warm
shower pelt her battered body until the hot water started turning cold. She turned the water off,
and slumped back in the tub
and gathered her strength. It was over an hour later before Shalini again managed to crawl out of
the tub. Every muscle in her body felt as if it was on fire as she slowly crawled to her bedroom. It
was daylight, and the clock radio on her night stand indicated it was 9:15 am, but She did not know
what day it was. She managed to dial her office number. Her assistant answered. "This is Shalini,"
she said, "I am suffering from a bad case of the flu, I am sick. I will not be in for a couple of days.
Please notify Admin that I am taking some sick leave for me." "I am sorry to hear that Ms Williams.
Are you eyes scratchy and your muscles sore," was the response. "Yes, very sore." She paused, then
asked, "is today Monday?" "Yes, and I hope you feel better soon." "Thank you. Good bye." Shalini
hung up the telephone and collapsed of the floor, unable to get on her bed. It was late afternoon
when Shalini awoke again. This time she felt a driving need for something to eat and she was still
very dehydrated. She crawled to her kitchen and managed to get the refrigerator door open. She
ate some fruit and raw vegetables, but that was all she could reach from the floor. Unable to reach
to the higher shelves or to the sink, she could get nothing to drink. Once again she crawled to the
bathroom and drank from the toilet. The smell of what had been in the tub still hung heavy in there,
so she crawled back to her bedroom. She struggled until she got on to the bed and fell asl**p. It
was after 1:00 am when she woke next. She managed to get to her feet, and using furniture to
steady herself, went to the kitchen again. The pain of walking caused tears to stream down her
cheeks as she moved. For the first time she saw the blinking light on her answering machine. She
pushed the button to hear her massages. "Slut," she heard Frank's voice say, "I want you at my
place at 7:30 Friday evening, and I do not want you to shave your legs or armpits again until I say it
is permissible. Slut, you are fully aware of the consequences should you fail to be there on time."
There was nothing more.
The week had passed slowly for Shalini as she recovered from the damage Susan and Li had done to
her body. Friday, still sore but able to walk without showing discomfort, she went to work for the
first time since coming down with the “flu.” Being back at work did wonders for her spirits even
though it felt strange to be wearing slacks at the library. However she had little other choice
because the dark stubble on her legs would have been visible even through her darkest hose. When
she got home, she removed her clothing, took a shower in her now spotless tub, and relaxed with a
glass of white wine. She dreaded having to go to Frank’s house this evening, but it was something
she had no choice in doing. When he first left, she had hoped he would be gone from her life
forever, now he was back and had control of her again. She sat, sipped wine, and watched as the
time neared for her to dress and drive over to his house. Frank looked at the time, it was just barely
7:00, so he mixed himself a drink. It had been over a month since he was last with Shalini, and he
had missed her more than he would have guessed. He just hoped he could keep his happiness at
seeing her again from showing when she arrived. It was too soon for Shalini to know that he was
really growing to care a great deal about her. He heard her car drive up, a car door slam, then his
door bell ring. “Come in slut,” he said as he opened the door, hiding his pleasure at seeing her.
“Strip,” he told her. He watched as she undressed, placing her neatly folded clothes on the back of
the chair. “Come over her to me, I want to see your hairless cunt.” She stood in front of him as he
ran his hand over her bald pubic area. She felt him feeling of the week old stubble of hair on her
legs. Her humiliation was manifesting itself as body tremors as he
continued his inspection. “Is you cunt wet enough for me to fuck?” he asked. “Not yet,” was her
answer. “Go to my bedroom and get it ready for me slut. I want to fuck you before I go out on my
date this evening.” Shalini walked to his bedroom unaware the he was following her. She went
directly to his bed and turned to get on it when she saw him standing in the door. “I have not had
time yet,” she paused, then added, “sir.” “Well go on and get your cunt sloppy and wet for my cock
then,” he said smiling. “Aren’t you going to leave?” she asked. “No, I think I will just watch my slut
get her cunt ready for me. Unless you had rather I butt fuck you.” Her hands moved slowly to her
vagina. No man had ever seen her do this, it was a very private thing. She felt her body glowing
crimson red in shame. She was still trying to f***e her hands to her vagina when Frank said, “roll
over slut. I will use your ass hole for my pleasure.” “No, wait, I will do it,” pleaded Shalini. “No slut,
you took too long, roll over.....NOW!” Shalini was already crying by the time she buried her face in
the pillow and felt his hand applying the KY jelly to her rectum. Her sobbing was ceased
momentarily by a gasp of pain as he shoved the entire length of his penis inside her bowels in one
quick movement. He pumped brutally hard and was spent in just a few minutes. When he returned
from the bathroom he went to the front of his house leaving Shalini to clean up. Frank looked up
when she entered his den, “did you learn anything from that slut?”
