Teaching Ben's ex girlfriend a lesson

Her name was nikki a fucking chavy bitch who thins shes big and hard well i taught her a fucking lesson.....

It all happened when i was on a night out enjoying myself drinking loads dancing when i saw her in her cheap trampy dress giving me evils and sticking a finger up at me i took no notice and kept on dancing....

Later on i went out the club for some fresh air walking towards the ally behind the club when nikki shouted calling me a pakki whore as she continued to follow me i snapped and grabbed her by her throat slamming her hard against the wall...

Right now we will see whos fucking hard now i said slapping her round her face and spitting in her eyes i then tore her cheap dress off leaving her standing in her bra thong and heels...

As i put my hand over her mouth i pulled her thongs to the side and slapped her dirty cheap pussy hard as she tried to scream i then pulled her bra down and started to suck on her big tits bitting her nipples hard making her eyes water....

Forcing her to her knees then pulling my skirt up and my pants down grabbing her head and shoving her face between my arse cheeks sniff my dirty bumhole u cheap skank i laughed rubbing my arse crack in her face.....

More to come xxx

67% (8/4)
Posted by shaben
3 years ago    Views: 2,941
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2 years ago
that'll teach her
2 years ago
Ha ha ! Should of pissed on her !
2 years ago
well she diss'd you, she deserved it, probably enjoyed as well
2 years ago
hahaha thats tuff
3 years ago
soooooooooooooooooooo fucking hot
3 years ago
like it! you shoud have fisted her
3 years ago