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Dorm Room Quickie

This was one of my adventure with Mandy.

She had reddish blonde hair, c breasts, and LOVED sex. Any and every which way she could get it. I was probably only one of many lovers she had at any given time.

This was around dinner time. She found me on campus and took me by my hand, led me to her dorm. She keyed and signed me in and led me straight up stair. She was weather a purple sweater )it was fall) and blue jeans. She led me to her bed.

"quick" she said, "Fill me up before my room mate comes back."

She loved almost getting caught. Part of her thing I guess.

She hops on her bed, gets in doggy style position, and slides her jeans down over er ass and to above her knees.

I waste no time.

I open my fly, pull my dick out, get on the bed and plow in as hard and fast as I could. We fuck, down and dirty.

I use her hips as handles as he moans into a pillow. I release, cumming inside of her. There are foot steps outside the door. She pulls her pants p and hops off the bed I put my dick away and la casually on the bed.

Her room mate enters. Mandy walks over to me and whispers "Cum in running down my leg.

She leads me out and signs me out.

Good day.
Posted by sgtangel1 2 years ago
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