“Yes sir,” was her meek reply. “Good, now see that you don’t forget it. You may leave now, and be
back here tomorrow at noon, and with you legs shaved.” “What about under my arms?” she asked.
“No, leave the hair there to remind you that your body belongs to me. Now get out slut,” he said
sternly. He smiled as she turned, got dressed and left without saying another word. He went to his
desk, took out his journal and made notes in it for a while. He was pleased that his month long
absence had not delayed her progress any at all. As soon as Shalini awoke Saturday morning, she
felt that she was not alone in her bedroom. She opened her eyes you see Frank standing at the foot
of her bed in a t-shirt and jogging shorts. “Good morning slut,” he said grinning. “Is your cunt wet
enough to please my cock?” he asked as he pulled the sheet off Shalini’s nude body. “Just give me a
few minutes sir,” Shalini said almost crying. Her rear had hurt so much last night that she had
trouble getting to sl**p. She did not want that again, not at all. Both of her hands went quickly to
her vaginal area and started working on arousal. He watched as she masturbated herself in front of
him. “That is good, slut. You learn quickly. I don’t have time to fuck your cunt now, I’ll see you at
noon.” He then turned and left the room. Shalini heard the front door close before she realized she
was still masturbating herself. She did not stop, but continued until she had reached a strong, toe
curling climax. Then she rolled over and went back to sl**p. Saturday found Frank and Susan sitting
in his den. He sipped his scotch and water, and looked across the coffee table to where Susan was
sitting, drinking a glass of wine. “Yes I do, I feel confident of it, but I
had rather not use f***e if we don’t need to.” “It is a big step for her, going from sexually serving
just you to the two of us at the same time,” commented Susan. Frank laughed and said, “you act
like she has a choice in this Susan. Besides, there are going to be several challenges for her before
the day is over.” “I know, but she is a sweet person, and I can’t help but feel sorry for her at times.
We both chose what we do sexually because we like it. She never had a chance to make the
choice.” Frank took a long drink from his glass, “yes, but that was what I wanted, a challenge. We
will find out soon enough, I think that was her car.” Moments later, the door bell rang. Frank
answered the door by yelling, “come on in slut, it is unlocked.” “Why is she here?” Shalini exclaimed
as she walked into Franks den. “Because she is my friend and I invited her, slut.” Frank stood up and
walked toward her acting as menacing as he possibly could. “Unless you are prepared to walk out of
my house right now and accept the consequences, you will strip, and you will do it right fucking now
slut!” “But I don’t want to be hurt by her again, please?” begged Shalini. “Now! Slut, now!” Frank
snapped loudly. Susan added, “you have already seen how I deal with insolence my pet, and again
you are going to be punished for it. The severity of your punishment is still open however.” Shalini
knew she was defeated. For a moment, just a moment, the idea of leaving crossed her mind. The
thought of the scandal, her daughter who already disliked her, and her reputation, the career she
loved, it was all she had worked and lived for. Slowly her hands went to the buttons on her blouse,
and soon it was open. She slipped it of her shoulders and placed it on the same chair she had used
before. Soon
she was totally nude, trembling and standing before these two people who had managed to take all
of her own free will and crush it. “I like her hairy arm pits,” chuckled Susan, “it is a nice touch,
Frank.” “Get to my bedroom and get your cunt ready for my cock,” commanded Frank. Shalini
walked into Frank’s bedroom and turned to lay down on his bed. “What?” exclaimed Shalini as she
saw that Frank and Susan had followed her into the bedroom. “Get your cunt good and sloppy for
me or I will give you one hell of a butt fucking,” Frank said sternly. She knew better than to protest,
so she closed her eyes as if that act would afford her at least some measure of privacy. Her hands
found her vaginal area and started massaging, probing, and stroking. She felt her dampness growing
as was her arousal. She was determined that there was no way she would allow herself any
pleasure from this. She stopped, and said, “it is ready.” Shalini’s eyes were tightly closed as she felt
Frank insert his finger into her. “No, it is not sloppy nor wet enough. Either roll over, or get it one
hell of a lot wetter.” Shalini whimpered softly, then returned her hands to her vagina and
continued. She felt she was losing control and was reaching and orgasm despite her promise not to.
