Frankie goes to a Conference

Frankie had to go to a conference with work and wasn’t really looking forward to it, she was presenting in one of the sessions so had decided to book a hotel the night before.

As she arrived she noticed the bar was full of all her regional colleagues looking like they were getting very d***k.

She checked in and went to her room. She had just decided to have a shower when her phone bleeped with a text message. ‘Saw you sneak in, come down and join us we are going for something to eat in a few minutes’ Rich said.

She replied she was going to have a shower after the long journey and would see them downstairs.

Before she got in the shower she opened her overnight bag and pulled out a black and white maxi dress, not over the top but just enough to be suitable for the evening.

She got in the shower, she hadn’t shaved that morning so set about the task taking everything off, she washed her hair and then just enjoyed the feeling of the water cascading over her, bringing her back to life.

The shower was very powerful and had three settings on it, she thought wickedly it was a long time since she had played with the shower head, as she unhooked it, turned the dial round to a shot spray, turned the temperature down, stood with her legs open and directed the jet straight at her clit.

The f***e of it nearly knocked Frankie over as it made contact, she had to pull it further back just holding it there she was feeling her climax coming quickly, her knees buckled under her as she rode it out over the jets, trying not to move it away.

As she collapsed to the floor of the shower her cum flooding out of her, she was sure she had heard a knock on the door.

She quickly gathered herself up, wrapped herself in a towel, which only just covered her and walked to the door.

As she opened it trying to stay behind it so the person at the other side couldn’t see her, it was Rich ‘Oh sorry Frankie I thought you might be ready now’ she noticed the grin on his face. ‘Sorry, yes, give me 20 minutes and I will join you downstairs’ she replied pushing the door towards him.

‘Mind if I come and wait while you get ready’ he asked, the grin deepening into a smile now.

‘Well, I would rather get ready in peace if you don’t mind’ she said with a slight tone to her voice, ‘oh go on you won’t even notice I am here’ he persisted.

Frankie pulled the door open, grabbed a bath robe wrapping herself in it, she let him in but continued with her ritual of getting ready, pulling the dress off the bed she went back into the bathroom, dried herself, put deodorant on and pulled the dress over her head.

Rich just sat on the bed while she put her make up on, dried and straightened her hair, as she sat on the bed to put her sandals on, she felt Rich move behind her.

Frankie didn’t really know why he had stayed in the room all that time when he could have been downstairs with the others while she got dressed, but she grabbed her bag, phone and cigs and made for the door. ‘Come on then. Let’s eat’ as her hand reached for the door.

‘I’m not really that hungry’ he replied. ‘Well I am so come on we are going now, besides where do the others think you have gone?’ ‘I told them I was going to ring the wife’ he replied looking sheepish.

‘Right well I will go first and you can give me five minutes, don’t want them thinking anything untoward’ Frankie was annoyed now, he had put her in a situation she didn’t like and not even told her why.

She left the room, Rich close behind her, as they reached Reception she motioned for him to walk the other way as she walked to the restaurant.

As she walked in, she heard a wolf whistle as Tony said ‘bl**dy hell girl, you scrub up well’ embarrassed Frankie replied with a ‘thanks’.

She was hungry now and as they had waited for her to order the waitress appeared at their sides, she nearly always had the same if it was on the menu, so ordered her fillet steak medium rare with stilton sauce.

As the drinks appeared so did Rich, making some excuse ‘she had kept him on the phone for ages, he couldn’t get away’ the guys around laughed with him, but Frankie was still annoyed with him, she really didn’t know what his game was.

The food arrived and they ate it all chatting comfortably around the table, Frankie being the only woman amongst them was really enjoying being one of the men for the night and of course they couldn’t do enough for her either.

She finished her drink stood up and made her excuses to go outside for a cigarette, she didn’t think anyone around the table smoked so she just wandered off on her own.

The smoking area was around the back of the hotel and it was getting dark with only little pin lights for light she went and sat in the corner.

She had just lit up when Rich appeared again ‘I didn’t know you smoked’ she asked ‘I don’t Frankie but I wanted to get you on your own’ he replied, she now noticed the grin had gone and he was nervous.

Frankie noticing the mood had changed asked him why ‘don’t be naive Frankie I fancy you like mad, every time I hear you speak or laugh my cock springs up, look at it now’ he pointed at his groin.

‘Rich, this is wrong you are married, the thought had never crossed my mind, you talk to me about your wife all the time’ she replied.

As she crushed her cigarette out she realised he was stood very close to her, before she knew it their lips met and he was pulling her towards him, she felt herself melt into his kiss as his body shook beneath her, he really was nervous.

Frankie pulled away from him and looked him in the eyes, noticing for the first time they where the most beautiful deep, brown, suddenly she was lost in them as he whispered ‘I need you Frankie now!’

‘We can’t’ she protested ‘the others, what will we say’ ‘what goes on tour stays on tour’ isn’t that the saying, he replied now gaining more confidence, as he pulled her back towards him, she couldn’t deny the wetness below as his tongue found hers, she couldn’t help but fight back against it with her own.

