Preggo Bj


At this point on my life I had married a beautiful woman and several months later we found her to be with c***d. One night we were in our bedroom. She was about 7 months pregnant at the time and her hormones made her unpredictable, like this night...

I am sitting up in the bed, reading "Spring heel Jack", and she is lying next to my right side, she rolls over and turns to face me. She extends her arm and begins playing with me through my boxer briefs. I take that as a signal she wants some physical interaction.

I close my book and turn my attention to her. She was so beautiful. Mid back length jet black hair, brown eyes, a sports bra and Lacey panties was all she had on.

I am already hard. She slips a hand inside my waistband and begins jerking me. She uses her other hand to slide my shorts down.

She moves over,still lying on the bed, but her upper body s laying on be, she pokes out the end of her tongue. She runs it up and down my shaft. She does this a few times then slips the head in, pulls it out, slips even more in, pulls it out, then slides more in, as much as she can which is about 3/4 of my dick. She starts her rhythm there. Her head bobs up and down, stopping occasionally to run her tongue in circles around the head.

She uses one hand to hold my cock in place and the other to fondle my balls. My left hand rests on her head, assisting her rhythm, my other is finding its way into her panties. She stops sucking to move down and suck on my balls some, setting me off. I find her opening and insert a few fingers. I begin moving and bending them. She begins sucking me some more.

I close my eyes . I am overwhelmed with sensual pleasure. I slide a finger out of her soaking pussy and wiggle it into her ass. I have one finger in each hole.

I reach my thresh hold.
"Here it comes." I mutter.

I fire away. Her head jerks but she keeps her lips sealed around my cock. Spurt after spurt she swallows like a pro and then retreats.

I don't take without giving. I roll her on hr back and eat her black airy pussy until she cums twice - knees clamped tight around my head.

We fall asl**p.

90% (5/1)
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2 years ago
love is still out here
2 years ago
Wonderful to find a story of love between all the lust on here. Thanks for sharing this intimate moment with us.