Frankie Ian & Reece

Before Frankie could get her thoughts together and push Reece off, Ian appeared in front of them, Reece pulled out quickly and roughly shoved his cock back into his overalls mumbling “sorry mate” to Ian.

Frankie tried to speak but saw the look of pure lust in Ian’s eyes as he stared at her soaking wet pussy, she reached down to try and pick her jog pants up and Ian pushed them away with his foot.

“Right young un, you been fucking my Mrs so now I am going to fuck you” as he grabbed at the front of Reece’s overalls, Reece was scared now, he didn’t fancy men and he really didn’t want Ian to fuck him.

Frankie just stared in awe at Ian, she was aware Danny had sucked Ian’s cock a few weeks ago but she had never known him fuck another man before, she pleaded “Ian, I am sorry, it won’t happen again, let him go home please”.

Frankie’s protests were in vain as Ian sank to the floor in front of Reece quickly undid the studs on his overalls and fed his cock into his mouth, Reece felt his whole world stand still as Ian’s tongue ran down the length of his shaft he knew he was going to let him do whatever he wanted, his cock was reacting like he really didn’t want it too getting harder by the second.

Frankie watched as Reece’s head went back and he started to moan loudly, Ian saying he could taste Frankie on him as he sucked and licked taking him right back to his throat. Frankie thinking he must have done this before as he was so good, her pussy was twitching watching the display in front of her but she still wasn’t sure she liked what she was seeing.

As she moved forward away from the table she grabbed at the front of Ian’s jeans and laying herself on the floor she started to pull his cock out and feed it into her mouth, he was big already but she loved the feel of his cock in her mouth, he tasted delicious all the time, as she lay sucking Ian’s cock into her mouth she followed Ian’s own rhythm on Reece taking him right down into her throat.

Frankie was aware of the noises above as Reece screamed for Ian to take his cum but just as his seed started to flow down his cock, Ian pulled his mouth away and leaving no time for Frankie to react his own seed spurted to the back of her throat as Reece’s landed on her face, she tried to swallow Ian’s but had to release him she was covered in both of their cum as Ian continued to spray her face, it always amazed Frankie how much cum Ian had.

Frankie lay on the floor still covered in both men’s cum trying to lick at it but there was too much, it was in her hair, her ears and dripping down to her chest.

As she stood up to clean herself up Ian stood up also and kissed her full on the mouth licking around the cum on her face and kissing her again, reaching down to her pussy his fingers found her entrance as Frankie’s legs spread wider for him he punched away inside her as he tongued her face deeply.

Reece gathering himself together thought he could make his escape as the couple in front of him looked lost in each other, as he grabbed for the canister, he still needed his money after all, Ian grabbed at him “not so quick young un, I still haven’t had your arse”.

Reece was really scared now and all the bravado he had felt with Frankie was well and truly gone, he had never been fucked by a man before, and knew he never wanted to be. As he began his protestations Frankie pulled at his overalls as each stud went pop, she pulled his arms out and he was naked in front of them both.

“Your cock’s telling me different Reece, Frankie get down there and lick his arsehole, get him really wet for me and then if your good while I fuck him he can fuck you, seeing as I interrupted you so rudely earlier.

Frankie, did as she was told and her tongue moved towards Reece’s arsehole it snaked out and licked at him, he had an amazingly soft bottom as her tongue with a mind of its own started to rim Reece’s hole, she felt him moving as his own hand found his shaft he started to pull at it as Frankie now pushing her tongue slightly inside him, started to pull his cheeks apart with her fingers, still licking him her finger just pushing gently at his hole now as Reece jerked above her she gently pushed the finger in, not moving it at first just luxuriating in the feel of him inside.

As she turned to a side she could see Ian pulling a condom on and lubing his cock up and down watching Frankie’s fingers slide in and out of Reece’s hole, “put another in Frankie” he said holding the lube out to her as he poured it into her hand Frankie rubbed it all between his cock and hole pushing two fingers inside him, she felt him move upwards, scream out and push back down onto them hard.

