a very arousing text chat with sexy chick

ME:sexy you!
HER: hey sweety
how are things? alone?
yes baby im alone why?
just writing like this to you gives me such a hard-on
does it now...lol
yea. how was it with bf when he came back. what did you do?
we fucked like rabbits baby, we could not get enough of each other, he ate my pussy and i sucked his dick, we kissed, did everything baby
what are you wearing now, sexy?
jeans and t shirt
yes a bra baby
are your nipples hard?
yes they usually always stay hard. is your dick hard right now baby
so hard you can't imagine!
have you gotten off today
no. you?
yes i got fucked early this morning...lol
your bf?
of course baby, i dont cheat on him
you wouldn't with me?
maybe i would with you..lol...u and your dick
i'd love to lick you now from behind
u can lick me anywher baby
lift up t-shirt. touch your breasts
ok baby
squeeze my cock between them
u r getting me wet baby
i know, i can feel and smell it
your dick feels good between my breasts
can i move up to you mouth?
yes baby u can u know i love to suck dick
how do you like to suck?
i like sucking u fast and deep in my mouth.i like to gag just a little bit and then pull it outand then back in again.
a nice 69 with your legs blocking my head
oh yes that would be nice baby
i so much want to see you on cam!!!!
I know baby i dont do cam, but maybe one day i'll make an exception for you
we'll have such a hot time together and masturbate together slowly
that would be nice baby
try it and if you don't feel comfortable,just switch off honey- i want to kiss your mouth and neck and shoulders right down to your waist and between your legs and get you so hot that you'll beg me to penetrate you
i will do that soon baby but not today sweety my boyfriend will be back in abot 20 or 25 mins, we cant talk long today
something to look forward to. big big kiss xxxx
yes it will be pleasant to do baby....kisses to you also
are you still wet?
yes i am...lol
lick a finger with your juices for me
ok baby u r something else
until soon sweetie!
yes baby soon
im giving your dick a sweet kiss
lick it all round.i know they say size doesn't matter, but mine is notoriously big
i like big baby...lol...id better go baby

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