Debauchery in a Filthy Toilet.

About 4 miles from where I lived there was a small, old, public toilet, which was only frequented by men seeking sex with other men. It was well off the beaten track and was only accessible through a disused railway track. It was a haven for gay sex. It was extremely small, quite dilapidated, only one urinal and one cubicle which had a glory hole through to the urinal. There were no lights, always in the dark and it was an attraction for men looking good cock fun. I had been taken to it once before about 6 months earlier when 18 years of age and had experienced a good cock sucking in it.
This morning in question I got up feeling extremely horny and decided that I would spend the day dressed in my female undies. In fact I remember deciding that I wanted to go again to this toilet that night and dressing up would get me in the right mood. So I shaved my legs and put on a lovely new pair of sheer black nylon stockings held up with a pink suspender belt. a lovely lacy bra, pink panties and a pink slip. During that day I wore my normal clothes over the top, but underneath, the feel of the female sexy clothes kept me on fire.
About 8:00 o'clock that night I packed my little bag with a pair of black high-heel shoes, a wig, and some make-up. I drove in my car as close as I could to this toilet block. In the car I put on my make-up, wig and high-heel shoes. God I felt like a real woman. I was high with sexual arousal. My cock felt lovely encased in the sexy panties and my legs rubbing together with the stockings soon had me in heaven. I took off my outer clothes and walked from the car to this toilet. It had no door, I just walked in and being dark it took a few minutes to get my bearings. It was empty and I went to the cubicle and sat down where the smell of stinking piss and cum was quite strong. But it seemed to turn me on even more. The filthiness of the place got me even randier. I remember thinking this is going to be a night to remember, if the right person comes along. I had been sitting wanking for about 10 - 15 minutes when Footsteps approached. The cubicle door being closed meant the person would go to the urinal. So I thought. Immediately a finger came through the glory-hole and I knew that meant sex was on the agenda. So I responded by putting my finger back through and motioned for him to put his cock through. He did and I immediately started to wank it for him. Next he was thrusting himself back and forwards against the partition. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth and gave it a good suck. Shortly he withdrew his cock and next he was knocking on the cubicle door. He wanted in and I was bursting for him to come in and see me dressed. So I opened the door and he stood with his cock in his hand wanking and staring at me. Then he came over and took me in his arms and rubbed my ass through the sexy nylon. He started to kiss me, his tongue then began roaming around in my mouth and I just collapsed back into his arms. His hands were now at work on me, pulling down my panties and releasing my cock. The freedom was sensational. My cock was free, I was encased in female clothes, in the arms of a rampant man who was groping every part of my body. I really believed at that time that I was a female slut getting ravished by a depraved man. It was a tremedous feeling and it was driving my cock, my body and my mind crazy with fucking lust. Next he lifted my slip up at the back and asked me to turn round.
I gave him my tube of tooth-paste that went with me everywhere to be used as a lubricant. He used it on my ass-hole and then commenced to push his cock into me. It was quite long about 7 or 8 inches if I remember correctly but not too thick, just a lovely girth to stretch my hole. He pushed in slowly putting his hand around and wanking my cock. His thrusts were slow, yet feeling that length going right up inside me was absolutely thrilling. My hole was filled, his cock was slowly massaging my prostate and I was being fucked to the highest heaven of sexual depravity. Every few thrusts he would twitch his cock and I could feel it all those inches up inside me. He kept fucking me ever so slowly and the passion was immense. I was beginning to curse and swear and eventually got to the point where I lost all control and sank to the filthy stinking floor. He kept his cock in me and I straightened myself up against the partition with my head alongside the wc bowl. I was telling him to fuck me hard, ram his cock up me as hard as he could, shouting fuck, shit, omg. Now the partition had a gap at floor level of about 9 inches and I remember pushing my leg under it as he kept fucking me. I pushed my leg through as far as I could , because he was slowly pounding me against the partition. I also got my cock through and it must have been rampant on the other side, because I felt a fucking mouth close over it. Someone else had come in and been turned on by what was happening and wanted some of the action. My god, there I was lying against the partition with a man lying on the floor behind me with his cock thrusting in and out of my hole and another man on the other side of the partition lying on the ground sucking my cock. The smell of stinking piss, cum and whatever else really had my head reeling with debauchery, the cock up me was fucking me into a stupor and the mouth sucking my cock brought me to a quick cum. I have no idea how much I shot into his mouth, but it felt as if it was not going to stop. I was screaming as I shot my load and the guy sucked on me until every drop of cum was off my cock. The guy fucking me continued for about another 5 minutes until he shot a whopping big load of cum right up into my bowels. With that he was gone. I eventually got to my feet and cleaned myself up as best I could to find that both of them were gone. I never got to know who they were. But I know that they got a great sexual thrill from my body and I got one of the best fucking and sucking that I ever had.
I was very reluctant to tell of this experience, because it demonstrates the depths of sexual depravity I had sank to at such an early age. I went back many times to this toilet but never ever did I experience what I experienced that night. Now you all can appreciate why I get such thrills wanking off now to all those memories.
I would appreciate any comments or better still, if you have any questions or want to know anything else, do feel free to PM me. Nothing will offend me.
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10 days ago
Wish I had been there
1 month ago
Dirty fucker you are lucky it was not me behind you as you would have got a second load straight after
1 month ago
Ah. the good old days, going cottaging. Used to luv it always guaranteed to cum
3 months ago
wish that was me
5 months ago
sounds like my fantasy would have love to seen that or be a part of it
7 months ago
a dream
7 months ago
Glad you shared this dirty little adventure....I'm envious.
10 months ago
Lovely tale...God I also loved going to this filthy toilets and being used as a younger man
1 year ago
sounds like a wonderful fantasy CUM true,very AWESOME SEXY,the turns me on so much,having this kind AWESOME SEX,in a nasty place smelling that good piss and cum scent,being a GODDESS SLUT,getting the nectar of SEXY GODS,you lucky SEXY BITCH,sweetie,thanks,sweetie!