“That’s it young un, ride Frankie’s fingers, because it’s my cock you are going to ride in a minute” he said as his own fingers played with Frankie’s nipples he could see she was enjoying this as now three lubed fingers slide inside Reece’s hole and Reece rode back against them.

Frankie was really turned on now by the feeling inside of Reece, he sphincter muscles were now relaxing around her fingers as she pushed in deeper and deeper, she could feel Ian’s cock near her face now as she bent Reece over her fingers slid from him, she moved to one side took Ian’s cock in her hands running the lube up and down she pushed his head at the entrance of Reece’s hole as Ian got his position Frankie below feeding him inside slowly.

Suddenly Frankie was knocked out of the way as Ian thrust straight in to Reece saying “you fuck my Mrs I fuck you, remember that son, next time you think of it”. His cock banging in and out of Reece’s hole fast and hard, Reece was screaming for mercy but still pulling on his own cock as Ian pounded in and out of him holding his hips and pulling him back towards him.

Frankie moved round to the front of Reece and pushed him up slowly impaling him even harder on Ian’s cock, she guided herself backwards towards him, opening her pussy lips Reece guided his cock straight inside her as she pushed back into him, his cock sunk deep, she bent over almost touching her toes as Ian fucked into Reece he f***ed Reece to fuck into Frankie and the harder he fucked Reece the harder he thrust into Frankie.

Ian knew he was getting close now and Reece’s hole relaxed under his thrusts, he was suddenly aware of what he was doing, something he had never done before but he was so turned on, his thoughts turned to Danny as he wondered if he would be up for some of this, he was imagining fucking Danny now as his cock slid out and back in hard he felt that familiar feeling run through his body as his cum started to move down his cock he heard Frankie scream out as her climax hit just as Reece spilled his seed inside her.

Ian continued his thrust into Reece as his seed flew down his shaft, he held Reece back to him his cock imbedded to the hilt of his hole and he heard a scream somewhere in the background just as he realised it was his own scream his head went back as his seed shot straight into the condom still holding Reece as the last of it spilled out his cock throbbing hard inside Reece he pulled out.

Frankie was now in a heap on the floor Reece’s cum dripping from her pussy as Reece turned round kissed Ian full on the lips, thanking him for the best sex of his young life. Ian kissed him back saying any time young un.

All Frankie could do was look up to the two men above her kissing passionately and rubbing each other’s cocks back to life. She moved forward taking one head after the other into her mouth, tasting them both in turn, as she took Reece back in her mouth Ian moved in behind her as his fingers started to play with her ass hole she knew he now had a taste for it and it was her turn.

Ian moved Frankie’s ass up as he leaned in behind her his cock head found her entrance as she sucked Reece into her mouth, cupping his balls tight, her hand running up and down his shaft she felt Ian’s cock enter her, his hands on her hips as he pulled her back on to him hard and fast, Reece was now fucking her mouth meeting Ian’s movements inside her as Ian thrust so did Reece.

All Frankie could hear was moans coming from all three of them as she rode Reece with her mouth and met Ian’s thrust into her arse her own fingers now playing with her clit, as she felt Reece freeze above her and thrust one last time into her mouth his cum shot out and hit the back of her throat her own climax was beginning to take over as Ian pounded in and out of her ass, she was climbing now, reaching up, swallowing the last of Reece’s cum as she pushed two fingers inside her pussy and rode against Ian’s cock in her ass.

Frankie was feeling the climb down now as her fingers beat her g-spot, Ian pushing her further to the floor as his cock hit her full on her cum shot from her pussy as screaming she collapsed, Ian still inside her with one last thrust her pussy and ass throbbing Ian ground her into the floor as his cum shot down his shaft he pinned her down just as it hit her rectum, he collapsed on top of her.

Soaking wet and absolutely knackered, they both lay together wrapped in each other’s arms as they heard Reece say “thanks, that was great, but can I have my money please?”......

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