Susan and Frank stood it the bedroom door and watched as Shalini masturbated. Frank nudged
Susan and smiled as he saw her body spasm and near a climax. Susan returned the smile as Shalini’s
spasms grew stronger. Shalini worked on herself, and knew she was just about to lose control of the
orgasm that was building up inside her loins. She paused, “I am as wet as I can get. Is it wet enough
yet?” Frank probed with his finger again, and said that it would do. He then told her to get on her
hands and knees, that he was going to fuck her like a male dog fucks a bitch in heat. Shalini let a low
gasp escape from her lips, that was the position where she reached orgasm the
easiest, but she assumed the position as he had directed. She felt his hands guide his penis in place,
then the fullness as he gently pushed it all the way inside her cavity. He paused, and said to Susan,
“okay.” Susan got on the bed and spread her legs directly under Shalini’s face. “You are going to eat
my pussy pet while Frank fucks you.” As she said that, she f***ed Shalini’s head between her legs as
Frank started to erotically fondle her breasts and begin the slow rocking motion of his penis into
and out of her vagina. Shalini’s body shook almost immediately with a powerful orgasm, and she
lost it, lost all control. She had her face buried in Susan’s vagina licking for all she was worth as
Frank continued. One after another orgasm racked her body. At last she felt Frank withdraw and
saw Susan get off the bed. “Slut, you did an acceptable job, but next time it had better be better,”
he said as the two of them left Shalini in the bedroom. Shalini collapsed in shame and humiliation
and cried softly to herself. This was all wrong, and she hated it, especially hated the fact the they
knew she had experienced numerous orgasms. “Slut, clean your filthy cunt and come to the den,”
she heard Frank yell. She got off the bed and went to his bathroom and wiped herself. In the den,
Frank and Susan were fully dressed and drinking glasses of wine. “Did you cum, slut?” Frank asked
as she walked in the room. “No,” Shalini replied knowing she was not telling the truth. “In the guest
bathroom you will find some clothing. Put them on and return as quickly as you can, we have a busy
day, slut,” Frank told her. She went to the guest bath room as she was told. In there, she found a
pair of jogging shoes, the briefest of running shorts, and a very tiny string bikini top, nothing else. It
took her only a few minutes to put the
items on, then she returned to the den. “Here, attach this to your nipple rings,” Frank said s he
handed her a small gold chain about 10 inches long. Shalini did as he had instructed, but she
wondered where Susan was. She was not in the den with Frank. “Oh, I guess I forgot to tell, Susan
had errands to run, as do we. You will get to eat her pussy some more but not this evening.” Frank
walked over to Shalini and said, “now hook this leash to the chain,” as he gave her a black leather
dog leash that was about six feet long. “Wait here, I will be back as soon as I have changed clothes.”
When he returned, he was wearing khaki slacks and a sport shirt. “We are going shopping slut.” “I
can’t go outside dressed like this,” Shalini protested. “Oh? Why not,” asked Frank sarcastically. “It is
indecent, I am barely dressed. Anyone who looks can see that I have nipple rings. My under arms
need shaving, the shorts..................” “Do you think I care?” interrupted Frank. “You will come with
me dressed as you are because that is the way I want you dressed. Or,” he added as he grinned,
“you can come with me buck ass naked. But you will accompany me, slut.” He jerked on the leash to
emphasize his point causing a sharp pain in her nipples and her breasts to be pulled out of the scrap
of cloth that was the bikini top. Shalini’s eyes filled with tears as she knew that once again she had
no choice about this. She followed as he led her by the leash to his car. Shalini was thankful as they
crossed the bridge into Oakland. At least it would be extremely unlikely that they would see anyone
she knew. They spent the afternoon going to various antique shops and walking around the tourist
section. Shalini felt
like a piece of meat on display as he led her around by the leash attached to the chain between her
nipple rings. She held her arms close to her side to avoid showing her untidy under arm areas, and
she was careful to keep up with his as he shopped and enjoyed himself. When at last they drove
back across the bridge to San Francisco, Shalini’s self esteem had reached the lowest it had ever
been in her life. Not even when she had prostituted herself for college money had she felt so low.
