My First Female Anal with a Cheating Wife.

The woman I was introduced to in my story My First Straight Threesome, was a beautiful, black haired, buxom woman about the same height as me. After about 7 or 8 months of the three of us meeting every month for sex, this woman approached me when we were on our own and asked if I would like to come to her house some Saturday, because her husband always went fishing with his mates and was away all day until late at night. So I accepted that the two of us would get together and see what happened.
I arrived at her house in the early afternoon and she opened the door dressed only in a black negligee and high-heel shoes. She was all made up with her hair looking fantastic and the smeel of her perfume was just heavenly. She asked if I would like a drink and she poured us both one each. We sat talking and it took about half an hour before the conversation got round to sex. She asked me to tell her the first time I had sex and I told her the truth as revealed in my stories here at xhamster. When I had finished she was cuddling up to me with her head on my shoulder as we sat together. I asked her how she started down the sexual highway. She told me it all started in school. She went to a mixed school and guys and gals always sat together. The guy she sat with used to put his leg across her thighs and this gave her sexy feelings. So one day she took his hand and put it on her thigh during class and moved it up to touch her panties. She said this was electrifying for her and it soon progressed into him having his hand inside her panties.
She said she later got an uncontrollable urge to let guys see her cunt. She was frightened at first but the urge was too strong. So she asked the guy to come with her after school to the woods as she had something to show him. There she took off her panties and told him to have a good look and feel her cunt if he wished. She said this progressed to this guy telling others, who then joined them in the woods and this became a regular occurence, with 5 or 6 guys present each time. There was no fucking or sucking took place, just her exposing herself for good groping sessions. Listening to her telling this had my cock rampant and then she said she had got the urge again and she wanted to lie down and expose herself to me. My god, I was gasping for breath now. Here was me 18 years of age with this woman old enough to be my mother, preparing to show me how she exposed herself when at school. She lay back on the sofa and pulled up her negligee and there were no panties on. She slowly opened her legs and said "have a good look, then grope me please". Shit, I did as I was told.
I started feeling her cunt, then put my fingers inside her and she said she felt like she was back at her schooldays. She was letting out little moans and then asked for me to finger fuck her. She was wet with her juices running down my fingers. She was lying back eyes closed repeating "I need a cock". So I stripped off and put my cock to her cunt, but she stopped me. "I want to suck it first". So I put it to her lovely deep red lips and she took it into her mouth and began massaging it up and down with her lips. Next she turned over and put her ass in the air and said for me to fuck her doggy style. God my cock slipped in so easily. She was well lubricated with her own juices and my balls were getting soaked as well as they slapped up against her ass. I always loved fucking her in our threesomes, but this was something special. She was in ecstacy and reached round and took my cock in her hand and placed it against her brown button and said push really hard. So I pushed hard and my cock slipped into her ass-hole and she yelled "Fuck me as hard as you can" "Fuck me"! "Fuck me"! "You fucking bastard"! I was fucking her as hard as I could. She started screamin "I need a cock in my mouth"! "I need a cock in my cunt" "I need men" "I am insatiable" "Fuck me"! I can't remember every detail, but she was gone in her own depravity. My cum wasn't far off when she grabbed my cock from her ass-hole, turned round and shoved my cock in her mouth and sucked like hell until I shot my load down her throat.
We had another drink together and she told me that her husband knows absolutely nothing about her sexual excursions. She has been cheating on him all their married life. She said that she has had all kinds of sex with well over 100 men. Closer to 150. And still wanted more men. She said she believed she was a nymphomaniac and I was beginning to believe it. She loved men, coks and cum and couldn't get enough. Her words not mine.
Before leaving I leaned over to give her a kiss. She stood up and we kissed. She took my hand and put it up her negligee. "Finger my clit, I need another orgasm". So I rubbed her clit with my fingers as we kissed and our tongues explored each other's mouth. Then she shuddered, broke her mouth away and yelled "Fuck I'm cumming" She swore and blasphemed standing there beside, cumming with a powerful orgasm and collapsed into my arms.
We said our goodbyes and look forward to our next threesome session.
What a woman!!!
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Awesome...tell us more!!