A little freaky 2.


I had just got home from work, taking off my work slacks and company shirt I walk upstairs to my bedroom to lay down. Kate is in the shower. After some time I hear the shower turn off and Kate enters the room in a towel. We exchange the small time banter every couple does after coming home. She has a playful tone in her voice. She is plotting something.

During our banter I had sat up, she was going about the room, doing her hair and some skin care stuff. I got up to go downstairs for some food. She stops me. Shakes her head. Then she drops the towel.

She stood tip toe and kissed me. Before I could approve or complain she dropped my boxer briefs to the floor. This was something new. She knelt down and then, before I brace myself, she takes me in her mouth.

Looking down I see her wet brown hair swaying with the rhythm of her head bobbing back and forth on my dick. IT was great.

She stopped before long saying, "I just wanted to prep you." She stood up, turned her back to me, placed her hands on the wall in front of her and commanded, "Fuck me."

She didn't have to tell me twice. She arched her back, poking her butt out. I found my destination and slid on in.

I fucked her. I slid my cock in and out of her and she squealed and moaned. She was quite the loud one in the sack. This was a new position for her though. I didn't mind.

I pounded away until I heard her bury her face into the wall and scram with pleasure.

"That was great, "she gasped between breath, "Now I got a surprise for you."

She took m out of her then went to sit on the bed, she motioned me to come over with her finger. In doing so she grabbed me by the base of my cock then began sucking again, getting all of her own juices off of me.

Once she was sure I was cleaned off she layed down on the bed on her back and scooted herself over to the edge. The leaned her head over the edge then grabbed my cock. Pulling me to my knees she slid my cock in her mouth.

I knew what to do from there. Starting slowly to let her get a rhythm I began to speed up and add more strength. I was throat fucking her. I could feel her tongue move over it and her chin touch my pubic area.

She had her legs up and open fingering herself furiously. I continued throat fucking her. She eventually brought herself to another window rattling orgasm. Watching her work herself built me up. I felt a familiar rise in mt groin and soon I was releasing my entire load into her throat. She started to choke. I pulled out, watching her swallow the remnants.

Her eyes were red and tear, drool ran up her cheek. "That was great." was her response, "I want to try that again some time, perhaps with something else new." she teased. Then got up to wipe her face off.

Fuck yeah.
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