When they were back inside Frank’s house, he told her to strip, and, like always, she did as she was
told. She watched as he set up his “display stand.” Then she stood above it as he raised the blunt
tip. He applied KY jelly, the raised it up and into her vagina. She felt the sharp pain as he caused it to
hit her cervix, then lowered it just a fraction. “There,” he said, “that will keep you out of trouble
while I get ready.” Then he left the room toward his bedroom. Shalini spent only a slight amount of
time trying to get off the device she was on. She had tried before and could not, this time was no
different. Shalini was lost in her own thoughts about her future and what would happen to end this
nightmare, when she heard the door bell. Frank walked past her saying it was only a delivery for the
party tonight. She noticed he was wearing a blue blazer, slacks and a white shirt. He returned with a
young man, not over 20, following him carrying some sacks. The boy dropped one of the sacks as
soon as his eyes saw Shalini, naked and unable to move. “That’s okay,” Frank said, “you didn’t break
anything,” as the boy picked up the things that had fallen from the sack. He left, but had another
good look as he walked by her. “You might as well get used to being looked at slut. I am proud of
everything I own, and slut you are as much my property as is this TV set.” “Frank, this has gone to
far. Let me off this thing, and I mean for you to do it right this instant. I will call the police if you
don’t,” demanded Shalini.
Handing her his cordless telephone, he said, “just dial 911 slut.” There was no look of compassion in
his eyes as he stared at her. She looked at the phone, then at Frank, then back at the phone.
“Here,” she said handing the phone back to him. Laughing he said, “good decision slut. You are
learning fast, but you are going to be punished before this weekend is over. You seem to have
forgotten that you are to refer to me only as ‘sir’ and then there is your insolence and your lie about
not cumming. Oh yes, you will be punished.” “How long do I have to stand here like this,” she asked
meekly. “Until I am ready to let you off of it slut,” was his response. The afternoon passed slowly for
Shalini, and her legs were getting tired. Frank had spent the time straightening up his home. It was
obvious the he was expecting guests. Shalini was horrified at the thought that he would just leave
her there during the party. It was nearly 7:00, when he walked over to her. He stood behind Shalini
and placed handcuffs over her wrists, then he lowered the metal rod from her vagina. He attached
chains to each nipple ring and led her to his workshop. He opened one of the cabinets and took out
a box. Inside the box was a chastity belt, one that looked like was from an old movie. He held it out,
saying “step in this slut.” Shalini stepped in to what looked like a metal bikini bottom as he pulled it
up. It was fastened around her waist, then a small padlock was attached to hold it securely in place.
Then he led her to the bathroom adjoining the second bedroom. Shalini watched as he fastened the
chains from her nipples around the lavatory. He then turned to leave. “Wait............sir,” pleaded
Shalini. “Why am I here like this? How long do I have to stay here?” He stopped, turned around and
said, “I guess you have figured out that I am having a little party tonight.
Actually it is more of a graduation party for my honors class. School ends next week and I always
have the senior honor class over for a little party each year. I am going to put a sign on the door to
one bathroom that says “ladies” and on the other that says “men.” This will be the men’s
bathroom.” “Here? In here? Where will I be?” asked Shalini. “Guess,” he said laughing. “But what if
a guy needs to use the bathroom?” she asked. “I would suggest that you simply let him do it.” “With
me in here?” “Can you get your self free?” Without waiting for her answer, he added, “and make
sure you remember that these are my guests and the severity of your punishment depends on how
well you treat them.” “What do you mean by how I treat them?” she replied. “I will leave that up to
you, but I had better not hear that you have dishonored me by failing to do as they ask.” With that
he left her sitting on the floor in the bathroom. It was at least a couple of hours later that she heard
the door bell ring and people come into Frank’s house. It rang several more times and the sounds of
his party filled the home. She looked up as the door opened and a young man of about 23 walked it.
