Frankie's Video Scene 3

Adam woke up and lifted Frankie from him, placing her back down in the sofa trying not to wake her he went to the toilet and relieved himself, as he walked back in the studio Frankie was just rousing and when she saw him walking towards her again semi hard she couldn’t fail to smile at him, a smile he noticed that went straight to her eyes.

Adam bent towards her and picked her up carrying her to the bathroom, he stood her in front of him as James came back in the studio, ‘are you ready for another session? Would you like to try the Jacuzzi? He asked.

Frankie’s eyes lit up at the memory of her last session in a Jacuzzi as she warmly said ‘yes please, just let me clean myself up and use the loo and I will be back’ she said as she leaned into Adam and kissed him.

Frankie washed herself down after using the toilet, shook her hair out and headed back to the Jacuzzi, Adam got hold of her hand as they both stepped into it, the power of the jets taking her breath away, as she gingerly sat down pulling Adam with her.

Adam had other ideas though as he put his hands under her hips he lifted her back up and seated her on the edge, pulling her towards him, his tongue finding her clit beating a tune against it, Frankie felt her wetness start again and his tongue swept backwards and forwards across her clit, her fingers going white with the pressure she was using to hold herself up without drowning Adam.

His head bobbed up and down in front of her pussy as he tongue continued its assault on her clit, she felt herself start to tense up as she started to head towards a tunnel just at the point she saw the blue light beckoning her back, she flooded his face with her climax, squirting him full on, her legs started to give way as she tried to bounce away from Adam’s tongue, he held her thighs firmly in his hands keeping his head and her pussy above the water.

Finally when he could hold on no more he pulled his head away and released her as she fell back down onto the seat in the Jacuzzi, her pussy immediately making contact with one of the jets, she jumped straight back up as she came again.

Adam was now sat down at the other side feeling the jets work on his cock, Frankie moved towards him her mouth found his and as his fingers worked her nipples her tongue fought its own battle with his kissing him deeply, her arms around his neck, her legs either side of his cock, still kissing him she beckoned him further down as she slid onto his now rock hard cock.

Adam was buried to the hilt in one move, Frankie started to lift up and back down again, her breasts creating a splash with the bubbles, his lips trying to control each breast in turn as she bounced up and down, eventually he grabbed them with both hands bringing them to his mouth his lips seeking her nipples his teeth nibbling gently on them.

Frankie was lost as she continued to impale herself on his rock hard cock, her g-spot was swollen beyond its limit as she felt her climax approaching she completely missed Adam tense up and before she knew it he had shot his cum straight into her as her pussy throbbed with the onslaught she pushed down hard on him with his cock still cumming inside her, her own climax and juices battling against it, she collapsed onto to him, legs nearly doing the splits.

After a few minutes Adam lifted Frankie up as he got out of the Jacuzzi he held the a towel open for her to climb into and wrapped it around her, picking her up he carried her across to the queen size bed in the studio, laid her down and swiftly turned her over, Frankie looked up at him and realised he now had cuffs in his hands, before she got chance to respond he had pulled the first leg, then the second and cuffed them to the bed.

‘Mmmmmm’ she moaned ‘what are you going to do to me?’

‘You will just have to wait and see’ he replied as he caught her arm in his hand and tied it the top of the bed, quickly followed by the other arm.

Adam thought she looked so fucking delicious spread out in front of him as he got on the bed next to her she couldn’t quite see behind her what he was doing, but she could feel her pussy twitching with her wetness as something hard rubbed against at her lips, without warning he pushed whatever it was straight in her, as she felt him turn the vibrations on her pussy started to flood the bed her arse bouncing up against it, he wasn’t even moving it but the vibrations alone where making her squirt and squirt and squirt. Frankie didn’t know what the toy was but she knew she would certainly be buying one any day soon.

As Adam held the vibrator in her, still not moving it, he was amazed at how her pussy was cumming over and over again, she just couldn’t stop, her pussy pushing further into the bed to ride the vibrations, Adam was enthralled at this woman beneath him he thought he could watch her cum all day long, gently and very slowly he started to push at her arse hole with his finger, but with the power of the vibrations and Frankie’s moaning getting increasingly louder and louder by the minute her arse muscles relaxed as he finger slid straight in, he started to probe inside her, circling his finger, feeling the strong vibrations though her pussy walls.

‘Fuck’ he exclaimed ‘I have to fuck your arse now’ as he removed his finger his legs spread either side of her he held his cock rock in his hand as he guided the head to her arse hole, Frankie lifted up towards him and tried to push against him but he was moving slowly and gently circling her arse hole with his cock head as the move slightly upwards caused the vibrations to hit her g-spot she screamed out ‘fuck I can’t cum anymore, surely it’s not possible as she rose up and her g-spot met the vibrator again, she felt her arse lifting higher protruding into the air as her pussy ground into it she was screaming for mercy now as the heat started to move down her body she was now bouncing about pushing her pussy into the mattress as Adam tried to hold onto her hips his cock head still jumping about behind her.

Frankie heard the roar in her head as she saw the white light in front of her eyes she crashed onto the vibrator and covered the black bedding in her soaking wet cum, still pulsing out of her, Adam pulled what was left in her of the vibrator out with a loud slop at the same time her arse hole opened and he pushed his cock straight in, fuck this was tight he thought as her arse pulled at his cock nearly suffocating it, still riding the pulsing and throbbing of her last incredible climax, with his every movement her pussy still squirted, he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it up long as his hands reached under her holding onto her nipples he rode his cock in and out of her arse.

Frankie still pushing against him, her muscles contracting round his cock as she rode back at him, his cock now felt like a hot iron as the burning feeling in his sac started to move up his cock, he pulled out of her holding his almost cumming cock, he thrust it straight between the lips of her mouth, as her tongue snaked out to lick at it he couldn’t take anymore, his head went back and the roar left his own lips as Frankie started to swallow she felt his cum hit her tongue until it was gushing out of him, she swallowed and swallowed but he still get cumming in her mouth, she released him gently, his cum still on her tongue, dripping down her chin, he rubbed it all over her face, Frankie started to pull at her restraints trying to get to her hands but he just continued to rub his sticky cum into her face, her tongue trying desperately to catch every last drop.

Once Adam felt his legs coming back to life and he could stand up without falling over, he stood up and as he released her binds her hands went to his cock, as she heard the click of the cuffs, she moved her legs about and lifted her knees towards her chest as she laid their she slowly and gently licked the last of him cum. Adam gently tweaking her nipples at the same time.................

As she looked up at him he bent down pulled his cock from her mouth, scooped her into his arms and kissed her deeply saying ‘fucking hell! How do we follow that? Your pussy is still cumming now’

‘Mmmmmm I know, it just won’t stop’ Frankie breathed into his mouth returning his kiss.

As they both looked up a breathless James said ‘I need to sign you to up now!’

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fucking hell, i cum as well and i wasn,t even there