Frankie & Ian Sex Game Part 3

Dave moved across the floor towards Frankie who was sat with her dress around her waist as he lifted her legs he pulled the dress from her, fingers searching out her pussy lips he reached up to kiss her, his tongue found hers and started to dance inside her mouth.

Frankie thought for all she didn’t like seeing Ian have his cock sucked by a man she was still soaking wet as Dave’s fingers separated her pussy lips and entered her, still kissing her passionately, he started to move inside her, Frankie clamped her legs around his hand as he found her g-spot, his fingers working expertly on it.

Dave pulled away from her mouth and still fucking her pussy with his fingers his lips met her nipple as his tongue circled it at first then he bit gently down on it, Frankie thrust her chest into his face and continued to grip his fingers inside her.

As she looked up she saw Chris leaning over her, her pussy lips spread wide open heading straight for her face, moving further down Frankie lips met Chris clit head on as Chris wriggled about above her, her tongue snaked out and started to roughly lick at it backwards and forwards, reaching her hand up she pushed a finger inside her as Dave continued his move downwards, his fingers brutally fucking her, his tongue started battering away at her clit.

Frankie started to move her finger faster and faster into Chris as she sucked hard on her clit, Chris was squirting again and Frankie was lapping it up gratefully, Dave had her just where he wanted her and she felt her body start to tingle, her nipples hard as a rock, her clit hard as a rock inside Dave’s mouth, his fingers beating their own rhythm on her g-spot, she tensed up even tighter trapping his fingers as she beat against Chris’s clit her finger slowed as her climax took over, she was squirting it straight into Dave’s mouth as he held on to her, Chris screaming out as she exploded all over her, landing full on Frankie’s face spent, Frankie licking lazily at her cum as it squirted over her her, her pussy still bouncing against Dave’s mouth as he held her tight to him.

Just as Frankie thought she was going to have time to recover, Dave pulled his fingers out, Chris got off her as Ian appeared, picked her up, put her on all fours and with her pussy still twitching and pulsing he thrust his cock straight into her, Frankie didn’t have time think before he started his thrusting, she tried to ride him back but her pussy was still throbbing and she was struggling to get her rhythm, but Ian wasn’t letting up as he pounded in and out of her hitting her very swollen g-spot with every thrust, she started to push back at him now and rode with him, her cum dripping down her legs onto the floor.

Danny appearing in front of Frankie his cock in hand, he was wanking it hard, she snaked her tongue out towards him put he pulled back just enough so she couldn’t reach it, he just stood there beating it up and down his head back and groaning loudly her pussy felt like it was on fire and a hot rod was beating the life out of it, she held her tongue out beseechingly to Danny’s cock but he wasn’t moving closer, as the white light appeared and time started to stand still, she was vaguely aware of Ian pounding her pussy from behind as she started to climb upwards taking him and Danny with her.

Frankie was staring at Danny’s rock hard cock in his hand and as he beat it as she started to climb downwards she felt Ian’s hot poker punch at her g-spot she was squirting now all over him he was having trouble keeping inside her, she was so wet, his balls hit her arse with every thrust and just as Danny screamed out he shot his cum full into her face, she didn’t have enough left in her to even lick at it as her climax rolled in she pushed hard back into Ian trapping his cock inside her pussy walls, as he exploded inside her, her own climax met his and Frankie fell face down on the floor, Ian still buried to the hilt inside her, falling with her, both completely sated and throbbing all over. Frankie’s face still dripping Danny’s cum.

Ian’s arms wrapped around her, rolling her over, he kissed her gently tasting Danny’s cum on her face, he started to lick at it and kissed her more passionately as there tongues met sharing Danny’s cum between them.

While Frankie and Ian sat recovering, Dave had recovered quickly and they watched as Cathy sat on the sofa, Chris holding her legs apart while Dave fingers played around her clit, Danny was laid on the sofa his head buried in Cathy's chest, licking and sucking her nipples forcing Cathy to push her pussy upwards to Dave's fingers, Ian shuffled across the floor and with Chris still holding Cathy's legs apart he pulled her down to the floor and buried his face in her pussy.

