Chris's Revenge on Frankie

Frankie having now had quite a few different experiences with woman, with her exploits with the couple, the amazon in the pub toilets, Kelly and her enormous black vibrator and a couple of sessions with Chris as part of a group.

Chris rang her and asked if she fancied a girly night at hers while the men went out to play snooker, she had invited Cathy too and got in plenty of wine and nibbles.

Ian had agreed to go with Dave and Danny to snooker so it made sense for her to go. Plus she didn’t know Cathy that well so thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know her better.

She got dressed just pulling on a pair of linen pants and a t-shirt, put a little make up on, brushed her hair and they both walked to Chris and Danny’s.

They only lived a couple of streets away and had come good friends since they met in the restaurant a few weeks ago, when Frankie and Ian had had their first experience with another couple.

As they walked hand in hand Ian started laughing ‘wonder what you girls are going to get up to tonight then’ Frankie turned to him saying ‘it’s just a few bottles of wine and a girly get together, nothing unusual in that is there?’

‘No, not normally’ he said, ‘but you three are so fucking horny, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you all ending up fucking each other’ he was still laughing as Danny opened the door, inviting them both in.

Cathy and Dave where already seated in the living room and Frankie walked in and sat next to them, warmly hugging Cathy and kissing her on the cheek, as Dave stood up she pecked him too.

Danny and Chris walked in as Danny said ‘come on lads let’s get going, leave this lot too it’.

As the guys went out of the door, Chris walked back in clutching a bottle of wine and 3 glasses and poured them all a drink.

Cathy and Frankie where sat on the sofa with their feet up as Chris sat on the chair, they started chatting, just general stuff, until Cathy asked Frankie what made her so relaxed about sex, Frankie replied ‘I haven’t always been like that, I have had body issues for years, but since I joined an adult dating site, which incidentally is also where I met Ian, I have had quite a few different experiences, including meeting a couple, meeting the most amazing black man and a few others, then I met Ian and even though I have had a few dabbles while we have been together, we are pretty solid.

‘My first couple sharing experience though was when we met Chris and Danny a few weeks ago, and then of course the group of us last week, you seemed to enjoy it though Cathy, you didn’t look like a first timer.’

‘Oh, I was Frankie, we have never done anything like that before and Dave has certainly never fisted me before, but I got so turned on by what was going on in the room, the smell of sex all round was amazing, when we got home we had the best sex we have ever had in our relationship’. Cathy replied.

Chris sat quietly taking in what was being said around her thinking, she wanted to teach Frankie a lesson and was beginning to think Cathy might be game to help her.

Frankie was getting uncomfortable now as all the talk of last week’s sex was making her wet, she hoped Cathy would give up soon and they could go back to chatting about Men, jobs and families instead.

Frankie got up and went to the bathroom upstairs as she relieved herself she tweaked her clit and she was right, her pussy was soaking.

As she opened the bathroom door Chris and Cathy where stood there, Chris asking her to follow them to a room, which she thought as Chris and Danny’s bedroom, but it was locked.

As Chris put a key in the lock and turned it, she turned the handle and taking a deep breath turned to them both saying ‘I hope you like our playroom’ as she opened the door.

Frankie gasped as she looked around at every conceivable piece of equipment, whips, chains, shackles, gags and various sex toys hung on the walls, there was bench, like she had seen in the gym a leather swing hung from the ceiling was the last thing she saw as Chris came up behind and quickly sealed her eyes with a blindfold.

Frankie flinched as she felt a ball go into her mouth and be secured around her head tight, she tried to speak but no words would come out, just saliva around the ball as she felt herself being moved forwards, her face hitting the wall as her hands where quickly secured to the wall in the shackles.

Frankie pussy was wetter than ever at the thought of what was going to happen to her, Cathy and Chris not speaking at all just working methodically at securing her, as she felt her trousers fall to her ankles, before she could think she felt an almighty pain shoot through her as the leather tassels hit her arse cheeks, her pussy twitched involuntarily as the whip kept hitting her, the pain now was excruciating but her pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the minute, with each whack of the whip she could feel her pussy dripping.

