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My secret fantasy

I have a secret fantasy. I never told anyone until now. It could be any woman.

I enter the bedroom, there is someone in the room. I turn on the light. The figure is unfamiliar. It is a Luchadora, A female Mexican wrestler. She wear a bright red and blue mascara with a matching sports bra and tight athletic spandex shorts. She is barefoot. Red and blue color her finger and toe nails. She s 5'9'', 140 pounds, B breasted and tight bodied. Her skin is a caramel color.

She motions me to come closer, I do so hesitantly. Her mascara is open bottomed, leaving the bottom jaw exposed. Reaching out she says not a word but undoes my pants. She slides my pants down to my ankles, along with my briefs. She daintily grabs my cock in her hand, gently gliding over it, getting a feel, then lifts it so softly and inserts the head into her mouth.

Her head bobs, each time she takes more and more of me into her mouth. Inside her tongue swirls around the head. Her fingers caress my balls, she slides a hand back, tickling my anus.

She inserts her finger.

Joy overcomes me, I can't stand it. I release. Spurt after spurt of cum flows into her mouth, down her throat. She sucks until I grow limp and slide out. She looks up at me and shakes her head.

We aren't done yet.
Posted by sgtangel1 2 years ago
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