let's double fuck

i have twin b*****rs parker and bryan they're 24, a year older than i am.we're all in college,all fairly good students,and i still can't explain what happened the other weekend.i just know thati want it to happen again.our folks were out of town for a romantic anniversary weekend or some such shit,and it just happened that all three of ushad gotten screwed over by our saturday night dates.

we decided to invest in a box of wine,which was probably a unwise decision,because we got silly and started talking about stuff that b*****rs and s****r should not talk about.finally i came right out and asked them if they'd ever shared a woman.i've heard lots of twins do it i said.where did you hear that the internet bryan sneered.

yeah nobody around hear is that cool parker said come on all my friends would love to go one-on-one with a pair of twins i said or is that one-on-two girls talk big but they always chicken out.my b*****rs spoke up at the same time saying the same thing. sometimes twins can be a little spooky.oh come on i would not chicken out.if you weren't my b*****rs i'd do it i protested.

but you are chickening out,parker said yeah bryan agreed you're using the fact that we're related as an excuse to chicken,but it's still chicken oh fuck you think i wouldn't do it i'm one of those girls who have always liked a challenge.as my b*****rs jeered in skepticism,i suddenly stood up and pulled offall my clothes.

they fell dead quiet as they realized that i was standing in front of them without a stitch.i allowed a smile to curve my pink lips upward as i pinched my right nipple and caressed my clitoris.what's the matter boys i asked.chicken my b*****rs groaned.i wasn't sure if they'd really go through with it but i felt justified in tantalizing them.

because i could see the size of the matched hard-ons they'd sprung in their jeans. i sat back in the armchair and permitted my knees to swing open,so that they could see everthing wet and pink as i contiued to finger my wet pussy myself finally,after a prolonged moment of silence,parker and bryan nodded at each other and then started stripping.

it was better then ringside seat at a male strip show, because it was my own b*****rs with real but not exaggerated muscles.i smacked my lips in approvalas their twin erection came into view. this is lust i whimpered oh fuck yeah how are we going to do this parker wondered i wasnt sure myself but i had a few naughty ideas.just in case. just to make it especially kinky.

i suggested that we use our parents bedroom.after all they'er the ones with the king-size mattress.when i turned on my toes and led the way,the twins followed me like i had their noses on a string.i bounced on the bed several times, testing for squeaks and resilience,then kicked the coverlets to the floor.my two b*****rs leapt in on either side of me smashing me deliciously between them.

i scrambled into the all fours position and snaked my head forward to grab parkers dick.i've always wanted to give head to a well-endowed man and,both of my twins b*****rs were extremly well endowed as i drooled on his prick bryan pasted his tummy against my curvy backside and thrusthis prick down down deep so that he could do me doggy.

i couldn't believe how incredible it felt.my entire body began to hum with electricity as my snatch massaged bryan's cock deeper and deeper.meanwhile the back of my throat vibrated with each bounce of parkers drooling peckerhead i would have cum first anyway, but bryan made sure by sliding a hand underneath to strum my clitoris while he continued to fuck from the rear.

my muscles bunched up and then released all over my body,so that i was suddenly sucking parkers prick with my mouth while convulsing vividly on bryan's with my pussy.im not sure which one of them started blasting first, because it was damn near instantaneous.all i know is that i suddenly had twin jet engine roaring.

one in my mouth one in my cunt.the impact of the double blast was enough to send me straight to seventh heaven.after a delectable interval of shaking and baking mt twin b*****rs retreated sloppily from my mouth and pussy. my entire body was flushed and sweating and i had no choice but to drop on my back and just lay there puffing and panting for a minute.

as i struggled to catch my breath i looked from one naked handsome twin to the other and i realized that i'd soon be ready for an instant replay fortunately, they were both three-quarters renewed already, and i had just the spark for getting them the rest of the way. lets double fuck this time i said parker you get on your back,and ill sit on your dick so ive got hold of it with my pussy. then bryan since you're such an expert at thrusting from the rear you fuck me up the ass at the same time.we got into the suggested poistion, and the two of them began to trust in unison.they need to add some new words to the dictionary to describe the power of ensuing multiple orgasms i enjoyed.

story by tanya her twin b*****rs bryan&parker
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Cool and awesome!
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So damn hot. Thanks for posting.
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Great story it's yummy you can also share to my emaild address