meeting amanda

i remember it like yesterday meeting amanda, she was a young sexy thick girl about as tall as me with a nice big ass and nice big tits. her tits were so big that it would take a full day to lick and suck on them both. she had long dark hair and light skin. bright red checks and soft hands. my name is shah and it started not too long after i started college. my tall 6,02 body with some tone was noting too bad to look at. i had short dark hair back then with dark skin. i always had on a baggy t shirt with jeans that some times showed how big my dick is. i had just gotten my own place and was a bit lonely as almost all my friends had left state. the only friend i had left invited me to a small party which is where i met amanda. i had started on a drink and i saw her by her self. she looked good in thigh jeans and a shirt that showed her cleavage. i walked over to her and said hi.

she looked at me and smiled saying "hi i'm amanda i never saw you at one of these" i looked at her and sat net to her. "yea most the time i do get out much i mostly just stay home and play fighting games on my ps3". i said as my eyes found there way to her cleavage. she then said in a happy voice "i love playing fighting games, i'd much rather be doing that then being here right now." i then asked "you wanna come to my place then? i know you dont know me but its better then staying here. i just live two blocks away." she looked at me and smiled then said yes so we got up and left.

we got to my place and i noticed her nipples were hard, showing clear from her shirt. i set up my ps3 and put in a takken game. we played for about 20 mints with me winning but letting her win a few. before we started a new match she said "hold up i have an idea to make this abit more interesting. how about we play strip takken?" i looked at her with wide eyes. then a smile as she had a devilish smile as well. i then said "yea let do that with every win the other person has to take something off" we started to play and the first win was mine so she took off her shirt. now her big breast were exposed and i could see them. i wanted to grab them there and then but i controlled my self. the next win was also mine so she too off her jeans. as she did she took her time showing me her nice ass in the thong panties. my dick was so hard at this point that i know she could see. the next match i let her win so i took off my shirt. she looked at my toned muscle body and i could tell she was getting hot. the net match i also gave her so i then took off my pants reveling my boxers where now she could see how hard i was. we played another match and i won so she took off her panties. she was now completely nude in front of me. "we lets go one more time you still have on your boxers so maybe i can win them off of you." she said. i then said "well then what do i win if i beat you?" she then smiled and said "i'll do something really nice for you." we started to play and i tried to end it fast. i was too ready for what i knew was gonna happen. however she didn't make it easy. soon i did win and we put down our controllers.

she got on her knees in front of me. she moved my legs open and started to lick her big lips. i sat back and enjoyed is as she started to rub my dick over my boxers. it was already very hard as she slipped in out. she rubbed in slowly and played with it until she leaded down and started to lick the head of my big dick. it was at full length at 10 inc and as she did i could see how hard her nipples were. she jacked in up and down as she sucked on the head. "damn that feels really good" i said as she started to go lower and lower on my hard dick. as my dick got all wet with her saliva i could feel her deep down on my dick. my laid my hands on her head as she went wiled on my dick. she played with my balls and licked all around my dick. she soon went back to sucking my dick faster and faster grabbing the base of my hard dick and squeegeeing it. it wasn't long before i came however she did stop sucking. i came in her mouth and she swallowed it all, licking up every bit of cum. she stood up and puled down my boxers then sat on top of me. i could feel how wet she was as she rubbed up me. i then kissed her deeply as her legs were around me. with one hand i grabbed and squeezed one of her tits and with the other i grabbed her ass. we stayed like that for a few minuets until i felt her hands reach for my dick. even though i had just came my dick was still rock hard. she broke the kiss and started to rub my dick on her pussy. it was soo wet as she rubbed it. i then started to suck on her tits. licking and sucking on those big things was great. she then slipped my hard dick in her wet pussy and started to go up and down on my hard dick. "hmmm your dick is so big and feels soo good in my wet pussy" she said as she moaned. i then said "yea ride my hard dick babe, just like that"

i had then had it and choice to take this to my bedroom. i held her with my dick still in her and stood up. i was strong enough to carry her to my bed where i slammed her down on the bed. i kissed her sweet lips and we exploring our mouths. she had wrapped her legs around my back and i slammed my dick in her. she screamed as the f***e hit her. in and out harder and harder i fucked her with my hard dick in her wet tight pussy. i started to kiss her neck as i fucked her harder and harder. in and out faster and faster i fucked her. she screamed "ooooooo shit babe i'm about to cum" as i fucked her. she screamed and i could feel her tighten and feel her cum. she then unwrapped her legs and laid there for a moment. before i know it she had me on my back with her on top. i looked in to her eyes and could see she wanted more. my dick was still very hard as she kissed me. then she sat on my cowgirl style. slowly she started to go back and forth riding my hard dick. with one hand i grabbed her ass and with the other one of her big tits. even her big belly looked sexy. faster and faster she rode me and moaned as she did. "ooo that big dick feels soo good and its still hard, hmm squeeze my tit just like that." she screamed as i squeezed. faster and faster she rode me until i came in her. my dick however was still hard so she laid back on me. we kissed more and more as she moved her pussy up and down on my dick. with both hands i grabbed her ass. we spent hours like that fucking. to be continued....
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good one!