Same beautiful wife, jet black hair and 6 months pregnant.

She is pale skinned, my wife, with chocolate eyes.

She is a tight figure, small and dainty. Ever so my type.

It was a particularly hot July Saturday, noonish.

We were sitting on the couch, enjoying a movie and whatever cool breeze came our way.

I wasn't interested in the movie. My wife was wearing a bright orange bikini top and jean cut offs. She was bare foot, her toes painted black. I loved that.

I kiss her neck, only a peck and back away. N smiles but otherwise doesn't react. I do it again. This time I kiss a trail to her ear and bite it.

I don't stop. I playfully bite and her ear and kiss her, leaving a trail own her neck towards her breasts.

I make my way pass the hollow between her breasts. I give a peck to each one, then continue my way down. Stomach, naval.

I get down in the floor on my knees and unbutton her cutoffs. No refusal there.She raised slightly so I can slide them down, revealing her pink and white plaid panties. Dark course spirals of pubic hair curl out from the sides. It's hard to maintain when your pregnant.

I toss the shorts aside. I hook my fingers around the elastic of her panties, she lifts again, I slide them down, revealing the bush haired haven I desire. Her panties glide over her knees, down her calves, and over he feet and I toss them aside too.

I grab her from the back and slide her to the edge of the couch. I part her knees with my hands. IT is so beautiful. Jet black hair covers the glorious mound of flesh, slight pink peeking through the opening. I dive in.

I run my tongue up the slit of skin, then using my hands, open her lips. I focus on each individual part with my tongue. I penetrate her with my tongue, a familiar musty, tangy, salty flavor erupts in my mouth. I love it.

I alternate between tongue fucking her, to sucking on her clit, to the occasional visit with my tongue to her asshole. She stops me and tells me to stand. I do.

She unbuttons my jeans and slides them and my boxers to my knees. Taking my cock in her hand she raises it and begins paying some oral attention to my balls.

Her pink tongue pokes out, she runs it on the length of my shaft then takes my head into her mouth. She swirls hr tongue around the head, then begins bobbing her head.

I stop her. If she gets to into it then will end to soon.

I get back on my knees and kiss her. As my tongue plays with hers I part her legs again and find her opening with my dick. I slide it in.

I lean her back and begin thrusting.

Time passes.

She moans occasionally. "This is it, she groans out of breath, "I'm cumming."

She wraps her legs around me. I feel my pleasure rise as well. I release. Spurt after spurt flies inside her. I pull out, lean over and kiss her. Semen slips out. She covers her opening with a hand, I help her up and she goes to the bathroom.

That was a good day.

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