fucking a friend

it was late at night and i got a call from my friend becky. "hey i'm sorry to wake you but i need someone to talk to" she said over the phone sounding sad. "its ok whats wrong?" i asked her wanting to be there for her no matter what it was. she was a short 5'5 thick light skinned girl with a nice body or at least to me it was nice. she had short dark hair and nice thick lips. we had been friends for years and would talk about things when ever we needed it. "my boyfriend just left me for a black chick and it hurt" she said starting to cry. "aw becky i'm sorry that happened to you, he is a fool for leaving you" i said trying to make her feel better. "your just saying that aren't you?" she asked. "no i mean if i was him i would have been happy to just be with you" i said. "are you doing anything tomorrow? if you're not doing anything then i'm gonna come over to your place and we can chill just you and me". "yea that sounds good lets do it" i said before she hung up.

the next morning i got up and took my shower. it was a cold one cuz i was really hard. i had dreams last night about her. they were of me and her fucking like there was no tomorrow. i even had to jack off in the shower. i held my big dick in my hand and stroked it up and down thinking of her. remembering the time we had went to the pool and her top had came off. her tits were great nice and big with nice puffy nipples. as the water fell down my body i stroked my hard dick over and over until i came. i cleaned my self off and walked out the shower then i got dressed. little did i know this was just the start of my day. the bell rang and i answered it. it was her dressed in some sweats and a shirt. "hey becky come on in" i said looking at ow sexy she looked in the sweats. she came in and we went to my room. we both sat on my bed and i turned on my laptop. she looked at me as if to ask me something but said noting. i payed it no mine cuz i knew if she wanted to talk she would. we layed there looking at a few music video of youtube. i looked over to her and saw her almost fall asl**p.

as i looked at her in my head i was thinking i could feel her body and get away with it but told my self not to. about a hour past and she still layed there at times opening her legs. her breath making her breast go up and down. she then opened her eyes and saw me looking at her. "hello" i said with a smile trying to play it off. all she did was reach for her phone and text. she closed her eyes and my phone buzzed with a text. i looked at it and it was from her. it read "i am feeling alone and horny right now can you finger me wile i am half asl**p please? i don't want it to be weird but i am very horny." i sat there thinking to my self should i do it or not. my dick was already getting hard in my paints so then i said to my self "fuck it i'm going to do it". i put my lap top the the side and layed down next to her. i moved my hand under her paints and found she had on no underwear. slowly i moved to her pussy. i started to rub her cult and soon went in side her hole. it was so wet i could hear my fingers going it. she let out a small moan as i went in and out of her. soon she pulled up her shirt and bra and started to rub one of her nipples. i then moved my face to the other and started to lick it. still i stuck my finger deeper and deeper in to her wet pussy. she moaned more and more as i not only licked her tit but rubbed her pussy. my lips were wrapped around her nipple and my tongue licked it up and down. soon she said for me to stop.

"do you have a condom" she said looking at me with lust in her eyes. i got up and went in my desk and pulled out two condoms. when i turned her pants were already off. i slid mine off as well and went to the bed. she moved up and stuck her ass to me. i put the condom on and rubbed her pussy with my big dick. she f***e on my pushing my dick inside. she moaned as it went in deeper and deeper. i grabbed her nice big ass as i fucked her harder and harder. i smacked her ass and she screened saying "yea that's how i like it smack it some more". i keep on fucking her smacking her ass over and over leaving it red. i slowed down but went in hard fucking her making her scream more and more. i saw one of her arms were holding the bed and the other was rubbing one of her tits. "yea fuck me just like that your gonna make me cum so hard" she said as i fucked her hard. i too it out and out it back in to play with her. she was loving it as i did. i smacked her ass and then pt my dick back in this time going as deep and as hard as i could. she screamed as i fucked her hard going in and out in and out. grabbing her ass with both hand i fucked her. soon i felt her pussy tighten around my dick and she screamed. i looked down and saw she had came.

i pulled out and she saw it was still hard. she turned over and layed there with with her legs spread wide open. i layed on top of her and kissed her deeply. our tongue met and played with each other. i slid my dick to her pussy and put it in. slowly i fucked her and kissed her. soon my face went from her face to her chest. her shirt and bra were still up so i stared to lick and suck and bit her tits. at the same time to fucked her more and more. i kissed her tits and sucked them and licked them and as i did she moaned. soft but soon louder and louder. i didn't know what she liked better my fucking her like this nor the way i was sucking her tits. my and lowed to her ass and grabbed it. pulling her close as i fucked her. "o god that feels so fucking good keep doing that, fuck me hard" she said as i would keep on fucking her. i started to suck her tit harder leaving it red as i fucked her. once more i felt her pussy tighten and she came. this time i didn't stop. i would keep fucking her hard. she screamed louder as i did and pulled my head to her face and we kissed. my tongue in her mouth and my dick in her pussy. "ooooooooooooo shit" she said as i fucked her. "fuck me fuck me" she said more. my dick was almost ready to explode in her as i fucked her. soon after we both came. i stopped pulling my dick out.

i layed next to her with my dick still hard. she looked at it and grabbed it with one hand as she still layed next to me. she went up and down on my big dick making it harder. i then moved my hand to her pussy and started to rub her still wet pussy.i slipped two fingers deep in her pussy as she jacked my big dick. first she was slow then she went fasted jacking me. at the same time i was fingering deep inside her. she moaned as i fingered her and her hand started to jack me off faster and faster. my dick was so hard i almost came but i held it in so i could enjoy it longer. my fingers went deep in her and soon hit the g spot making her scream as so came. i would still not stop. as she jacked my hard dick a fingered her more and more. soon i came all over her hand. she then licked her hands clean. abit more time passed nd she came one last time.

she looked at me and said "i really needed that i feel alot better now". "that's good cuz i feel alot better to" i said as my dick started to limp. i moved up and started to suck her tits. i loved her tits they were nice and big. a bit saggy but that met they were real. i licked then all around and sucked them. she just layed there loving it. she moaned as i sicked her tits and soon grabbed my head as to hold it there. after a bit more time i stopped. we layed there for a hour until it was time h=for her to go home. as she left i knew this was a one time thing but in the back of my head i knew this was not that last I've seen of her.
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