My First Cock Fucking

Further to my two stories,My First Group Sex and My First Sex in Female UndiesI want to progress to the amazing experience I had when I was first fucked by men's cocks. As I told in my stories, I was now deeply involved with a very sexy group of three men, a woman and myself. A couple of years had past when I started dressing in womens underwear which resulted in me getting wonderful depraved attention from older strangers. I had never expected such a reaction from men with me dressed like this, but they certainly must have loved it because they gave my body the most amazing sensations with their hands and mouths. I loved every minute of it.
When with the group one evening, I decided to let them into the fact that I loved dressing as a female. My god the reaction was fantastic. They told me to come next time dressed in my undies and the woman said she would bring make-up and extras for me and it would add real spice to the evening. While waiting for the next time we met, I went out plenty of nights for more fun with strange men. When it came to the night for the group I went to the house fully dressed in undies and when we all met, the woman took me to the middle of the room and took all my outer clothing off. I had my s****rs high-heel shoes with me which I put on and with my stockings they looked really sexy. She took make-up and made-up my face and with the wig on, I hardly new myself. It only took a few seconds until one of the men was groping me. Another guy came over and started kissing me. His tongue was lovely and warm soft and probing. I was getting turned on very rapidly. The woman shortly came over and took my panties down to my knees and she got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. One of the other men started to lick my hot ass with his tongue, and the guy who started fondling me got down on his knees and started sucking the cock of the one licking my ass. People changed positions and different activities took place , until the woman said, "you look so good and so sexy you need to be fucked". God that was music in my ears. I had never had a cock in me before, but had often fantisised about it when wanking my cock. I had bought a vibrator and used it many times up my ass giving me fantastic cums but now the thought of a real cock up me sounded delicious. I guess if I told the triuth I was also a little aprehensive. But the atmosphere in that house that night was so sexually electric and my brain could only think of sex, that I wanted a cock up me badly. Looking back I am convinced the woman had this all planned in her mind previously. She wanted to witness me being fucked for the first time and she asked that her husband be the first to do so. God that woman was a randy sexually depraved woman. And I loved her. She got out a tube of tooth-paste from her handbag and said, "We will use this as lubrication. It will need to be well lubricated for the first time and so will my husband's cock".
Well she put some on her finger and started to rub it around my ass-hole. The feeling was sensational. It was hot, slightly stinging, and had me ready for anything. Next she put more on her finger and inserted it into me. Hell I was on fire for a cock. The feeling was divine, depraved, beautiful, sexy, all in one. Next her husband came up and turned me round. He asked me to bend over, which I did. Next he gently parted my cheeks and placed his cock against my ass-hole which was burning with desire. Then he asked me to push back slowly on to his cock. I pushed back but nothing happened. He slapped my back and said to push harder. Then suddenly it just popped in. A camera flash went off. (I learnt later that his wife took photos of that first cock in me). There I was bent over, with lovely soft sexy underwear all over my body, looking like a woman, with a cock up my backside. The sensation from the toothpaste and his cock was mind-shattering. I was groaning with ecstacy, a man, I don't know which, started to suck my cock while the other cock was fucking me. I was told afterwards that while the husband was fucking me, one of the other men was fucking him. THe wife then came and bent down and started to kiss me. I didn't want this to stop as everything that was happening to me was unbelievable, but so depraving it had to continue. Next the husband shouted he was cumming and he shot his load up me. I could feel some of it running down my leg. He removed his cock and his wife said that I had to be fucked like a woman as I looked like one. She took me over to the sofa which had a towel laid out on it. "Lie down on your back and pull your legs up like I do when I am fucked". So I did and my initial friend, who's house it was, put his cock into me and fucked me like a woman is fucked. His tongue was roaming my mouth as he did so. It wasn't long until he shot his load up me. I remember the gorgeous thought going through my head,"That is two loads of cum up me". Well the third man, who was the oldest of the lot, mounted mre next. His cock was very long and thin, and it went in really far up me. He used lovely long slow strokes until he shot his load up my ass-hole. Next the woman told her husband to suck all the cum out of me and hold it in his mouth. What a fantastic sensation that was. He sucked out what he could then went over to his wife and placed his mouth against hers and spurted the cum into her mouth which she swallowed.
God I was tired, but sexually elated. That is my first time being fucked. But it wasn't over. The wife said that I hadn't cum yet. So she came over and started to fondle my cock and before long it was rampant again. She sucked me until I shot my load of cum in her wet soft mouth. I was totally sexually satisfied.
This was to become the norm every time we met, with different ones doing different sexual things on each other. The only unchanging feature of our evenings together, was me dressed as a woman. They loved it, I loved it, and what pleasure I got from it all.
Is it any wonder I am the way I am now. Seduced by a man, introduced to female undies, group sex, being fucked and loving it all. But that wife was something else. She wanted me to meet some of her female friends when her husband was at work. That is something else.
I am glad of this opportunity to at last tell of this amazing experience. Hope you all enjoyed it.
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18 hours ago
You are a very lucky man
10 months ago
Great story
11 months ago
wish it was me
1 year ago
Well done
1 year ago
Really liked this one - thank you
1 year ago
yes i did that was hot my panties r very wet