My First Glory Hole

I was just 16 years old when I went into a public toilet in the city where I lived. I remember standing waiting with other men on one of the cubicles coming free. The men waiting were all much older than me and I looked around and could see hands in pockets playing with their cocks. I had never been in this position before. After about 20 minutes one came free and it was my turn. I went into the cubicle and sat down and started playing with my cock. I looked and there was a hole in the patition. I took little notice of it. After a few minutes a cock was stuck through the hole, stiff and oozing pre-cum. I was shocked and scared and pulled up my trousers and ran from the place. That night in bed I had my cock in my hand having a good wank thinking of the cock I had seen in the toilets. It started giving me the most filthy thoughts and I imagined myself wanking another man's cock. It wasn't long until I shot my load with immense pleasure.
The next day I couldn't get the thought of this man's cock out of my mind. I decided I was going to go back that night and see what happened.
On arrival at the same toilets there were some older men 50 to 60 I would say, standing waiting on a cubicle. I noticed they were eyeing me up, but absolute silence. There is no doubt they were dirty old men with filthy thoughts about this young teenager.
I got into a cubicle and shortly I was wanking my cock. I looked through the glory-hole and a man was wanking also. God this was sexually exciting for me. Never did this in my short life before. Next a note was passed through written on toilet paper. "it said, "would you like me to suck your cock"? I hadn't a pen so I signalled through the hole for a pen to write. This came and I answered, "Fuck yes, but I have never had it done before". I was trembling with excitement, I could hardly write.
Another note said, "Put your cock through". So I stood up and pushed my hard rampant cock through the hole. I was pressed up against the partition and was trembling like mad at what was going to happen. I felt fingers run up and down my cock. This stranger was wanking me, omg what aunbelievable feeling. No man had touched my cock before. I couldn't believe how filthy it felt, fucking wonderful. Next I felt my cock enveloped in warmth. It was in his mouth. He was sucking my cock and the feeling wa electric, my brain was reeling with lust and depravity. I started pushing in and out. The partition was creaking, I was making sexual groans and it wasn't long until I could hold back my cum no longer. I shot it into his mouth and as I did so I let out a yell of sheer ecstacy. I couldn't help it. I was in sexual bliss. My body was shaking.
He kept his mouth there and sucked my cock until it was dry. I remember thinking that the old guy must have swallowed my cum. I can't find the words to explain how I felt.
Fuck, I was hooked immediately on having my cock sucked. It was so glorious a feeling that I soon wnted more of it. I never knew who the stranger was, but I often think of him and have a good wank in appreciation of what he introduced me to.
I have been addicted to it ever since.
That night in bed I had another fantastic wank, with my thoughts turning to me sucking a man's cock. I was furiously aroused at the thought of sucking a strange older man's cock and drinking his cum.
That man who introduced me to having my cock sucked, wrote a final note and put it through the glory-hole. "You will never stop, you will do it for the rest of your life". His words were true. I had started, been hooked and couldn't get enough of being sucked off and sucking other men's cocks. But that is another story I will tell shortly.
Please let me know what you think of my true experience. Love to hear from you all. by the way, I will not be writing fiction. Anything I tell here will be my own truthful experiences.
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11 months ago
you sir could have been me...
I will never forget the first time in a public bathroom....
I still enjoy the occasional bj through a gloryhole...
or in the woods above a city park...
mmmmmmm ! memories memories.....
1 year ago
thts so awesome feeling , to get ur cock sucked , i want to get sucked like tht in a glory hole tooo
1 year ago
So true. I can never stop.
1 year ago
Luv the story m8. Fuckin horny glory holes x
1 year ago
A grand experience
1 year ago
very hot..i would of loved to b there too..
1 year ago
HOT story!!
1 year ago
love glory holes
1 year ago
1 year ago
loved it right more plizzzzz
1 year ago
great story, would love to try the glory hole thing
1 year ago
so hot
1 year ago
Love the true stories, please give us more!!! thx.
1 year ago
love glory holes...write more please
1 year ago
So fucking true!
1 year ago
My story is very close to yours. My first time was in a bookstore, not was past to me asking me to come into the next booth to have my cock sucked. I was sucked off hundereds of times since then..... and I've sucked hundereds of cocks too..!!!
1 year ago
I liked it. made me jealous that I don't know where any glory holes are.
x x x