From Glory Hole to Fucking

About 3 weeks after my first introduction to glory-hole sex, I was back at the same toilets looking to get my cock sucked. During these three weeks I had been there most nights indulging in my new found pleasure. This night I went into a cubicle and sat down and started to wank. Next a finger came through the hole gesturing for me to put my cock through. I stood up and pushed it through the hole and immediately I felt a lovely warm succulent mouth around it. I started to push my cock in and out, but after about two minutes the mouth was removed from my cock. I was disappointed and sat down again and started to wank. I looked through the hole again and couldn't believe my eyes. There was a man standing with his cock in his hand dressed in women's undies. My god it looked absolutely great and I couldn't take my eyes off him. I was wanking like mad.
As was normal in the UK then, a note came through the hole which asked could we meet and go somewhere safe. I was frightened first of all, but then the sight of this man dressed like this got the better of me and I wrote back "yes"!
So we met outside and he took me in his car to the grounds of a hospital and a small toilet block which had just two cubicles. We went into one and he took off his outer clothing and stood dressed like a woman in undies. He got out lipstick and put it on and also a wig. He looked really sexy. He asked me to feel him up like a woman so I started to feel his cock through his panties. \my head was reeling with lust. The feeling was so exciting and filthy and I was lost in the lust of it all. He said for me to treat him like a woman and being inexperienced in this, I just put my hands round his ass and started to grope him. he was moaning with pleasure to feel my young hands over his ass through the nylon panties. He started to kiss me and I was delirious as he explored my mouth with his tongue. My god it was mind-blowing stuff this for a young guy of my age. Next he turned his back to me and bent over. He reached round and took my hard cock and put it up against his ass. it was already lubricated. he asked me to push forward slowly, which I did and my cock just popped into his ass.
He told me to fuck him nice and slow, which I did at first, but the excitement was too great for me that I speeded up and it wasn't long until I felt myself cumming. I shot my load up him and the feeling was mind-blowing, me cumming up a man for the first time. We cleaned ourselves up and then he asked me if I had really enjoyed myself. My god it was explosive stuff and I was hooked.
I began thinking about how he was dressed, when I was in bed that night. I soon came to the conclusion that it would be great to dress up like that and feel the lovely soft clothing against my body. But something else played a stronger desire in my body. Would other older men love to see me dressed like that??? Would it make my young body more appealing to them??? Would it make them want to satisfy their filthy desires on my young body??? All these questions started swirling around in my mind as I wanked myself off before going to sl**p.
That is another story which I will tell. Please, please let me know if you enjoy my stories> I get such a thrill knowing that my experiences are giving sexual satisfaction to others. Will be back soon.
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1 year ago
are you fucking nuts..
your stories are as if I was back there again. the note writing. the pen the piece of paper
were all there. you have brought back a flood of hot ass memories..
I got my first anal licking from a black man in a little rock arcade. that was so hot.
I gave a guy who had lube with him a good anal finger fucking while I blew him.
hell ! I trolled the bathrooms at the little rock malls as often as I could. the
rock had two city parks. the one on Cantrell and the one close to asher.
plus the old arcade and movie theater on asher as well. at 20 you could get your
choice of older men wanting to get their rocks off..
thanks again for those hot memories of which I thought had died......
1 year ago
don't stop..
1 year ago
keep going
1 year ago
1 year ago
shooting ropes of cum!
1 year ago
love your storie. i love dressing and leting older men use me
1 year ago
more please
1 year ago
Holy shit this is great stuff!!!! Thanks alot for writing, please give us more.