Frankie's Video Scene 2

Frankie lay snuggled into the Adam, slowly drinking a cup of coffee as Adam stroked her all over, his fingers felt so soft and she was starting to squirm to his touch again.

As she looked down she noticed Adam had his cock out off his jeans and was stroking it slowly, her eyes feasted on him and watched as gently his hand slid up and down it, she could see his precum glistening on his bulbous head, as she released him from her arms, her hand snaked down towards his cock and kissing him tongue deep, seeking out his, she covered his hand and moved with him.

She rolled onto him and felt his cock hard against her, she straddled either side of his legs until she was completely laid out on top of him and with her hand guided his cock towards her pussy, lifting her hips slightly his head found the entrance as he moved slightly under her, he very slowly started to push into her, Frankie leaned into him feeling her nipples on his bare chest, taking his tongue in hers, circling it, tongues fighting each other they continued to kiss, sharing the wetness of each of their mouths mingling together as his cock began to move slowly in and out of her, pumping her gently Frankie moaning loudly trying to grind against him, but Adam had her lifted just high enough above him so she couldn’t quite push at him his hips thrust their own pace under her.

Their lips parted as Adam moved towards her nipples still gently thrusting in and out of her, as his tongue made contact with Frankie’s nipple her head went back as she pushed into him, she could have sworn she could hear the sea in her ears as Adam’s cock so gently fucked her pussy, she could feel her g-spot swelling and the familiar pee sensation, he had just positioned himself right and the slow movement was making her head spin, his tongue still nibbling and sucking one nipple after another, his finger now drawing circles around her asshole, the noise in her head started to increase and the wave was coming straight at her, she knew it was going to hit her full on and there was nothing she could do to stop it, as Adam’s finger pushed gently at the entrance of her ass hole the wave took over her and she was riding along the crest of it as her climax shot from her, Adam continued his slow and smooth pumping of her pussy, his finger now buried to the hilt of her ass.

Frankie let him continue his slow sensual thrust of her pussy as her cum ran all over him, she was moaning and screaming loudly as without warning, he pulled her down onto his cock and started to thrust and pound in to her, lifting her off and back on him with each thrust, her pussy continuing to pump out her cum, he was fucking her now lifting her even higher and back down to the hilt, she couldn’t believe the sound in her ears again and he lifted her up and back down onto him with every thrust back downwards her pussy squirted his cock, as she felt him tense up, her pussy walls tightened around him as he f***ed himself between them his climax shot right up to her cervix and as she collapsed back down on his cock he stopped thrusting as her own climax again shook her from head to toe, she was cumming and cumming like she thought she would never stop, her pussy twitched around his cock taking out every last drop from him.

After laying in Adam’s arms as she recovered, kissing him slowly and gently, Frankie started to move down Adam’s body, kissing his nipples, teasing them one by one, soft moans coming from him as she moved further down, licking is tummy and finding his cock laid against it, she started to flick at the tip, tasting their combined juice, she gently took his shaft in her hand and continued to slowly bring him back to life with her tongue, she pulled him into her mouth and just held him there feeling the magnificent feeling of his cock growing inside her mouth just luxuriating in his softness and warmness within her, her hand gently scooping up his balls and her nails teasing them she started to move up and down his shaft with his cock in her mouth, savouring the taste of his cum and her juice along the length of it, licking him dry, as he grew within her his precum started to dribble for the tip as she pulled her mouth up and licked at the tip, circling the head Adam’s moans getting louder now she made it her mission for him to cum again in her mouth.

As Frankie’s tongue continued its assault on his cock Adam’s fingers started to play slowly around her pussy lips, circling around the outside, as he dipped one inside she pushed down at him grinding onto it, tightening her pussy around his finger he started to circle it inside her, feeling her pussy walls and seeking out her g-spot, again he hit in bang on, Frankie pushed down harder and squirted on it while it continued to circle inside her, every time it hit her g-spot she felt a little more squirt come out of her.

Adam’s cock was now rock hard again in her mouth and his moaning was getting even louder as she took him inside her mouth he started to thrust his hips at her is cock now moving faster in and out of her, her tongue snaking along the shaft with every thrust.

As Adam thrusts got faster his finger continued to pump inside her pussy, his head went back and his screamed ‘fuck I am so going to full your throat any minute now’ with one last thrust Frankie felt his cum moving up his cock as she pushed as far down onto him as she could she felt it hit the back of her throat as he climaxed into her mouth, she pulled her lips back as his cum sat on her tongue she continued to rub his shaft with her hand rubbing his cum into him, her mouth dripping it too, she reached up and her mouth met his, her tongue still with his cum on, met his tongue and he sucked her in deep as he lapped and tasted his own cum, they continued kissing passionately until neither could take any more.

Adam pulled Frankie back into his arms, her had resting on his chest, she felt his breathing shallow as he relaxed, she reached back up to kiss him, as she realised he had fallen asl**p under her, she snuggled back in enjoying the feeling, until James spoke and shattered the silence. ‘That was some scene girl, ‘get your head down with him for a while and I will come back in an hour and see if you want anymore, but to be honest that’s more than enough even if I was making the film for me’.

‘Thanks James for everything, I will ask him when he wakes up and see what he thinks, but you have been amazing, I had forgotten you where there’ Frankie replied ‘See you in an hour’ as she put her head back on Adam’s chest she herself was very soon fast asl**p.

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3 years ago
good story is more comming?
3 years ago
that sounds absolutely fucking gorgeous