My First Sex in Female Undies

After my first fuck with a man, who was dressed in female undies, I began to get obsessed with the idea of dressing up myself. I started to buy panties, stockings, bras, etc. and wear them at home. I was still living with my parents at this time and had to take care not to let them see what I was enjoying. I would dress up and get into bed at night and wank my self silly, fantasising that I was a woman and men wanted to fuck me. But it took a couple of years for me to pick up the courage to go out wearing undies and show myself to men.
When 18 years old I went out one night with my undies on underneath my normal man-wear. I went to public toilets where I knew it would be safe and where men would be looking for sex. My problem was, how do I take the plunge by exposing myself and seeing what reaction I would get.
When I got to the toilets there were about 5 or 6 men standing at the urinal and I could see that there was wanking and groping taking place. However, I went into a cubicle and put some paper over the glory-holes so anyone next door would not see me. I then stripped out of my outer clothes and took out a pair of heels of my s****r's and put them on. God I was shaking with excitement and fucking lust. Should I or should I not. The lust won and I opened the cubicle door slightly and looked out. One of the men at the urinal turned and looked, but all he could see was my head. He turned away and then looked back again and I slowly opened the door a little more until he could see some of my underwear.
He turned away from the urinal and faced my door still wanking his cock. He gestured for me to open the door fully. I was shaking like a leaf but excited more than I had ever been in my life. The feeling was electric. He stood wanking and then said "Look at this"! The rest of the guys at the urinal looked round and all turned to look at me standing there with my brain in an absolute sexual frenzy. Two of them came over and one started immediately to kiss me and I just lay back in his armes. His hand was down inside my panties feeling my cock. The other man had his hand inside probing his finger at my ass. The groping, kissing, sexy feel of the female underwear had me in sexual heaven. I was gone. I didn't care who seen me, what they did to me, all I wanted was sex, sex, sex. God my cock was screaming for a massive cum. Two more men, and they were all much older than me, came over and joined in. Imagine the scene, a group of men sexually m*****ing a young teenager of 18 dressed in female undies , stockings and heels, and doing everything they could think of, except fuck me. My cock was sucked by each of them as the others groped my body and I was just standing there enraptured by the feelings I was experiencing. I eventually came in one of the guys mouths while one other had his tongue down my throat. I almost collapsed after coming with sheer weakness in my legs.
I remember thinking, this is for me. I want more of this. If dressing like this excites men to do these things to me, then I am going to enjoy this a lot in the future.
This type of fun became part of my sexual enjoyment for many years and I will tell more about at a later stage.
I have never told these experiences before and now feel the time is right to share them with you all. Please please send me personal messages or something to let me know if you enjoy my true stories of lust and depravity.
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1 year ago
mmmm love this one... wish i was with you doing that
1 year ago
very hot story thanks for sharing
1 year ago
Super Hot! I don't see any depravity, just good old-fashioned lust and pleasure!
1 year ago
Very hot, wish I had done something that like that when I was young and had the body for it.
1 year ago
i wear my girlie stuff under my male clothes too
1 year ago
hi very nice i know the feeling ive done my first time in rest area it was wild