“Well, well, what do we have here?” he asked. “That Dr. Benson is certainly full of surprises. Who
are you?” Shalini said nothing, but just stared at the floor. She heard him unzip his pants and than
the sound of his urine splashing in the toilet. “Want to suck this?” she heard him ask. She looked up
to see his semi erect penis dangling directly in her face. She said nothing, and he
left. Moments later she saw Frank enter the bathroom. “Slut, you have displeased me already.
Remember what Dr. Cho and Susan did to you? It can get much worse than that if I hear just one
more complaint.” He slammed the door as he left. The door opened again and the same young man
walked back in closing the door behind him. “I hear you have changed your mind,” he said as he
unzipped his pants and offered her his limp penis. Shalini did not even look at him, but rose to her
knees and took his penis in her mouth and started sucking and bobbing her head back and forth.
Quickly, her mouth was filled with his cum. He zipped up his pants, said thanks, and left. For the
next three hours Shalini gave oral sex to everyone who came in to the bathroom. Some guys made
second trips. She figured she must have given oral sex at least 15 times when the sounds of the
party started dying down. Her jaws were sore as were her knees. Her face was tear stained and she
was in a severe state of depression. At last Frank came in to the bath room. “Slut, it is time for you
to go home.” he said as he unlocked the chain between her nipple rings and unlocked the chastity
belt and the handcuffs. “Get dressed and leave, but be back here tomorrow at 3:00.” He left her
alone and closed the door. Shalini got to her feet, dressed and drove home, crying as she drove. She
took a long hot shower, then a double dose of sl**ping medication and went to bed. Her last
thoughts as she drifted off to sl**p were not of the degrading way she had been used, but of the
fact that she had avoided punishment and that was at least sort of reassuring to her.
Sunday morning Shalini woke up about 10:00. There was a dull ache in her jaws that served to
remind her of the way she had been made to perform last night for the pleasure of Frank’s
students. She just laid there unable to even cry about the ruined life she was now f***ed to live. She
was on the very verge of accepting her fate, her spirits nearly broken, but she was not aware of the
changes happening in her mind, not yet at least. She was still just laying there when she heard her
front door open. “Get your cunt ready slut, I will be there in a minute,” she heard Frank say. Shalini
immediately rolled over on her back and started arousing herself as quickly as she could. She was
still busily working on herself when Frank entered the room with another man just behind him. She
grabbed for the sheet to pull it up and cover her nude body. “No, don’t touch that sheet,” Frank
warned. “This is Tan Cho, Li’s husband. He wants to fuck you this morning. Be a good little slut and
tell him it is okay.” Shalini’s eyes filled with tears as she looked at these two men. She nodded
“yes.” “No, slut, tell him that you want him to fuck your cunt,” demanded Frank. She paused for
several seconds, tears streaming down her cheeks, then said, “I want you to fuck my cunt.” The two
men roared with laughter. Tan removed his trousers and got on the bed between Shalini’s legs. He
inserted his penis and began the enjoyment of her body. He continued for longer than she had ever
remembered a man lasting before and she felt her own passion rising to the point of orgasm. Then
it hit and her body convulsed with a powerful orgasm, then another. At last Tan withdrew his now
limp and spent penis from her body. She opened her eyes to see Frank’s erect penis directly in front
of her. Without a word being said, she took it in her mouth and started giving him what he
obviously wanted. Frank squirted his full load down her throat, then tucked his penis back in his
pants. “Frank, your little slut is very nice. You have done an excellent job my friend,” Tan said.
