Sucking My First Cock

I think it is amazing that I actually fucked a man before I ever sucked a man's cock. But I guess there is no rule book for sexual progression and I found my self being seduced first into having my cock sucked off, then being with a man dressed in women's clothes and fucking him, (See From Glory-hole to Fucking),
to having my first experience of sucking a man's cock off.
It was the next night after I had fucking a man for the first time, that I was back in my favourite public toilets. When I got there, I found about five or six men waiting for a free cubicle. I joined them. They were all men in their forties, fifties or sixties. I stood between two men and it wasn't long until I realised one of them was eyeing me up. I looked round at him and noticed that his hand was busy in his trouser pocket. He seemed to be gently rubbing his cock. I just stood looking at the doors of the cubicles, because the top half of the doors were in frosted glass. You could see images through them and it was apparent that some of the men in there were having their cocks sucked at the glory-holes. Watching the antics of them was turning me on that I started to massge my own cock. next the man next to me very very gently moved up close till we were touching shoulders. I didn't move. The feel of him was exciting my cock. After a couple of minutes standing like this,I felt his fingers lightly stroke my ass. It sent an electric shock through my body that was explosive and turned me on like never before. I turned my body about 45 degrees towards him so others couldn't see me rubbing my cock. This man, if I remember corectly was about 45 to 50 years of age and I was only 16. He put his hand against my trousers and gently fondled my cock. My cock was raging with desire at this and I wanted him to put his hand inside my trousers and give me a good grope. But I said nothing. He put his mouth over and whispered in my ear. "Wait until you get a cubicle next to the one I am in". So I nodded. he went into one and I waited until one came free beside him. I went in and sat down. he was peering through the glory-hole and when he saw it was me he put his cock through the hole. It was all shiny with pre-cum as he must have been wanking whilst waiting.
I put my fingers on his cock and stroked them up and down it. His cock was giving little jerks. I got the courage to take the cock in my hand and started to wank it. I was actually enjoying the thought of giving this man pleasure. I felt in control of his sexual enjoyment. Then I thought, "Why not", and put my head down without hesitation and took his cock in my mouth. It felt delightful.
"Is this how my cock feels in other men's mouth's. It must be"! So I started to move my mouth up and down as other men had done to me. He commenced pushing his cock in and out and together we managed to excite each other, which was great.
I slowed down my sucking movement and then I felt him shudder. My god this man is going to cum in my mouth. Before I could do anything I felt the cum hit the back of my throat, spill over my tongue and fill my mouth. It was warm, salty and delicious. What a magnificent taste. Without thinking, I just swallowed it all. That was all there was to it. My first taste of cock and cum. Lovely!!!
He put a note through. "Can I meet you outside"? I wrote o.k. When I left the cubicle he was waiting with a big smile. We went outside and he said he would love to introduce me to some of his friends. he said I would enjoy the older company and it would be in his house. He also promised to look after me. So we arranged that he would pick me up in his car at the same time next week outside the toilets.
What happened then was to be the pattern for my life. It started in my mid-teens and has given me the most amazing sex any man could have.

97% (46/1)
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1 year ago
wow I love this...yum I love cum and sucking lots of cocks too
1 year ago
cock is yummy ;)
1 year ago
1 year ago
Great story I came just thinking about it.
1 year ago
hard, here
1 year ago
i am so hard right now..great job..
1 year ago
Thats how old I was too.And in a loo
1 year ago
Nice story - thank you
1 year ago
1 year ago
i wanna fuck with you!
1 year ago
Very hot stuff, thanks.