Frankie visits the Coffee Shop again

Frankie had an hour to kill before her meeting so decided to visit the coffee shop again, possibly in the hope that Bob might also be there so they could have a rerun, but if not she would be happy just to get off her feet for half an hour.

She was wearing her usual work clothes of skirt suit, shirt, hold ups and shoes, today her suit was grey, it was warm outside and she couldn’t wait to take her shoes and jacket off.

She ordered her coffee, sugared it and went to sit in the corner a full sofa to herself, she slipped her feet out of her shoes, waggling her toes to bring them back to life, removed her jacket and threw it over the sofa behind her.

She put her laptop on the table in front of her, opened it up, connected to the wireless and read her emails. As she sorted them into order of importance, her toes still wiggling under the table a voice she thought she recognised asked ‘is this seat taken? As Frankie looked up her breath held in her throat as she opened her mouth to reply, no words came out.

‘In that case, seeing as you’re speechless, can I get you another coffee’ he laughed.

She swallowed deep, her tongue trying to wet the inside of her mouth to enable the words to come out, when it did she gasped ‘no its ok I have just got this one’.

As Frankie tried to go back to her emails, she felt the sofa sink as he sat down right next to her. She felt a little uncomfortable with his closeness and tried to move in towards the arm of the sofa to create a little space between them.

Bob’s lips came to her ear as he whispered ‘no one has ever done to me what you did last week and for the record not only did I take your thong home I also retrieved your hold ups after you left, you won’t believe how many times I have cum over them since.’

Frankie’s breath caught in her throat again as she tried to reply, no words would come out as her pussy twitched her legs had a mind of their own as she opened them under the table.

‘I am going to pay you back for what you did to me last week, right here and now’ Bob said into her ear, letting his tongue flick over it briefly as he pulled away, her pussy twitching wondering what was coming next.

Frankie tried in vain to focus on the screen in front of her as she felt his breath on her neck his hand moved quickly to her skirt before she could even inhale he was probing her thong his fingers quickly finding their way through as she tried to close her legs, she stifled her moans as his breath got hotter on her neck, everything in her wanted to thrust her tongue down his throat and let him finger bang her right there in full view of everyone else, she could feel the flush rise up her chest as she fought not to scream out as his fingers banged at her pussy, she bit down on her lip forcing herself to look at the screen in front of her.

Bob was getting increasingly harder as his fingers pounded in and out of Frankie’s pussy the look on her face as she struggled not to moan was turning him to mush, he needed to fuck her now but knew he couldn’t.

Frankie’s face felt as red as a beetroot now as she stifled the moans riding Bob’s fingers under the table, her legs starting to bounce all over him, she knew someone must have seen what they were doing but she was powerless to stop him as her cum seeped out of her it just gave him more to ride her with.

Frankie didn’t know how she got the words out but she managed to say into his ear ‘I want your cock in me now, take your fingers out let me straighten up and meet me round the corner in 5 minutes’

‘I am quite happy tormenting you like this thanks, he laughed ‘but then again my cock is rock hard and it needs your pussy’ his fingers slipped out with a slurping sound that Frankie was sure the whole place had heard.

As Frankie gathered herself up, put her shoes back on, retrieved her jacket from the back of the sofa and packed her laptop away, her legs where shaking so bad .

Bob just got up and walked away, saying nothing.

She drank the last of her coffee which was now cold to see if that would calm her down, then as casually as she could, feeling anything but casual, she walked out of the coffee shop.

She didn’t know how her legs got her to the alley way behind the shop, but as she walked down it not knowing if Bob was there or not, the horror of what she was doing struck her, so she turned to walk back just as a hand snaked out from behind her and dragged her into a corner ‘you wanted my cock and my cock is what you are going to get’ Bob hissed at her as his hands pulled at her skirt, he ripped her thong clean off her, deposited it in his jeans pocket, another for the collection he thought grinning.

He roughly turned her around and thrust his rock hard cock straight into her pussy, pulling her back onto him his hands reached for her breasts grabbing at her nipples through her shirt and bra pulling them in turn, his cock fucking in and out of her, her head back this time she howled ‘fuck yes, yes, yes, fuck me with your big hard cock, keep fucking me hard’ as Bob’s hand moved up to cover her mouth to stifle her screams, her climax was approaching and she felt the hot wave inside her fucking away, he was driving her insane her pussy exploding all over his, squirting more and more with each thrust of his cock, she rose up quickly, her nipples tingled, her belly tingled and the whole world seemed to stand still as Bob’s cock fucked and fucked at her, she felt herself biting into the hand that was covering her mouth to stifle the groans coming from her now louder than ever.

Bob pulled his hand away as it smarted with pain from her biting it, ‘cum over my cock, keep cumming all over my cock and I will shoot my seed straight inside of you’ he hissed.

Frankie felt the climb down coming as she tensed forcing herself back onto his cock with such power he shot straight into her as her climax shot down between his cock and her legs, pussy throbbing and pulsing around his cock squeezing the last of his cum.

Bob pulled her up, cock still deep inside, as he slid out of her he bent down pulled up his jeans, zipped them up fastened his belt, Frankie still stood with her back to him turned round as he walked off saying ‘same time next week Frankie, and thanks for the trophy.’

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that must be what heavens like, my cock,s rock hard now