Frankie’s mouth was now dripping saliva as she pulled herself closer to the wall to try and avoid the beating she was getting, but just as she thought it had stopped, she felt her legs being pulled apart as the tassels of the whip hit a pussy full on, she squirted instantly, but the pain, why was her body defying her when she was in so much pain.

‘Ooo look Cathy we are really turning her on, you are not hitting her hard enough she’s cumming in bucket loads down there, let’s turn her round and see how she likes it on her clit.’

As Frankie felt herself being unshackled, before she had time to stretch her arms and legs she was turned around her back now to the wall, she felt the cold against her skin, her legs stretched even wider now, her pussy on full display to the two women.

Frankie was trying desperately to speak as she pushed her tongue at the gag in her mouth saliva dripping down her face, she felt her t-shirt lift up and her breasts being pulled out of her bra as something hard clamped to each nipple, just as she tried to enjoy the sensation of the vibrations she felt her pussy lips being prised apart by something big and hard and a body getting closer to her and breath on her face.

Frankie continued to push as the gag, still trying to speak as the intruder which she had now assumed was either a strap on attached to either Cathy or Chris or a very large dildo. She pushed towards it as it tried to invade her entrance, her nipples where on fire and sending waves of orgasm down her body as she heard a voice say ‘we need to untie her and get her in the swing’ Frankie was disorientated now and she couldn’t work out which of them was speaking.

Suddenly the mask and the gag where removed as she struggled to get her bearings and blinked hard as the light hit her eyes, her mouth still wet from trying to remove the gag, she looked down to see Chris with the most enormous strap on dildo attached to her.

Frankie let them both unshackle her, as Cathy fingers ran softly up and down her body, pulling on the nipple clamps, which brought another spurt from her already soaking pussy.

Once she was out of her shackles Chris walked her across the room, Cathy still stroking her body, Chris asked ‘have we hurt you Frankie?’ ‘Yes’, she whispered her mouth still not working properly from having the gag in it for so long. ‘But you are going to fuck me now to make it better aren’t you?’

As Chris leaned Frankie back into the swing, Cathy holding her arms above her head and stroking her nipples, pulling against the clamps. Frankie’s pussy was dripping now as Chris pulled her towards the shaft attached to her waist, her legs spread wide, her pussy ripe for fucking, as Frankie looked down at the attachment she couldn’t help gasping at the size.

‘Fuck, Chris are you really going to fuck me with that?’ ‘Too right Frankie, I am and with all that pussy juice I don’t think I need any lube do I?’

‘Please Chris, don’t try and put it in without’ Frankie pleaded. ‘I am going to hurt you Frankie, so yes it’s going in without lube, hold on girl because this is one big b**st’.

As Frankie felt the head at her entrance she thought it was going to split her in two, she had had a big dildo before when Kelly had fucked her with one a few weeks ago at a sex toy party, but this was bigger, much bigger in fact, her pussy was wet but she knew she was really going to struggle to take it in.

Frankie tried to pull away from the dildo but it was still sitting at her entrance as Chris started to thrust towards her she screamed out as her entrance just wouldn’t open enough to take it in, Chris was making her sore now as she continued to try and push the dildo into her, punching hard at her entrance, Frankie screaming even louder for her to stop, begging her but all Chris said was ‘you will take it Frankie and you will take all of it!’

Chris pulled back slightly and her fingers found Frankie’s labia lips roughly pulling them apart ‘see she’s fuckin big enough down there, the whore,’

Frankie’s senses were now working overtime, it seemed for some reason Chris really wanted to punish her and she didn’t know why. ‘Chris it won’t go in, why do you keep trying to f***e it? I don’t understand, fuck me by all means, but not with that please’ she begged.

‘If it hadn’t been for you and your boyfriend last week my Danny wouldn’t have sucked his cock and enjoyed it, now he wants to explore that side further by fucking a man, Frankie it was ok just sharing each other, but I can’t cope with Danny wanting to fuck men, I blame you for that, so you are going to get the fucking of your life tonight and I don’t give a fuck whether you enjoy it or not, I need to hurt you Frankie and that’s what I am going to do!’

