Finding Porn with my b*****r

My b*****r and I shared a bedroom growing up. We were a year and a half apart in age and kept no secrets from each other. We would see each other nude talk about sex openly and share any Playboys or Pethouses we found of dads or got from a friend. It wasn't uncommon for one of us to catch the other masturbating. The one doing the deed would cover up and the other would point and laugh typically, no big deal.

We lived in the country and one day we about a mile from home when we spotted something in a culvert. It was two grocery bags full of dirty mags. Some of them were titles we hadn't seen before Such as Hustler and High Society. When we opened them holy crap women spreading pink pussies. We'd never seen that in mid seventies Playbores as we later called them. We quickly sorted through to find the best ones and stuffed them under our clothes and hurried home.

We tore into our incredible find as soon as we got back to our bedroom. Look how wet this girls pussy is, look at this girl her pussy is shaved we were telling each other. Our young cocks were probably the hardest they had ever been.

My b*****r announced he had to jack off. He pulled down his pants and started stroking his three inch cock. I immediately dropped my pants and started stroking my four incher. Within three minutes my b*****rs sperm was flying. A minute later so was mine. Even though I had stepped back about three feet from the magazine lying open on the bed some of my jizz still landed on a naked goddess.

My b*****r admonished me for soiling one of our new treasures. He also commented how he was impressed with the size of my load and how far it had flown. He was just starting to sprout a few public hairs and asked if I was similar in size and hairiness at his age. I assured him I was. We put our pants back on and started looking at the magazines again at a more leisurely pace.

After about fifteen minutes my b*****r asked if I was hard again. When I told him I was he asked I was going to jack off again. Instead of answering I dropped my pants and started slowly stroking my cock. My b*****r watched for a minute then started undoing his pants. With my cock in my hands I crossed the room and said I bet it feels even better if we stroke each other off. And it did.

I don't remember which of us suggested we try sucking each other. I do remember it was me who first started sucking. My b*****r giggled a bit and pulled away saying it tickled. I sat him on the bed so he couldn't pull away I got on my knees and started sucking. I remember his little prick was rock hard and the taste of his skin after a few moments of sucking. Even though I was enjoying sucking his cock my jaw soon got tired and I was anxious to experience getting sucked myself.

We switched places and soon he was sucking mine. God it felt incredible I didn't want it to end. All too soon he announced his jaw was tired lets switch. I complained he hadn't sucked as long as I had. He said that he had. We decided to be fair we would time each other. I returned to sucking his cock for what felt like a long time to me. I was surprised it was only ninety seconds. We switched again he managed to suck me for two minutes. Now to be fair I owed him two and a half minutes.

After two and a half minutes of sucking my was jaw hurting but he begged me not to stop as he was about to cum. I did my best but ended up pulling off just seconds before he came. He didn't come a lot due to his young age and being his second orgasm in less than thirty minutes. I was curious to taste it so i stuck out my tongue and licked little from his cock. He asked how it tasted. I told him it was good even though I wasn't really sure from such a small taste.

Now it was his turn to suck me for three minutes. After about two and a half minutes of pure pleasure he pulled off. I stroked for a few seconds and told him I was getting close suck it again. Now I was about to loose my mind it felt so good. He pulled of again just as I exploded and I gave him a nice pearl necklace . I told him to taste it so he wiped some from his chest and tasted his finger saying he also thought it was good. We made a pact that next time we would each let the other cum in their mouths.

I hope you enjoyed my first story. Telling it has turned me on more than I imagined these thirty five plus years later. Please share some of your own if mine brings back some good memories.
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2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
That was a great story. It's always good to tell of your first time eating cum. As I was reading your story, I fantized of eating both you and yours brothers cum.
2 years ago
yes very much so hot as well
2 years ago
nice sounds like fun
2 years ago
sexy storie
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
like your story, i have similar experiences
2 years ago
sexy ,turned me on
2 years ago
interesting story
2 years ago
Damn... did the same thing with my bro, but i wished wed touched eachother...
2 years ago
WOW.. that waa intense