Blowjob From a Stripper

So the other night I was out a a strip club (won't say where), but I decided to go by myself since I didn't have any plans, and didn't have anything else to do really.

I was hanging out just enjoying the scenery when one of the strippers came over to me and started to chat me up. She was smoking hot, 5'-5" not a pound over 120. light brown hair, and a great pair of big fake tits. She introduced herself and asked if I was interested in a private dance. I told her I was just enjoying the shows, but if she wanted to talk she could give me a lapdance there at my seat.

She charged me ten bucks for the lapdance, and proceded to straddle me in my chair. As she danced for me and grinded on my cock, we chatted about this and that and really hit it off. I have had several conversations with strippers, and this time I could tell that she really took interest in me.

She was grinding me for about 10 minutes when she suggested we go in for a private show. I was hesitant to spend the money, because I was getting such a good lapdance there at my seat. She was grinding harder and harder onto my hard cock, and I could tell she was using it to get off herself as she let out a few light moans as she talked to me. She once again suggested the private room, and promised we could have a much better time in the back.

I asked her how much, she told me, and I asked what that gets me. She was discrete, and said it would get me her all to myself. Then she told me the cameras in the rooms don't actually work. That's when I new I could actually get some action from this babe. I told her I would go with her, and she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the booth the pay for it.

Once we were inside she sat me down on the couch in there, and proceeded to remove my belt. Once she had it she straddled me and started grinding my cock hard and fast. She grabbed my hands and pulled them to her tits so I could have a feel. They were amazing, just how I imagined them feeling. As I stroked my hands over her tits continually, she continued grinding and began to undo my pants. It was so hot I almosted came in my pants from the excitement.

Once she had my button undone and my fly down she slid down to her knees and pulled my pants and boxers down to my thighs. she grabbed my cock with one of her hands and guided it into her mouth. She was sucking me off, hand and mouth hard and fast. I ran my fingers through her hair as she sucked me, I could feel my cock throbbing in her throat as she f***ed it in and out of her.

After about only 5 minutes of this I couldn't hold back. She was way too hot, and I was way to horny. I told her I was about to cum and she told me to cum on her tits. I stood up as she continued sucking me, and waited until the very last possible second before I pulled back. Her grip on my cock was more than I expected so the first shot of cum hit her square in the chin. She then let go and I took over, pumping the next shots of cum onto and in between her big beautiful fake tits.

She reached behind the couch and pulled out a towel to clean herself off. She then directed me keep my cock out but and sit back down. I did as she asked, and she straddled right back on top of me and said "now its my turn to get off". She started grinding my still hard cock through her stripper panites. She was using the tip of my cock on her clit as she grinding me, moaning faintly. SHe started talking dirty as she grinded my dick, saying "Yeah, you like my mouth on your cock don't you?", and "I bet you want to fuck my sweet pussy". It was so hot I was actually getting off again. She grinded and humped my dick, saying "yeah fuck that pussy", moaning and grunting until she pulled away a bit. She paused, tensed up and put her hand down her panties. She rubbed her pussy as she came, hovering above my hard and throbbing dick.

She asked if I was close to comming again, and I said yes, so she told me I could jerk off if I wanted to come again, but to make it quick. I told her if I can cum on her again I could cum fast, so she said go ahead. I stood up next to her and started jacking off next to her. She told me not to cum on her panties because she had to wear them out of the room, so I said "can I cum on your ass" She slid her panties down and off and tossed them to the side, still wearing a g-string from underneath. As she stood back up , the site of her hot ass made me cum. I reached around and grabbed a titty as I unloaded a second load onto her. seemingly just as big as the first, I pumped cum onto her lower back and hot tight ass. She wiped up again, and we both redressed and we both left the room. All in all it took about 20 minutes, but it was the hottest 20 minutes I've ever spent at a strip club.

41% (7/9)
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8 months ago
What? Sex in the Champagne Room? Good for you!
2 years ago
Liked the story a lot.
2 years ago
That was a hot story. That happens sometimes in strip clubs. I know I worked at one for 40 years