Frankie was gobsmacked, she hadn’t asked Danny to suck Ian’s cock she just turned round and saw he was, she wasn’t that enamoured at seeing Ian enjoying it so much either, let alone him cumming from Danny’s tongue, but it wasn’t her fault. She fought back against Chris feeling the tears well up in her eyes as again she pleaded ‘It really wasn’t my fault, I didn’t enjoy it anymore then you did and in all fairness Chris you where the one who got the game out in the first place’.

‘Yes Frankie but you where the one who went against the game and made up your own rules, rules which led to my Danny sucking your Ian’s cock, you broke the rules and you are going to pay for it’.

Chris quickly unhooked the dildo from the harness and decided to take a different tack with it she didn’t have the f***e to push it in with her body but it was going in whether Frankie liked it or not.

Frankie pussy lips where now wide open again as Cathy came from behind her she knelt on the floor under the swing holding them apart for Chris to f***e the dildo in.

Frankie was breathing fast now as she felt Chris push the dildo at her, Cathy was hurting her also now as she pulled at her tender labia lips none too gently, she felt the head at her entrance again as she screamed out Chris pushed it into her but only half an inch, Frankie felt completely full already and the worst part now was after the argument she now wasn’t even wet.

Frankie knew there was nothing she could do to protest anymore and she needed to make herself wet just to make it a little easier down there, her thoughts turned to Ian as she blocked out in her mind what was going on, she was focussed on his cock now, his beautiful cock was thrusting in and out of her mouth, she was making him rock hard and his precum was running over her tongue.

‘See you dirty whore, you are getting wet now, take it,’ as Chris rammed the dildo further in her she felt her lips splitting as she screamed now, the pain was excruciating and she was sure the wet was bl**d now not pussy juice, the tears where now falling down her face as Chris pushed harder and harder into her, not letting up just forcing it in and out, she couldn’t even grip it because it was too big.

The dildo was ripping her apart now and her screams where going completely unnoticed as the b**st pounded in and out of her, she felt herself relax slightly as she tried to ride back against it.

Without warning Chris pulled it out and fell to her knees Frankie’s pussy level with her face as she breathed ‘sorry Frankie, I don’t know what I was thinking. Let me kiss it better?’

Chris pulled Frankie back towards her and ran her tongue the length of her pussy down to her arse, Frankie felt her hips lift upwards as a quiet moan escaped her lips, as Chris’s tongue met her swollen clit she pulled her hands to her head and pushed her hard into her.

‘You fucking lick me and lick me good, after what you have just put me through’ Frankie screamed at Chris.

Chris was now nibbling Frankie’s clit as her fingers easily slid inside her, Frankie grabbed at them with her pussy walls and rode back at them with ease, Chris had found her g-spot and was pulling at it as it swelled in her fingers, Frankie now moaning loudly as she ground her clit into Chris tongue, riding it now, wanting Chris to drown in her cum, Frankie tensed up as she pulled slightly back from Chris, her climax was approaching now as Chris’s tongue battered away at her, her fingers beating their own rhythm on her g-spot.

Frankie could feel the familiar tightening of her pussy as she gripped Chris’s fingers her swollen g-spot was throbbing uncontrollably as with one last pull of Chris’s head into her, Cathy sensed Frankie’s climax was close as she was screaming and bouncing about on Chris’s face, Cathy pulled both nipple clamps at the same time.

Frankie felt the fire run from her nipples straight to her clit as Chris now trying to hold onto her took her full exploding orgasm straight in the face, licking and lapping up Frankie’s juices as she squirted and squirted till she thought she would never stop.

After a few minutes, Chris lifted Frankie out of the swing and pulling her into her arms, kissed her passionately, apologising for all the horrible things she had said to her.

Frankie turned to Cathy grinning, ‘it’s your turn next!’.......

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Lovely story