Rich’s hands started to move up her body as still kissing her he found her nipples, under the dress, no bra, they came to life instantly to his touch as he pushed his tongue further into her mouth, their bodies grinding against each other, Frankie could now feel his hard cock pushing at the front of her dress.

The hotel they were staying in was in the middle of nowhere as Rich grabbed Frankie’s hand they walked out the back way and down the road, fields either side of them. The darkness had come in now and as they walked further from the lightness of the hotel their vision was shortening.

Rich pulled Frankie through a gateway and pushed her against the post, before she could protest he was on his knees her dress above him, his head buried in her pussy pulling her into his tongue ‘Oh you naughty girl’ he breathed as he noticed Frankie had no underwear on.

Shit! Frankie thought, she hadn’t put any on, how an earth did that happen, all thoughts left her as his expert tongue found the nub of her clit, pulling her lips apart with his fingers, he started a slow lick of it, backwards and forwards biting it gently, Frankie holding her breath as the sensations of his tongue working her clit washed over her, she pulled the top of her dress down and started to squeeze both nipples hard in time with Rich’s tongue, his fingers now opening the lips of her pussy as he inserted first one then two he found her g-spot in an instant as he started to pull at it.

Frankie could feel herself floating away on his tongue as her fingers squeezed harder on her nipples she was moaning loudly above him now, grinding her pussy into his face, she felt a warm glow wash over her as his fingers fucked away at her g- spot she heard him mutter ‘fuck me a woman who squirts, Mmmmm squirt all over me Frankie, I want your juice in my mouth’ Frankie could feel her juiced running all over Rich’s fingers and mouth as he lapped away at them, her head went back as her legs tensed her climax hit her, as she pushed Rich’s head away from her, her clit now sensitive to touch his fingers slowed inside her as she gushed all over them, her legs gave way but Rich held her up, climbing out from under her dress he pushed his soaking fingers into her mouth which she licked at and sucked at until they where dry.

Rich was rock hard now and turning Frankie round, he lifted her dress back up, his cock soon found her entrance as she pushed back against him, grinding her pussy.

Rich started a slow movement in and out of her as his hands came round her one found her clit and the other massaged a nipple.

Frankie started to push back harder into him how, feeling his length along her pussy walls she rode him backwards and forwards ‘fuck Frankie, you have the most amazing pussy, hold on girl because I am going to fuck the life out of it’

Rich moved both hands to her hips now and bending her over his cock buried to the hilt inside her, as he held onto her he started to fuck her faster and faster with each thrust, Frankie could feel him hitting her magic spot as she started squirting all over him, moaning loudly as his balls hit her arse time and time again, trying to dig a hole in her with his cock, ‘you fucking dirty bitch Frankie, where do you want my cum?’ he asked her between thrusts. ‘I want it in my mouth’ she screeched at the top of her voice, my pussy is about to cum again any minute’ still yelling and moaning loudly, she felt the night still and looked around to total silence and blackness all about, as her legs started to shake her g-spot now swollen out of all proportion as his cock fucked her hard.

Frankie held tight to the gate post, so tight she could feel her fingers going numb as she pushed back against his cock, a scream left her as her climax exploded all over him, the f***e of it pushing Rich’s cock straight out of her.

Frankie’s pussy still throbbing Rich came to the side of her as she tried to move off the gate post he thrust his cock straight in her mouth, he tasted of her, her cum covering his cock, as her tongue snaked the tip and all around his uncut head, he pulled her head onto it, as he tensed up, she felt the first splash on her tongue as his seed started to pump out of his cock into her warm waiting mouth, she lapped at it and rolled it around her tongue, his cock still in her mouth, her hands gently massaging the last of it out of him.

As Rich removed his cock from Frankie’s mouth, she stood up to him and kissed him full on, his cum still in her mouth, he was a bit hesitant at first, but once her tongue hit his he tongued her back at the same furious rhythm as hers beat his.

As he pulled back from her he said ‘sorry I was hesitant, I have never tasted my own cum before, but mixed with your mouth juices it was ok’ ‘not everyone likes it I would have understood if you didn’t’ she replied.

His arms moving around her waist he pulled her in tight and hugged her whispering in her ear ‘thanks Frankie that was better than I could ever have imagined it would be. ‘You weren’t too bad yourself, that’s one hell of a tongue you have got there, not sure I can sit and listen to you talk tomorrow now, knowing what it can do to me’

They straightened themselves up and walked back to the hotel hand in hand until they got into the light. When they got in, Frankie said she would just go to her room and see him in the morning. ‘Can I come with you?’ he asked ‘No you go back to the lads, tell them I had a headache and you have been looking after me’.

‘Ok, Rich nodded, but not sure how I am going to keep this grin off my face in front of them. ‘Oh you will manage I am sure, night night Rich see you in the morning’ she said squeezing his arse as he walked back to the others.

The next morning they were all that worse for wear Frankie didn’t think they would even of noticed her disappearing act last night, or at least she hoped!!!!

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