My First Straight Threesome

Further to my story "My First Cock Fucking" I want to relate what happened when the woman in that story introduced me to one of her female friends. After one of our group sessions this woman, the wife of one of the male participants, spoke to me out of earshot of her husband. She asked me for my telephone number and made me promise that I would say nothing to her man as he did not want her having sexual contact with other men unless he was present.
So I gave her my number in the UK at that time.
After a couple of weeks, I was still only 18 years old at the time, I received a call from her. She referred to her comment that she would love me to meet some of her friends. Well, she was having a friend around in two days time in the afternoon and her husband was away for that weekend on a golfing trip. I jumped at the invite. I was really looking forward to having sex with two women on my own. She made me promise to come dressed in my women's underwear, which I loved wearing. By now I had about five different sets and decided to wear the all black set. I got dressed that morning in my lovely frillies and couldn't contain myself and had to go and have a lovely wank before leaving. I felt that having a wank would help with delaying me cumming when having sex later.
I arrived at the house and my dear lovely friend opened the door. As soon as the door was shut she pushed her hand down my trousers to see if I had the panties on. When she saw that I had she gave me a lovely wet succulent kiss pushing me up against the wall. I reponded by putting my hand down her blouse , into her bra and groped her tits. They were lovely firm tits with nice nipples and it was only seconds before my cock was rampant. "Come, I want to introduce you to my friend". She took me into a room and sitting there was this woman about 50 to 55 years old with the most beautiful legs, wearing high-heel shoes and her skirt caught well up her thighs that I could see white panties.
"This is ------ and she has been ooking forward to meeting you". Hell I am looking forward to meeting you, I thought. This woman stood up, about the same height as me, came forward and planted a moist kiss on my lips. God this is going to be good. We all had a glass of wine together and the conversation changed rapidly to sex.
We all spoke of our likes and dislikes and we all agreed that we had only one dislike in common and that was unnecessary pain. I can live with this.
They got me to sit in between them on a large sofa. and two pairs of hands started to work on me. I was intermittently kissing each woman my hands were going from woman to woman, blouses were coming off, bras removed, skirts discarded and they had my outer clothing removed very quickly. We all stood up and hands were everywhere. It was getting really hot. They took off their panties and each took a hand of mine and got me groping their pussies. They were wet, warm,and open for my fingers. I stood pushing my fingers in and out of each pussy. I licked their juices from my fingers. One started to feel my cock through the frilly nylon panties. It was lovely. My cock was rampant hard and it was being wanked by this soft female hand with lovely red painted finger-nails. Fuck, I was getting to the point where I wanted to screw them.
"Let's get down on the floor". There I was lying between to filthy sluts who were dying for their cunts to be fucked. One pushed my head in between her thighs. My mouth went straight to her cunt. The other woman started to suck my ass-hole. Don't ask me which, I didn't know and didn't care. My tongue was rapidly licking her clit and she started to swear and blaspheme. It was like music to my ears. There is nothing like hearing a woman in the throes of sexual bliss swearing and blapheming at the top of her voice. I moved over to the other woman and di the same to her. The first woman was lying back masturbating, rubbing her clit and calling for a cock to fuck her. My mind was in a spin. I had never experienced anything like this before. These two were fully liberated women sexually and didn't give fuck about what they did or what filth came out of their mouths.
I was still in my undies and moved over to my initial friend and put my cock up to her cunt. "Please please fuck me!" So I entered her and commenced to fuck, when the other woman came over and put her mouth to my cock and her friends cunt. She was licking all round us and as my cock slipped out from her friend, she was ready to take it into her mouth. This alternated for a period. Then I took my cock over to the other woman and started to fuck her. A vibrator was suddenly introduced and put up the ass of the woman I was fucking. My friend shouted for me to cum up the woman I was fucking and said she wanted to suck my cum out of her.
God!!! What aload I shot into her. I had never ever cum like that before. Her and I were shouting fuck, shit, hell, JC, as I came up her. It was unbelievable. When I withdrew my cock the other woman was straight in with her mouth sucking the cunt dry. There were more screams of pleasure from both of them as I cleaned myself up.
That was the first of many not only with those two women, but my friend invited other friends of hers, but always kept it as threesomes. There is no doubt in my mind, looking back on this, that this group of women were very experienced in this type odf sexual activity. I was only too pleased that they invited mre to join them. The sexual meets went on for about four to five years. I love women. They gave me great sex. And do you know something? I never cared about looks, colour size, shape or any physical attribute. They all had everything I needed. Soft, warm bodies, lovely sexy lips, legs and thighs willing to open, mouths to suck cock, cunts to fuck. What more could a man like me want.

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