Frankie & Ian Sex Game Part 2

Chris held out six straws in her hand and asked each to pull one to decide who went first, explaining the first cards would all be light until everyone had had two go’s each and then they could be medium or hard.

The short straw got to go first and the rest followed in size upwards until the longest was last.

Once they had all pulled a straw Chris held the final one out and measured against the rest, Ian had pulled the short straw, next the all selected a game piece, Ian selected a boob, Frankie selected a set of balls, Cathy selected the cock, Dave selected lips, Chris selected a pussy and Danny selected an arse.

Ian was the first to go, so rolled the dice, getting a double six first go meant he had another throw, picking his first card, he read out loud ‘Kiss your partner’ as Frankie was sat on the floor, Cathy was the closest so he turned and pecked her on the lips, then rolled his dice again, this time he got four, picking the card up turning it over he read ‘remove and item of clothing’ so he removed his shirt passing the dice to Frankie to roll next.

Frankie rolled the dice and picked her card, reading it out ‘put your hand on your partners groin’ Frankie leaned across to Chris and placed her hand against her pussy.

Pulling it away grinning, she turned to Ian and could see that was what he wanted her to do.

By the time they had gone round twice, Ian was minus his shirt, Cathy had lost her blouse, Dave lost his t-shirt, Danny was sat in just jeans, Frankie had removed her hold ups, knowing that the only other clothes she could remove was her dress with no underwear on, Chris had also removed her hold ups and various parts of each other’s anatomy had been touched or kissed.

‘Let’s move it up a notch now’ Chris said, holding another set of cards and shuffling them, ‘now we need to agree whether we are all playing together or just with our partners to move on to the next tasks.’

This time it was Cathy who spoke first ‘we can all play together, but I am not having sex with anyone other than Dave’.

Chris’s face lit up and she said ‘what are we waiting for then, Ian roll the dice’ she instructed as she put the cards down face down.

Ian rolled the dice and picked up his card reading it out ‘remove the remainder of your clothes if you have any left, if not remove your partners’. Ian undid his jeans and slid them off on to the floor, Frankie turned round to see his magnificent cock in the only position she wanted to see it, upright laid against his belly. She felt her pussy twitch as she looked at it, wanting with all her heart to take him in her mouth there and then.

Frankie dragged her eyes away and noticed Cathy couldn’t take her eyes of it either as she sat licking her lips.

Frankie rolled the dice, picked her card up and read out ‘kiss an erogenous zone on your partner’ with everything she had in her she knew that if she kissed Ian or any part of him she would have to take his cock in her mouth, so she choose to passionately kiss Chris on the lips, swirling her tongue around her mouth, Chris’s tongue met hers as the batted away at each other, pushing deep inside, Frankie was lost until she heard Danny say ‘give over you two, let someone else have a go’. Frankie pulled away and sat back down, smiling at Chris as she did.

It was Chris’s turn, as she rolled the dice picked up her card and read it out ‘tie your partner to a chair’ without blinking Chris was on her feet, leading Ian to a chair, grabbing both hers and Frankie’s hold ups and tying his feet and arms, Ian sat back cock protruding in the air.

Dave was the next to throw as he rolled the dice picked up his card and read it out ‘kiss your partner passionately on the lips’ Dave was straight off the settee and by Frankie’s side lips met, tongues collided as she fell back into him, swirling her tongue inside her mouth as they heard Cathy ‘come on it’s my turn’.

Cathy rolled the dice picked up her card and read out loud ‘touch an erogenous zone on your partner’ Cathy didn’t hesitate as Frankie knew she wouldn’t as she got off the sofa and walked to the chair Ian was sat tied too, she reached down and her hand snaked around his cock and without knowing she was moving it up and down on his shaft, immediately Frankie got up and moved towards them, her tongue snaking out to Ian’s cock while Cathy continued to massage it, she licked the tip and circled the head already catching his first signs of precum.

Cathy moved further down now and cupping his balls started to stroke them giving Frankie more room to move down the shaft, she thought she heard Chris say something along the lines of ‘it looks like the games over’ but as she turned to look Dave had his face buried in her pussy and Danny was sat above her massaging her nipples.