Frankie feeling left out moved towards the sofa and with Danny still sucking Cathy's nipples she pulled his legs towards her as her tongue wrapped around his cock, she started to lap at it, pulling it into her mouth and teasing the head, circling her tongue around the tip.

Ian was now licking and sucking Chris's clit, taking it into his mouth deep, his fingers found her entrance and started to punch away at her quickly swelling g-spot, she was moaning loudly and her juice was running over Ian's fingers as he fucked in and out of her.

Frankie now had Danny's cock buried well inside her mouth as laid on a side he slowly fucked in and out of her mouth.

Dave's fingers now pushing harder into Cathy, as she was screaming for him to fuck her harder, he now had three fingers inside her as Chris taken over by what Ian was doing to her pussy let Chris's legs drop, Danny leaned down pulling one away from the other to allow Dave greater access.

Dave started to push his little finger in and fucking Cathy harder and harder her juices flowing down her legs as she moaned above him, without warning his thumb was inside her as he felt her pussy relax around it he started to move slowly.

Chris was screaming and trying to push Ian away as her climax ran through her Ian lapping her and sucking her orgasm from her, not letting her go, Chris bouncing all over his face, soaking him.

Frankie carried on her assault on Danny's cock, massaging his shaft quickly as her tongue beat out over the tip, Danny still pushing into her face, until he pulled out suddenly 'I want to fuck you Frankie' he said as he slid off the sofa his cock hard as a rock.

Frankie looking up saw Dave's fist all the way in Cathy as she bounced about her juice flowing all over his hand, Dave punching away at her, lifting her upwards with his hand inside her.

Danny laid in the floor and instructed Frankie to sit astride him, as Frankie spread her legs either side of his body, she lowered herself quickly onto his rock hard cock and started to lift up and down on him, just a little at a time then pull up again.

Danny roughly pulled her down onto him and forward as he pumped his cock into her fast, Ian saw his opportunity as he got behind Frankie, his fingers started to play with her ass, moving in and out slowly at first as Danny fucked her from below pumping hard and fast, Frankie was struggling to hold on to him, as Ian thrust his finger all the way in, her cum flooded from her, leaving Danny's cock to slop in and out of her.

Cathy's final orgasm screamed through the full room as they all stopped what they were doing to watch Dave's fist nearly shoot clean out of her as she exploded straight into his face and collapsed on the sofa.

Chris climbed on to the sofa and started to stroke Cathy's hair, softly holding her to her.

Dave crouched down on the floor next to Frankie as Danny's cock started to thrust again, Dave pushed his cock into Frankie's mouth, which she licked at greedily, sucking him in deep, he started to fuck her face hard, his precum on her tongue he held her head now onto him.

Ian behind her now had her ass tweaking as he thrust two fingers inside her she was cumming all over him and Danny's cock, with Dave's cock buried in her mouth time started to stand still as Dave's cock fucked her mouth, Danny's tried to keep inside her sopping wet pussy, she was vaguely aware of her ass checks opening around Ian's cock and she thought she had never felt so full in her life.

Dave's cock in her mouth started to twitch, as he held her head not moving any more, she felt his first spurt hit her tongue and was't even aware she was swallowing him now, her own body completely lost in the assault of all her holes in one.

As Dave pulled out of her mouth she reached a hand out to stroke him, but he pulled away from her, she was floating now, not even aware that she was still being roughly fucked in both her pussy and her ass, she was lost as she heard a roar behind her as Ian thrust deep inside her his cum shooting straight into her rectum, she had cum so many time now she didn't think she had another left in her.

Danny still fucking her pussy as Ian pulled out of her, Frankie was still unaware she was bouncing up and down rapidly meeting each of Danny's thrusts with her own, her body now froze as she stopped moving her climax started in her shoulders, tweaked her breasts on the way down her tummy tingled, her mound throbbed as she fell into it everything throbbed and twitched as she came with Danny still pumping into her, holding her tight, his final thrust as he rode his own climax out over hers and spilt his cum into her throbbing, pulsing, soaking wet pussy.

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