Frankie, Gaz, Food & First time Anal

A few years ago Frankie had a fuck buddy called Gaz, she had met him at work and ended up fucking him for the first time after a works night out.

Frankie loved spending time with Gaz because it was pure unadulterated fucking and nothing more, because they had fucked so many times they each other’s bodies inside out and there were no inhibitions whatsoever.

One night they were both completely smashed when they bumped into each other in a night club and both knew where the night would end, either in an alleyway or in Gaz’s bed.

As Gaz grabbed Frankie’s hand and pulled her out of the night club he flagged a taxi down and he was soon opening his front door and dropping to his knees burying his head in her pussy, Frankie was wearing a halter neck dress and only a thong underneath and her pussy was already wet for his waiting tongue, sex with Gaz was always amazing and as she ground her pussy into his face she knew her first climax wouldn’t be long coming.

Gaz’s fingers pulled her lips apart as his tongue started it’s assault on her now swelling clit, Frankie leaned back into the wall behind her to balance herself as she felt her body tighten and her pussy give its first explosion of the night over his face.

Frankie’s pussy was still throbbing as he moved up her body pulling her breasts from her dress and feasting his mouth and lips all over each one, taking turns.

Frankie reached down and expertly undid his jeans, peeling his hard cock out, her hand grasping it as her fingers reached the tip, rubbing his precum into it. She started a slow rub up and down with her hand as Gaz turned her inside out with his tongue on her nipples, his fingers finding first her pussy hole then her g-spot beckoning her towards him, her own hand creating more precum from his cock.

Frankie was so incredibly turned on as Gaz said “I won’t be a minute, play with your pussy while I come back”. Frankie didn’t need telling twice as Gaz ran up the stairs she continued leaning against the wall her fingers playing with her clit as Gaz shouted from upstairs “you ready for a game?”.

Gaz bounded down the stairs like an excited puppy as he produced a blindfold and two silk scarves, Frankie still playing with her pussy let him put on the blindfold and guide her upstairs Gaz telling her there was a step or to turn a corner, walk forward etc until he told her to turn round and gently pushed her back on the bed.

“Move round Frankie so I can tie your arms and legs to the bed”. Gaz asked her.

Frankie obliged as she felt herself starfish on the bed her legs and arms bound to the posts with the scarves.

“Right” said Gaz “we are going to play a guessing game are you ready for your first object” “Mmmm yes please, what have you got for me?” Frankie replied. “Well you will just have to wait and see, I am going to play with your body with various objects and you are going to have guess what the object is, is that ok?” he asked.

“Mmmm, whatever can they be”? Frankie whispered as the first object ran over her nipples her body lifted involuntarily of the bed to greet it, it was cold, but it wasn’t ice she didn’t think, it was runny. “Water!” she shouted “No” guess again he replied as he ran it all over both nipples, his tongue leaning in to lick up whatever he had put on her, “Squirty cream” she yelled as her body started the throb and pulse at the sensation of cold and warm together, her senses going into overload.

“Yes, it is” replied Gaz “now what goes with squirty cream?”

Frankie heard the squirt again and it didn’t land on her but she did feel something moving all over her body, over her breasts, down her tummy, down the sides until it reached her knees and worked its way back up her thighs and pushed at her pussy lips.

Frankie felt her lips open around it as Gaz inserted it in her, but it wasn’t very big because she soon felt his fingers on her too, “it’s a strawberry” she yelled.

“Mmmm it is yes, your too good at this” as Gaz removed it from her and brought it to her lips, opening her mouth gently with it he pushed it in and she bit down on it all the tastes mixing together as she swallowed it down.

“Mmmm, tastes good” Frankie said licking her lips, “what’s next please?” “Next is something I am going to fuck you hard with until you guess what it is, I don’t care if you cum and cum again but you won’t guess what it is for quite a while I am sure”.

As Frankie pulled at the scarves, not really wanting to be released, just to stretch her arms and legs, she felt something cold rubbing over her clit, down towards her hole and back further over her arsehole, her pussy lifted up to greet it as at first she thought it was a Banana but didn’t shout out she wanted to feel it inside her first.

Gaz tormented her for what seemed like an age running the object between her clit and arsehole, she heard him spit as the tip of the object eventually opened her pussy lips and she felt it slowly pushed inside her, she rode back against it, it sounded sloppy and she couldn’t decide whether that was the object or her soaking pussy, it didn’t feel too big and it didn’t feel like a banana it was harder. Gaz increased his speed and started to fuck her hard with it the slopping getting louder “banana” she screamed as her climax started to approach fast “nope” muttered Gaz as his thrusts into her got faster and faster.