Without anything else being said, the two men turned and walked out of Shalini’s house, leaving
her still nude and on her bed. This was the final straw that broke Shalini’s spirit and her will to
resist. She was reduced to nothing more than an object for Frank to use as he wanted, and she now
realized it. She did not cry, but just accepted that was to be her life as long as he wanted her. She
pulled into his driveway promptly at three o’clock, got out and rang the door bell. “Come in slut,”
Frank said. Then he added, “strip.” Quickly, she was standing before him nude. “Lay on the couch
slut, and let me watch you get you cunt ready for a good fucking.” There was no protest left in her,
she simply had lost the will to resist. She moved to the couch, laid back, and started arousing
herself with her hands as he watched. Her body shook as an orgasm neared, but she continued.
“Here, use this in your cunt, slut,” Frank said as he handed her a large dildo. She took it obediently
and inserted it. She continued as she reached three orgasms. “That is enough for now slut,” he told
her. “Get up and stand over the display stand.” Soon, she was fixed in place with the vertical rod
inserted into her vagina. He put a piece of tape over her mouth and said, “we are having some
guests, and you will not need to speak slut.” She felt her own sexual discharge running down the
insides of her thighs, but made no attempt to try and wipe it away. Frank left her there in the den
and went into his kitchen. It was about 15 minutes later when the door bell rang. Frank opened the
door and in walked Susan and Li. They looked at Shalini, then Susan said, “I hear that she has
accepted your as her master.” “Yes, I think that is the case. I think I have broken her at last.”
“My husband said she performed well this morning, he seemed impressed, Frank,” said Li. “I was
pleased,” remarked Frank. “She did not hesitate, and she had at least two full orgasms.” Shalini
stood immobilized by the rod inside her and unable to speak as they talked. Hearing them discuss
her performance and her acceptance of his control caused her to feel even less human than before.
“That is all well and good, but when do I get to punish her for her transgressions of yesterday?”
asked Susan. “You have not forgiven her insolence and lies have you?” “No, she must learn the
consequences of disobedience. That is a very important part of her training, “ was Frank’s reply.
Hearing this, Shalini started squirming in a futile attempt to free herself. Susan said, “look, she has
life left in her after all,” as she laughed a wicked laugh. “I can’t wait to get at her breasts, it is going
to be so great.” Shalini continued to struggle. A trickle of bl**d ran down her thigh as the only
accomplishment of her struggles. “Li, are you sure that no permanent damage will be done to her
breasts?” he asked. “Absolutely, but they will feel like open boils on her chest for a few days,” was
Li’s reply. “Okay, then I am ready to learn your technique. Susan has told me of the effect it had on
her arms and legs. I can only imagine what it will do to her lovely breasts. “Are you sure your
workshop is soundproof?” questioned Li. “Very sure.” Susan asked, “should we handcuff her first,
just so she doesn’t give us any trouble?” “That might be a good idea,” agreed Frank. He went to a
drawer and got a pair of hand cuffs, the moved
to Shalini’s rear and placed them on her wrists. He then lowered the rod from her vagina. Even
handcuffed, Shalini tried to avoid being pushed into Frank’s workshop. All three were sweating by
the time they got her in there and on the mattress on the floor. When her legs were chained to
rings in the floor set far apart. The handcuffs were removed and Frank held her on her back as her
wrists were fastened to other rings. Then, they stood up admiring their handiwork. “God, she looks
so delicious laying there totally helpless like that. Where is the rolling pin?” asked Susan. “First the
tape, I want to hear her screams,” replied Frank. He then ripped the tape off Shalini’s mouth.
“Please, oh God please don’t do this to me. I am begging, I am pleading, I will do anything you ask, I
will never disobey again,” she shouted in a non stop sentence. “Will you fuck any body I tell you
to?” “Yes, I promise.” “Will you show you naked body at any time I wish?” “Yes, God yes.” He put
another piece of tape on her mouth, and said, “sorry Li, but I had rather not hear her begging, I just
might give in. You can start whenever you wish.” Li sat on Shalini’s hips, one leg on each side, and
took the rolling pin. She placed it on top of Shalini’s left breast, and gently rolled it back and forth.
“God, Frank, look at her eyes. They are as wide as saucers. She is scared shitless,” `Susan exclaimed.
