Frankie's latest visit to the Coffee Shop

Frankie was horny as fuck and she walked into the coffee shop a week to the day she had last fucked Bob, she didn’t know whether he would there, but if not she would find someone else to satisfy her urge.

She ordered her coffee, sugared it as usual and went to sit down on the sofa they had sat on the previous week, it was a good place as it was quite dark and the table was just tall enough that no one could see under it. Or so she hoped!

She couldn’t believe she was planning what she was going to do next.

As she sat with her coffee, she got a book out of her bag, leaned back into the sofa and started reading it, she had to be careful how she sat today though, as she had lost two thongs she wasn’t losing another, so as she had dressed in the morning she made a point of not putting one on.

Her pussy was freshly shaved to and as she tried to read her book all she could think of was Bob’s cock pounding in and out of her, her pussy now dribbling at the thought.

She decided to give up on the book, just as the familiar voice asked ‘is anyone sitting there?’

Frankie looked up into his eyes and she couldn’t stop the smile from escaping her lips as she replied ‘only you as far as I know!’

Bob sat next to hear and this time she didn’t feel uncomfortable about him being in her space, instead she turned and kissed him on the check welcoming him.

Bob felt his cock lurch as he felt her breath on his face and so wanted to pull her into his arms and tongue her mouth deep, but he resisted.

‘What are your plans for me today then?’ she whispered as his head leaned in towards her ‘well you will just have to wait and see, have you anywhere you need to be within the next two hours’ he asked. ‘No, I have cleared my diary I am all yours for now’ she breathed back into his ear.

‘Good, because I have somewhere I want to take you, are you ok with that? He asked. ‘Oh I am intrigued now’ she said as her lips moved towards his mouth, just touching his lightly. ‘Come on then what are we waiting for?’ Frankie replied standing up and grabbing his head.

As they walked out of the coffee shop, Bob held his hand aloft as he flagged a passing black cab, the black cab stopped and he practically dragged Frankie inside, indicating to the driver where they were going and clicking the privacy screen in place he pulled Frankie into his arms as his mouth met hers their tongues flicking against each other, his hand up her skirt ‘fuck you are not wearing my trophy, what am I going to take from you this week’ he grinned.

Frankie didn’t answer him, just reached down, undid his belt, unzipped his jeans as her hand found his cock, she found he wore no underwear either and he was soaking wet and rock hard.
As Frankie started to rub the tip with her fingers his precum was flooding out, she snaked her hand around his shaft and started to move it up and down quickly, his head moved into her neck as he groaned loudly into her ear ‘fuck! I am going to cum any minute, you best let go’ Frankie hadn’t even heard him as she was too carried away as she continued massaging his shaft up and down she was getting even faster, so she reached into her bag and struggled to open a pack of baby wipes with one hand she continued to pump his shaft with the other.

Frankie felt Bob tense up as her movements continued she quickly moved her other hand towards his cock cradling the tip with it, baby wipes at the ready, Bob f***ed his tongue into her mouth to avoid screaming out just as she caught his cum in the baby wipe, he was pumping and pumping into her hand now, so much cum that she had to reach in and get more baby wipes, just as the driver stopped the cab and said ‘we are here mate, this ok?’

‘Yes fine thanks’ said Frankie as Bob quickly zipped himself back up, fastened his belt and straightened Frankie’s skirt out for her before she stood up.

Frankie was still cradling the baby wipes splattered with his cum as they got out of the cab. Bob grabbed her hand again as she walked past a bin she discarded the baby wipes. Her hand still covered in his cum.

Bob led her across the road and into a park as they walked down the path chatting like old friends, passing women with pushchairs, runners and couples out for a stroll in the sun, Frankie was quite enjoying the moment and realised they had never really talked before but found him incredibly easy to talk to, as at last they chatted about work, families and hobbies.

Frankie wasn’t surprised to hear Bob was married but what did it matter this was just sex, wasn’t it?

As they walked further ahead they headed for a wooded area and suddenly there was no one else about.

Bob took this opportunity gratefully as he pushed Frankie up against a tree, her breath caught in her throat as he tongue met hers, his lips grinding hard at her mouth, pushing her even harder against the tree.

Frankie’s hands reaching down towards his cock as he pulled away from her saying ‘no it’s your turn now’ as his mouth started to move down her body, his hands finding their way inside her shirt, quickly pulling her breasts from her bra, he was suckling into her nipples his hands moving further down, Frankie’s legs spreading wider the lower he got.

With one swift movement, his lips still nibbling at her nipples, her skirt was up around her waist as he thrust two fingers straight inside her, Frankie bore down on them as they found her g-spot he started to finger fuck her hard in and out her pussy already soaking wet as she groaned loudly pushing herself back at his fingers, he got his rhythm quickly as he pulled against her g-spot, he could feel it swell to his every touch.

Frankie was screaming now as the sound of her pussy slopping over his fingers was driving her crazy, she pushed her arse harder into the tree and she bounced up and down against him.

With every thrust her pussy was squirting all over him and she knew she wouldn’t be long in cumming,

Frankie again tried to reach for his cock but he pulled back away from her, he was there at this moment in time to purely pleasure her.

As she felt the bark on her arse the harder she pushed into the tree, her head back baying to the moon, her cum pouring out of her, she lifted his head to hers and her tongue found his, seeking out the inside of his mouth, she tensed up against his fingers squeezing the life out of them, Bob felt her and knew she was about to climax, he pulled his mouth away from hers, kissing her, he moved down until he was kneeling in front of her, his fingers still banging away inside, Frankie felt his breath against her clit as his tongue snaked out and made contact with it, she lost all sense of being and pushing into his face her climax took over as he pulled his fingers out for fear of them being crushed inside her, he rode her orgasm with his lips, sucking and lapping at every drop that came out of her.

Frankie was trying to pull away from him again as her sensitive clit could take no more attention, but he was strong and he held her tight to him as his tongue, licked and sucked at her, running down to her wet pussy and back up to her clit hood, she was coming back to life again as she pulled him back into her, her breathing getting faster, moaning loudly as the world around her seemed to stop, his tongue felt like a delicious feather tickling her as it flicked up and across her clit.

Frankie was flying now, soaring up in the sky as his mouth encased her full clit hood he started to suck deeply on the nub as she felt the climb down her body becoming numb her legs shaking uncontrollably she squirted full into his mouth just as her knees gave way, she took him down to the ground with her.

Bob gathered Frankie up in his arms and held her while she recovered, she was shattered and so was he, so he soothed her, kissing her gently and telling her what an incredibly sexy woman she was.

As Frankie lay in Bob’s arms, her pussy still throbbing and pulsing she thought she hadn’t satisfied him, so she lazily reached for his cock, but he put his hand in the way and stopped her ‘no not today’ he whispered ‘I need to be back soon, I have had all the satisfaction I need today just turning you on’.

Frankie tried to protest, but he wasn’t having any of it, as he picked her up of the ground, pulled her skirt back down brushed her clothes, grabbed her hand as they walked back to the main road.

Bob flagged a black cab, invited Frankie to get in it, paid the driver, kissed her hard on the lips saying ‘until next week Frankie and thanks’.

Bob waved Frankie off as the cab set off, she didn’t quite know what had happened today, she felt like the goal posts had moved, a smile crept over her face as she felt her pussy still throbbing from the exertion earlier as her hand reached to touch it, it was still soaking wet and she knew she smelt very strongly of sex.

She got out of the cab and walked to her car, still smiling at the wonderful feeling in her pussy but thinking she needed to get home before Ian to shower!!!

Next week couldn’t come soon enough for now!!

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nice, I like public sex!