Frankie couldn’t concentrate and she had no idea what was pounding in and out of her but she did know as she pulled against her binds her whole body was shaking as Gaz thrust in and out of her she tried to pull her knees up but the binds wouldn’t move as her body tensed she pushed back hard against the object and felt her squirt leave her pussy while Gaz continued his assault on it she was bouncing all over now her climax flooding out of her and over the object as she screamed “cucumber” at the top of her voice. “Nope and I am not stopping till you guess so you are just going to have to keep cumming for me” as Gaz continued to punch it in and out of her one continuous orgasm flowed from her and she yelled “Carrot” at him. “Nope, but it is a vegetable so try again while I keep you flowing down here”.

Frankie’s brain was in turmoil as he continued to fuck her with the object her mind just wouldn’t work all it could concentrate on was the cum flooding from her with every thrust, “do you give in” he asked her as she rode yet another orgasm “courgette” she moaned as her pussy suddenly felt very empty she realised she had got it right because Gaz had pulled it straight from her the instant she said the word and moving up her body hands on her nipples he kissed her deep and hard.

“Are you ready for the next” he asked her into her mouth “could you just make love to me first”? she breathed back at him.

“No, I have one more thing to try first, but this time if you guess right I am going to fuck your arse with it” he replied. “No, not my arse, not done that before” she pleaded “its ok Frankie I will be gentle with you I promise”.

Gaz moved back down her body and she felt her pussy lips part again and this time she knew it was the banana but she didn’t want to say as she felt Gaz untie the scarves at the bottom of the bed and kneel beside her. Both her lips now parted as one took the banana and the second felt his rock hard erection on her tongue as it snaked out to taste his precum, she licked up and down his shaft, concentrating on circling the head and tonguing the tip hard as the banana was pushed in and out of her soaking pussy her climax just kept cumming and cumming.

Gaz now started to fuck her mouth with his cock in rhythm with the banana going in and out of her pussy, she could feel in disintegrating inside her as he thrust it harder and harder. Without warning and still thrusting his hard cock in and out of Frankie’s wet mouth Gaz pulled out the banana and gently started to work the end on her arsehole, it was covered with Frankie’s cum so he was able to push it in gently while he fucked her mouth.

Frankie tensed up at first but then felt her muscles relax inside as it gently slid in her she started to push down hard against it and ride back against his thrust, she was vaguely aware of his own seed as it started to move down his shaft her tongue found the tip she got the first spurt in her throat as swallowing quickly she took it right down her throat, still holding him in her mouth.

Once Frankie has swallowed the last of his cum she set about trying to get him hard again as she continued to ride back against the intruder in her arse, he was growing again now, he always did to her tongue, just when she thought he was ready to go again, she yelled “banana” at the top of her voice.

Gaz quickly pulled the banana from her arse, moved up the bed and removed the blindfold and scarves tying her arms, pulling her to him he kissed her passionately as she continued to massage his cock.

“You can fuck my arse, but will you fuck my pussy first please” she asked him “it would be my pleasure Frankie” Gaz replied.

As Frankie lifted her legs onto his shoulders he was soon buried deep inside her pussy, he quickly started to pound into her as she felt herself tensing up again, he felt it too and pulled out quickly catching all her squirt on his cock, as he rubbed it in Frankie continued to squirt at him his finger finding her arsehole gently massaging it.

Frankie pushed down against his finger as he pulled it out stretching her arsehole he slowly and gently pushed his cock in her arse and started moving as her muscles relaxed around him.

Frankie pushed her fingers inside her pussy as Gaz increased his speed , he was fucking her properly now as her fingers punched away inside her, she could feel his cock through her pussy walls, rock hard and tight.

As he pounded in and out of her she pulled another orgasm from her now very swollen pussy just as Gaz tensed up “fuck Frankie, this is tight, I am going to shoot my load in to the middle of next week at this rate”.

Frankie reached back and managed to grab his balls just at the moment his seed shot straight up to her rectum as he stopped moving, sweat dripping from him his cum flowing out of his cock and filling her arse.

“Wow! That was fucking awesome Frankie, the best ever! As he pulled out and laid flat out next to her.

“Yeah, it certainly was” she replied snuggling into his back.

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