Frankie carried on her assault of Ian’s cock while Cathy untied her dress, letting it fall to the floor, her hand reached out for Frankie’s naked pussy and started to massage her mound with the heel of it.

Frankie spread her legs wider so Cathy could get at her as she continued to suck and lick Ian’s cock, his moaning was getting louder with every sweep down the shaft her tongue did, she licked the precum off the tip and moved back down the shaft, her hand now massaging the shaft, where Cathy’s had been.

Cathy had obviously not been near a woman before because Frankie could feel her hands shaking against her as her fingers started to part her labia, one dipped in and feeling Frankie’s wetness pulled it out and ran it back over her clit, stroking it gently, Frankie started to push herself against it, as she felt Ian tense up above her, her tongue beating against his cock, he started to thrust his cock into her throat, getting faster with each thrust of his pelvis, she felt him spit on her tongue as his cock started to cum down her throat, flooding her tonsils, Cathy’s fingers touching her tentatively below not having much affect at all.

Frankie let Ian fall from her mouth, as usual he was still semi hard, his cum still in her mouth she turned to Cathy and kissed her full on the mouth her tongue sharing Ian’s cum with her, Cathy pulled away at first but once Frankie’s expert tongue started its battle with hers Cathy was lost and kissed her back tasting Ian in her mouth.

Still kissing her she was aware someone was behind her unfastening Ian’s binds as she heard his sloppy cock moving up and down again she assumed Chris was on him but as she pulled away from Cathy’s mouth her fingers at the ready she noticed it was Danny massaging Ian’s cock and judging by the way Ian’s head had gone back he was enjoying evry minute of it.

Frankie spun Cathy on to her back and looked round to see Dave’s head still buried in Chris’ pussy, Chris squirting all over him screaming out at the top of her voice as her own fingers starting to open Cathy’s pussy lips, Cathy spread her legs wider to to let them in, first she dipped one finger in and started to swirl it around gently getting Cathy wet, then she pushed another in, looking up she could see Danny now had Ian’s cock in his mouth and was taking more of it in then she could, he was nearly licking his balls at the same time.

Ian’s hands now free where on Danny’s head pushing him further down onto him as his tongue moved up and down, Ian’s head was still back, moaning louder than ever, Frankie didn’t know whether she liked this or not, she had never seen a man giving another man head.

Frankie’s fingers started to move inside Cathy now, she was getting wet and Frankie deciding she was furious at what Danny was doing started to take it out on Cathy pussy with a vengeance as her fingers lifted upwards she quickly found Cathy’s g-spot and pulling her towards her she fucked fast and furiously at it Cathy was moaning now as Frankie fucked her pussy even harder she felt her start to squirt as Cathy bounced all over her hand Frankie didn’t let up as Cathy was screaming now ‘did I just squirt Frankie’ she asked through the moans.

‘You did honey yes, and you are going to squirt a lot more before I have finished with you, hold on for the ride’.

As Frankie continued to pull Cathy towards her with her fingers deep inside her pussy, Cathy was flooding all over now, her fingers soaking she continued the rhythm matching Danny licking up and down on Ian’s cock, she was sure it was bigger than ever.

Cathy was really gushing now as her screams filled the room Frankie still fucked in and out of her pussy, leaning downwards she took her clit between her teeth and bit it gently flicking her tongue over it gently, Cathy now pushing her pussy into Frankie’s face, grinding into her, Frankie continued to lick and suck on her clit as her fingers banged in and out Cathy was beside herself screaming she couldn’t take anymore, but Frankie continued to beat away three fingers now inside her fucking her rapidly, juice running all over them onto her lips as she sucked her clit in deep, she felt Cathy tense up and her hands on Frankie’s head pushing her away but Frankie held on until the moment Ian screamed and filled Danny’s mouth with his cum, Frankie turned to look at Ian’s face as he spilled his cum down Danny’s throat, Danny not missing a drop and swallowing fast, Frankie’s fingers flopped out of Cathy’s pussy just as she experienced the best climax of her life, or so she was exclaiming as she flooded the floor below.

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