Li pressed a little harder as she continued to roll the pin back and forth over Shalini’s breast. “I will
do this one and you can watch, then you two can take turns on her other one. She will pass out
rather quickly,
but that is fine.” Shalini felt Li increasing the pressure as she rolled the pin across her breast. The
pain built up slowly at first, then it became blinding. She bucked and struggled, but was unable to
stop the relentless rolling of the pin. She passed out from the pain. When Li was satisfied, she got
off Shalini’s limp body. Susan took her place and started the same process on Shalini’s right breast.
Then it was Frank’s turn. They spent over an hour crushing and bruising her breasts. Shalini was
passed out during all but the initial stages. “That is enough,” Li said. “She will be in severe pain for
most of a week. I suggest, Frank, that you give her a few days to recover before you use her again.”
They left the workshop as they continued to talk about her. When Shalini regained consciousness,
she was in her own bed room, and felt a deep throbbing in her chest. She moved to sit up, and was
literally knocked back down by the pain. She discovered that only by laying perfectly still could she
stand the pain in her breasts. Any movement they made was enough to almost make her vomit with
pain. She laid there until her need to go to the bathroom was urgent. She carefully cupped each in
her hands and stumbled to the bathroom. Then she went back to bed, and stayed there for the rest
of the evening and night. Monday, Shalini called in sick again. Her breasts were much too sore to be
in a bra, and their movement without a bra was sickening. Again , she stayed in bed all day except
to used the bathroom. The same was true on Tuesday. Wednesday morning, her breast pain was
lessened to the point of being able to get a bra on, and she made it in to work. She stayed in her
office all that day, then went home. There was a note on her door. She opened it, and it read, “I
want you at my house at 8:00 tonight slut.” Shalini crushed the note in her fist and
went on inside her house. Frank looked at his watch, it was nearly 8:15. He wondered what had
gone wrong, Shalini was due 15 minutes ago. He had just about decided to go over to her house to
see if she was okay, when he heard a car drive up. It was Shalini’s car. “Come in slut,” he said as he
opened the door in response to the ringing of the door bell. She walked in, and said, “ I am sorry I
am late sir. There was a large truck blocking my driveway.” “You are forgiven slut. Now strip.” He
watched as she undressed down to her bra. “Sir, may I keep my bra on? My breasts still hurt very
badly,” she explained. For a moment Frank almost gave in, but he knew that would never do. “No
slut, I said strip.” She gingerly removed her bra with slow and careful movements. “Are they still
sore, I mean really sore slut?” “Yes sir,” was her response. “Have you learned a lesson about the
consequences of failing to obey me no matter what I tell you to do?” “Yes sir.” “Come over here,
kneel, and tell me to squeeze you tit as hard as I wish.” There was only the slightest of a hesitation,
then she knelt in front of him and said, “squeeze my breast......uh....tit as hard as you wish.” A tear
welled up in her eye as she waited. Frank reached out and took her right breast in his hand. He
applied only the slightest pressure and was surprised at the look of pain in her eyes. He opened his
zipper, pulled out his fully hard penis, and said, “suck it slut.”
She took it in her mouth and worked until his sperm was flooding her mouth. “Dress, and get out
slut, but be here Friday night at 7:30,” he told her. When she was gone, Frank mixed himself a drink.
He sat at his desk until late that night making notes in his journal.
CHAPTER THIRTEEN At work Friday, Shalini got a phone call. "This is the head librarian, how may I
help you?" she said into the phone's receiver. "Hello my pet, how are your titties feeling today?"
