Is this the final Frankie??

This is a true story which could change Frankie forever!!

I will start at the beginning which was nearly five years ago and will tell this story as me because it’s about me.

My mum had a problem with her computer and as it was out of warranty she asked me if I knew anywhere I could take it for her.

I knew a few places but a shop had recently opened at the top of my street so thought it was a good idea to try it out.

As I opened the door I was greeted like a long lost friend from a very cheeky blond haired, hazel eyed, 6’ 2” solid looking guy about my age.

He asked what he could do for me and I said I had a computer in the car which had a problem and asked if he could have a look at it for me.

He duly followed me out of the shop and introduced himself, his name was Dean and it was his shop, I introduced myself and we chatted very comfortably on the way back into the shop as he carried the computer.

He offered me a coffee which I accepted and we chatted some more while he told me about himself, he was the same age as me, divorced and was in the process of coming out of another relationship with a much younger woman.

I had recently split from a long term so was a bit tender in that department and wasn’t looking for anyone else, but he had totally mesmerised me.

After about an hour I made my excuses to leave and he asked for my number so he could let me know when the computer was ready.

I gave him my number and he said he would be in touch as I left the shop.

That evening I was going out with girls and had just got my first drink when my phone went with a text message. It didn’t come up with a name but I knew by what it read that it was from Dean as he asked me if I had ever met someone and knew I wanted to be with that person instantly. I replied, yes there had been a certain attraction and I had felt it too, but I was not long out of a relationship and it wasn’t something I was thinking about at the moment.

He literally had chance to read my text just as my phone rang, I made my excuses to the girls and walked outside.

Answering the phone, he told me he had never felt like that before when he met someone for the first time and he needed to see me again soon.

I agreed to ring him when I got home and we could discuss it further.

To save me from writing the whole story and taking up pages and pages, we had a very intense relationship for about a year until his ex started to get a bit nutty, smashing cars up and trying to take her life etc.,

So I walked away from him, we have kept in touch from time to time and then 18 months ago he rang me to tell me he was seriously ill and they couldn’t operate on him, they could only manage his condition and his pain when it happened.

I have to admit to being drawn back to him at that point but not sure if it was his illness or because I still wanted him, we met up and chatted and after he had gone I took the decision to keep my distance because if the worst happened I would be mortified.

Last week I got a text from him asking if I was ok as he was thinking about me. I replied I always thought about him and he rang me and all the old feelings came back.

I had always said to him if he ever needed me he knew where I was and I meant it.

During the chat with Paul on the Friday night, after I had told him he didn’t want to be with his girlfriend because if he did he would commit, he had asked me what my story was and I told him about Dean, about how he was the only person I had loved in a long time, how I would always be there for him and finally how I would give up anything for him.

I stood back afterwards as I had shocked myself, I didn’t know those feelings were in there so deep until they all spilled out.

As fate would have it, on Sunday night he texted me again wanting to see me, he arrived about an hour later and I totally spilled everything out to him, he was shocked to say the least and said he needed time to think about it.

I thought I had blown it till he picked me up off the sofa and pulling me into his arms kissed me deeply, our tongues finding each others, beating the same tune as his hands and fingers found my nipples, he tweaked both at the same time as my whole body started to shake and within my minutes he was rock hard and my pussy was soaking wet.

He undid my button and slid down my zip still deep kissing me as my trousers feel to the floor I only had on some very sheer pants which his finger easily moved to one side his fingers sliding straight in, as I kissed him deep I undid his jeans and my own hand found his now rock hard cock and started to massage it.

His fingers went in and out of me faster and faster as I felt myself stiffen up my first climax splashed over his hand as he continued his assault on my pussy, I was rubbing his precum over the tip of his cock with my finger and massaging the shaft.

He lifted my right leg up onto the sofa and still kissing me I guided his cock inside me, his arms around my waist as he rode into me, his speed increasing as he pounded in and out of my sopping wet pussy.

He then turned me around and pushing my face into the sofa arm, bent me over and fucked in and out of me from behind, I had forgotten how good his cock felt inside me as he rode up and down my pussy walls finding my g-spot with ease and being rewarded with my cum squirting over him.

The noise was so horny as he literally slopped in and out of me, pulling me back into him with each thrust, my pussy was flowing now and wouldn’t stop.

Sex with Dean had always been one of the good things between us, but this was reaching another level, this was two bodies coming together as one and dare I say it making the most passionate love together.

I reached back and pulled him out of me, I wanted his cock in my mouth, as I squatted on the floor in front of him, I took his cock as far into my mouth as I could, licking my cum off it as I fed his shaft in towards my tonsils, he tasted delicious the taste of him and me together was the best ever, I continued to run my mouth, tongue and hand over his shaft as he stroked my nipples with his fingers his head going back as he groaned.

I knew what would make me feel complete at that very minute was to take his cum, to taste it and swallow it. I felt him tense up above me but before I could prepare his cum shot straight to the back of my throat, I had to swallow fast to keep up with his pumping in my mouth.

I kept him in my mouth and circling his cum on my tongue and around his cock he was growing again inside me with my tongue circling his tip and his head.

As he pulled out of me, he kissed me hard, still tasting his own spunk on my tongue, still kissing me he pushed me back onto the sofa as my legs opened wide and lifted in the air, holding them high his cock found my soaking hole and pushing gently at first he pushed into me still kissing me hard, slowly he started to ride and I rose to meet his thrusts, which were so slow and sensual I thought my brain was going to explode, my body was reacting to him, as the butterflies started in my breasts and started to move down my body, which was shaking uncontrollably beneath his thrusts, my pussy was throbbing as I pushed back to meet his thrusts trying speed him up.

He wasn’t having it though as tuned in as he was to my body he knew if he rode me slowly he could bring me off and ride me through my orgasm.

Just as I felt my orgasm approach he stopped moving as it flooded over me, he lifted my legs even higher and his thrusts increased as he fucked me hard through my climax running down his cock and onto his legs.

Still kissing me he was pounding me now for all he was worth as my juices flowed uncontrollably from me, with one last thrust his seed shot straight inside me as he fell onto me kissing me all over as my body our fluids joined together inside me.

As he whispered to me, I love you, I always have and I replied ditto!!!!!

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