Frankie's Train Journey

Frankie was sat on the train in first class reading a book and doing her usual people watching as passengers got on and off.

There were only three people in first class and they were all sat at separate tables she looked across the aisle to see a man dressed in a business suit about 40 with dark hair, his eyes staring at the laptop in front of him totally oblivious to anything going on around him.

Frankie was on her way to a meeting so she was dressed in a dark blue skirt suit with a v neck top and her customary hold ups with a low kitten heel pumps on her feet.

She was suddenly aware she was crossing and uncrossing her legs trying to get comfortable her knee length skirt riding up her legs, she was getting engrossed in the book as the female character was being thrown around the room by her k**nappers, she looked up and caught the man’s eyes as he looked up at the same time, he smiled and held her in his gaze a little longer then he should.

Frankie went back to the book as the female was now being stripped and fucked hard by her captors, she felt the familiar wet feeling down below as she uncrossed her legs again and without looking up she was aware the man was watching her.

As she stole the opportunity to look up again, she looked straight into his eyes his smile lighting up his face, she felt sure he had nodded his head, so she looked back down as her pussy twitched below the table.

Frankie was now getting really turned on by the book as the female was now being fucked by at least three of her captors, she really should pick her reading material more carefully when she was on the train.

Her mind was going into overdrive now as she imagined the man taking her roughly on the train, she looked up again as he rose from his seat and this time she had no doubt whatsoever he nodded his head towards the back of the train as he walked to the toilet.

Frankie watched him walk as he reached the toilet door he stood for a second and grinned at her before opening the door and walking in. Frankie didn’t know if she had read the signs right but it seemed he wanted her to follow him in.

She slowly inserted the bookmark and closed the book and standing smoothed her skirt down walked to the toilet, as she gingerly turned the handle she realised it wasn’t locked, taking a deep breath before she walked in her mind all over the place.

“You came” he said as she closed the door behind her, “I wasn’t sure if I had read the signs right” she replied as his lips met hers hard he crushed her back into the door his hands lifting her skirt up as his fingers found her thong, pulling it to one side he quickly found her wet hole and pushed two fingers straight into her.

Frankie didn’t have time to think as his fingers punched in and out of her she kissed him deeply to try and stifle the moans which were building up inside her as she felt her orgasm approach his fingers squelching in and out of her it hit her full on her tongue grinding his as she felt the cum run down her legs.

Before she had chance to recover he had turned her round lifted her skirt roughly from behind, she didn’t even feel her pussy lips open as he cock thrust straight inside her she bit down on the arm of her suit jacket and his speed increased he fucked hard into her, she wanted to scream out, she hadn’t seen his cock but knew it was a good size and it slid up against her pussy walls finding her g-spot she pushed her hips back against him as she rode his cock backwards and forwards.

Frankie bit down even harder on her sleeve as she felt her climax approaching she pushed herself onto him hard as his seed shot inside her she gushed all over him as his cum met hers he pulled out zipped up, opened the door and left her without saying a word.

Frankie couldn’t believe what had just happened, her hold ups and her thong where covered in both of their juices as she tried to clean herself up she realised she would have to abandon the hold ups, thankfully she had another pair in her bag, but her bag was on the seat.

The motion of the train was vibrating through her as she cleaned herself up her fingers found her clit as she tweaked at it the vibrations of the train quickly brought on another powerful orgasm which flooded her fingers.

Frankie had to gather herself together, she needed to get back to her seat before the conductor realised she was missing. She threw the hold ups in the bin and then quickly retrieved them again and she opened the toilet door she walked back down the train, he was sat in his seat opposite hers looking at the screen of his laptop and tapping away at the keyboard.

As Frankie slid back into her seat she dropped the hold ups in his lap leaned into him and whispered “souvenir for you” as she sat down he quickly picked up the hold ups and dropped them into his laptop bag and continued tapping away as if she wasn’t there.

Frankie went back to her book and before she knew it the train was pulling into the station, she put her book away, grabbed her bag and stood up just at the same time as the man did, “after you” he said stepping back to allow her through, as she got off the train and headed for the escalator and the toilets to put her spare pair of hold ups on she heard a voice behind her shout “Frankie, see you at home later darling” as the man walked off to the next platform to get the train back home.

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3 years ago
Yay. What a nice story! Loved it. X x
3 years ago
So He Was Your Husband So Nice Of Him To Help You Live Out You Fantsy