said Susan. "Why are you calling me?" asked Shalini in a demanding tone of voice. "Now, now, do
you want me to tell Frank how you are talking to me?" "No, please don't. I am sorry," replied Shalini
meekly. "That is more like it my pet. I want you to come to my office today at lunch. You will be
having "pussy pie" today my pet," she said nothing else and hung up. Shalini stared at the
telephone, then placed it back down. She took a deep breath, and went back to work. There was no
fight left in her, just the dread of what Susan might do to her when she arrived at her office. Shalini
trembled as she rode the elevator to the top floor of the newspaper building. She composed herself
and went to Ms Wright's receptionist, and said, "I am Shalini Williams. I have an appointment at
noon." The receptionist looked up, then buzzed Susan's office. "Ms Williams is here to see you." "Go
on in, she is expecting you." Shalini walked in and was greeted by "hi my pet, I am glad you could
make it. I am horny as hell and your tongue is just what I need." She walked to the large couch in
her office and sat down pulling her full skirt up as she did. "See, I
already have my panties off for you. Now get over here on your knees and have some pussy pie,"
she told Shalini as she grinned widely. Shalini did just as she was told and was soon using her
tongue to satisfy Susan. Susan had several orgasms, then said, "God you are good my pet, but it is
time for you to go." Handing her a tissue, she added, "wipe my pussy juice off your face pet, and
thanks." Shalini left happy that she had not been hurt. The fact that she had just been required to
have sex with Susan was of no concern to her any more. When she drove into her driveway that
evening, she saw Frank's car. She walked in to find Frank and Tan watching her television set. "we
are in a hurry slut, get you cunt ready for us, we will be back to your bedroom in just a minute or so,
but hurry," Frank told her. When they walked in Shalini's bedroom, she was busy getting herself wet
and aroused. Frank said nothing, but pulled off his pants and got on the bed. He fucked her hard
and was quickly spent. As he got dressed, Tan did the same. Then they were gone. Little had been
said, but both had used her body and she had not protested. Shalini continued laying on the bed
long after Frank And Tan were gone from her home. She felt their combined ejaculate draining from
inside her body and knew it was soiling her bed sheets, yet she did not move. Her mind was
struggling to free herself from the state of acceptance she had fallen into. When at last she went to
her bathroom to clean herself, she studied her reflection in the full length mirror. Her denuded
pubic area, her hair covered arm pits, her nipple rings, and she knew she had changed mentally as
well. It was exactly 7:30 when Shalini rang Frank's door bell. He opened the door with the usual,
"come in slut." He told her that they were going out tonight to dinner, and that they would be
meeting some prospective investors interested in an invention he had shown at a trade show
recently. Her clothes were laid out on the bed in the guest bedroom and she was to go and get
dressed. Shalini walked into the bedroom and looked on the bed. There she saw a pale yellow shirt
waisted sundress with thin spaghetti straps, a pair of heeled yellow
sandals, black thong panties, and a small purse. She took a long, deep sigh, then quickly changed
into the clothing he had laid out for her to wear. There was nothing she could do about the faint
outline of the black thong panties showing through the skirt of the dress though. She knew better
than to protest, at least she was getting to wear panties. Dressed, she returned to the den, and
said, "Sir, I need to shave the hair under my arms, may I use one of your razors?" "No, I want you
just as you are. I like the contrast of your fair skin, the light yellow of the dress and the dark full
growth of the hair under your arms," he replied. "But Sir, I can't go out like this," she protested.
"Yes you can and you will slut, is that understood?" He added, "put on more make up before you
return, I want you to look like the slut that we know you are." "Yes Sir," she answered meekly. He
handed her a short gold chain with a tiny charm on it shaped like a little rolling pin. "Put this on
also," he said. She looked at it and replied, "it is too short to fit my neck, Sir. I can't get it on." "It is
not for your neck slut. Fasten it between the rings on your nipples." When she returned 20 minutes
later, Frank smiled. "You are a quite attractive slut." Then he walked over to her, out his hand inside
the bodice of her dress, and pulled out the gold chain and it rolling pin charm letting it dangle
outside her dress. The small rolling pin charm hung between her breasts over her dress and looked
obscene. Yet she knew it would be futile to protest this degrading piece of jewelry he had given her
to wear.
"The little rolling pin will serve as a reminder of the punishment you will get if you fail to
obey me fully tonight slut. And it will be Susan that uses it on you. Do you understand?"
"Yes," she answered. He told her to have a seat and wait while he changed clothes, then
left for his bedroom. About 30 minutes later he returned, dressed in a suit and tie. She
followed him to his car and they drove off without anything being said. They drove in
silence until Frank stopped in front of the most expensive hotel in San Francisco. They got
out and went through the doors opened by an uniformend doorman. Inside the elevator,
Shalini watched as he pressed the bottuon that would take them to the penthouse. They
arrived and the door opened to reveal a door beside which stood two guys who were
obviously bodyguards of sometype from the size, dress and demeanor. Frank identified
himself by showing his driver's license, and the door was opened for them to enter.
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