The s****r of friend.

IT was the fourth of July. I was house sitting while they went on vacation. I stayed the night the night before so they could leave early. My friends f****y had girl.

She was beautiful. Dirty blonde hair, young and juvenile, or so she seemed. I wasn't an adult myself, I had a year or two on her. Or did I?

She had a corner couch in her room where I slept that night. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened.

I had no intentions at all. I was going t sl**p. Wake up. Watch the house.

In the middle of the night I awake. I her a rustling. I hear vibrating. I sit up.

She is lying on her back. Her knees are up. What is she...She's masturbating! I hear her heavy breathing and the fluctuation of vibrating sound. The thought of it turned me on. I grew hard.

As quietly as I could I slid my shorts down releasing my teen cock. Grabbing it with my left hand I begin to pump.

I must have been to loud. She heard me. She vibration stops. She sits up. "What's that?" I hear her whisper.

"Sorry, it me." I reply. now embarrassed.

"What were you.."

"Same as you." I cut her off.

"Oh." she replied sheepishly.

"Do you want to finish?" I ask.

"..ok..but you have to come here so I can see."

I throw off my blanket and tip toe over to the bed. I sit at the foot of her bed.

"Remove your blanket to so I can see." I say. She reluctantly moves it aside.
Her pajama pants and panties are pushed down to her ankles. She as a roughly trimmed but somewhat grown bush. She turns the vibrator on again and starts. Moving it in and out. I get up on my knees. I sit at her feet and begin wanking as I watch her jill. Our breaths increase in intensity.

"Want to trade?" she asks. I nod. I lay down in bed beside her and she rolls towards me. We lie facing each other in the bed. I feel her hand reach out and grab me. She feels it a little bit then begins pumping. I reach out as well. I feel through her furry patch and find her lips, already moist. I slide a couple of fingers in and begin dancing them around.

She moans softly. whispering and breathing. I lean forward and kiss her. Our tongues dance around each other, tasting the other.

She broke the kiss, "put it in me." she commanded. I laid on my back, she climbed on top and using her hand slid me in.

We were fucking.

Minutes pass. "This won't work." she said, "I like it better in my ass.''

I was blown away, but I nodded. She got off of me and lay on her back. She raised her legs, setting them on my shoulders as I crouched over her. She aimed her ass at me. My dick, well lubed from her pussy, aimed at her anus, poked it head in. It slid all the way in.

"This is the best way." she said. So I began trusting. In and out of her tight ass as I watch her finger her pussy. I could see how wet she was despite the darkness. Her legs wrapped tightly around me, keeping me there.

"Im sorry." she said.


"For this." She muttered as she stiffened her body. Something warm hit my chest. Once, twice. She was squirting on me. This sent me over the edge.

"I'm cumming." I said. I released. Spurt after spurt into her ass. She collapses. Relaxed.

I don't move. My cock slides out as it goes limp. I lay beside her once more. She sticks a hand over her asshole and gets out of bed. She crouches in the corner. She is emptying my semen out of her. It hits the floor in a solid stream. IN the darkness you'd think she was peeing.

She gets back in bed. "Wow, that was a lot."

She rolls over and falls asl**p. I return to the couch.

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