My Aged Tutor Part 2

After a few weeks of meeting this guy and going to the car-park, he asked me if I would like to spend the night with him and his close friend. He told me it would be a fantastic night for me as his friend loved young men, as he did, and they would give me a great night of sexual thrills. Being almost 17 years of age, this talk from an older man really excited me and it didn't take much time for me to agree. However, I was still living with my parents at that time and I gave them a legitimate sounding reason for being out all night.
We agreed to make it the following week after we had been to the car-park and I would go home with him in his car. He asked me to make sure and bring all my sexy underwear as this would really turn on his friend.
We had a reasonably good time at the car-park with about 5 men enjoying my body and I lusting after their cocks. I think I am right in remembering that I sucked each of them off that night and enjoyed swallowing all the sweet cum they shot in my mouth.
We left and headed for my friends home in his car. He got me to fondle his cock as he drove the car and this was very exciting for me a young teenager.
When we got to his house we went in through the front door and his friend was there waiting. When he saw me he took me in his arms and gave me a cuddle and then his hand went down on my ass. It was getting late and we had a few drinks together and talked about the activity at the car-park. When we decided to go to bed, my friend told me to go ahead upstairs and get dressed in my undies, which I did. he told me there would be make-up in the batroom and to make up my face. When I was ready I went into the bedroom and the two guys were in bed. They moved apart and asked me to get in between them, which I did. My friend put his arm around me and moved over and kissed me which was just lovely. His friend was groping my body through the sexy clothes I was wearing and it really relaxed me. Next the two of them turned to my body, one in front and the other at my back. God the feel of a hard cock at my stomach and one poking my back was delightful. It was sexy and it was arousing me immensely. The guy at my back pushed down my panties and put his cock between my legs. He put his arms right around my body and started tweeking my nipples. My friend put his head down under the bed clothes and took my cock in his mouth.His hands were fondling my balls. Then the lust really hit me with a bang. I wanted perverted action. I wanted cocks and cum like I never had it before. Although only 17 I had had some great experiences with men and I knew what they could give me. I said to them both, Please take my body and do what you fucking want with it".
So the guy at my back got me to lie on my back with my legs pulled up so he could enter me as he would a woman. Some lovely cool refreshing gel was applied to my hole and he pushed in his cock. He started fucking me. He told me that he lusted after young men like me and hoped that he would give me the best fuck of my life. He was fucking me, my friend was sucking my cock and the guy fucking me put his hands round to fondle my balls. This was sexual heaven for me and my brain was reeling with desire. I needed this guy to cum up me. I wanted his load of cum up my ass big time. Then he shuddered and I knew he was cumming. I pushed back on his cock as hard as I could and he screamed as he shot a fucking big load into my rectum. When he withdrew, my friend replaced the guy's cock with his own mouth and started sucking all the cum out of me and he swallowed it all. He then pushed his own cock up me and started fucking me and he was swearing and cursing as he did so. I could feel him building up for a cum and he suddenly exploded into me, but this time it came rushing out of me and down my balls and legs. The other guy then started slurping up the cum which was covering my balls and thighs. Next they took turns to suck my cock. It wasn't long until I came into one of their mouths. I lay back fucking exhausted. I watched as they kissed and they told me afterwards that they transferred my cum from mouth to mouth before swallowing. That had my cock twitching again. I went to sl**p in between the two guys thinking about what they did with my cum.
It was strange yet exciting waking up in the morning in between to older men. I put my hands out and fondled their cocks. It was lovely to feel flabby cocks rising to full strength as I massaged them. They woke with a smile on their face and before long we were at it again. More cock, more cum, more lust, more fucking, and more sexual satisfaction.
That was a wonderful night which was repeated with my friend and different men he brought to his house. These older men had seduced me, used me, abused me and I wanted more and more. What they did to me, was have me addicted to older men and enjoy their depraved lust on my body. And so my life was being shaped by all these men' lust.
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1 year ago
great. want more plz
1 year ago
Amazing story it got me hard so fast and soon I was cumming