Frankie's Video Scene 1

Frankie and Adam walked to the door and pressed the buzzer, told the receptionist their names and the door opened.

As they got to the top of the stairs James met them and greeted them like long lost friends, Frankie felt completely at ease already as he guided them both to the makeup room enthusiastically introducing them both to the team.

Katy and Hannah introduced themselves as they asked Frankie and Adam to sit in the respective chairs, Adam protested saying he didn’t need makeup, but Katy insisted saying it was only to cover up any blemishes and shadows that could affect the quality of filming. Frankie sat upright saying she wanted to look natural not made up, but Hannah assured her it would be natural and that she wouldn’t even notice the difference on film.

So she sat back and let Hannah get to work on her, once she had done her face and around her neck and bust line Hannah asked her if she would like to go and get dressed up in her outfit and she would finish her off.

Katy had buffed Adam up and left him with a lovely glow all over his body after he had removed his t-shirt, he looked good enough to eat Frankie thought!

Frankie went into an adjoining room with Hannah and stripped off as she looked in the full length mirror she admired her body and hoped it didn’t look to fat on the film, she was a curvy girl but she didn’t want all her lumps on display, Hannah read her mind as she reassured Frankie that James was the best and he would get her best look all the way through.

Hannah touched up her body all over as Frankie started to get dressed, she pulled the basque up just sitting it on the top of her breasts, Hannah put more powder between her cleavage and they jumped out even further, next she pulled the red hold ups on, her red lacy thong not bothering with the suspenders and finished off the look with her killer black heels, the ones she only used for the bedroom, so she wasn’t quite sure how she was going to walk to the film set in them.

Once she was happy with her look, Hannah admired her and finished touching her up round the edges, as Hannah asked if she was ready, Frankie replied saying ‘yes as ready as she would ever be’. Hannah guided her to the doorway, knowing from the height of the heels they would prove difficult to walk in, as they got to the door, Hannah passed her a mask which would just cover her eyes but she could still see out of, Frankie tried it on and was surprised how different she looked, she wouldn’t have known it was herself looking in the mirror quickly..

With the mask on, Hannah asked if she would like some coloured contact lenses to disguise the colour of her eyes, but Frankie replied no, she thought she could get away with the look without anyone recognising her, Hannah once again assured her the film could not be used anywhere else anyway and it was only her Adam and James that would ever see it, so if she felt like removing the mask at anytime during the shoot it was up to her.

As they walked back into the makeup room, Frankie had decided she would keep the mask on for the time being but may take it off later, ‘fucking hell’ she heard Adam say ‘I am so glad it’s me fucking you today and nobody else’ as he swept her in his arms they were surrounded by Katy and Hannah with brushes touching them up.

‘Right I am sure you will both do, you look stunning so I will take you through to the studio to James’ Hannah said as she guided Frankie tottering on her heels to James in the studio, Adam walked behind them his cock already hard as a rock in his jeans.

As they walked into the studio the scene in front of them was like a penthouse suite in a hotel, there was a queen size bed with black bedding on, a black leather corner suite and an adjoining room with a Jacuzzi and a double sized shower.

Frankie didn’t know where to start as she took in the amazing sight around her, James said ‘not sure how you want to play it guys, are you a couple making love or are you just going to have rampant sex?’ Frankie looked at Adam for a response as he said quietly ‘if it’s ok with you Frankie I would like to make love to you’ Frankie looked at him, slightly staggered as he said quickly ‘don’t get me wrong Frankie, looking like that I want to completely fuck your brains out, but I would rather watch it back with some feeling if that’s fine by you’ Frankie didn’t know what to say, so instead threw herself at him and kissed him saying ‘yes Adam I will make love with you’. As she let him go James quickly beckoned Katy and Hannah back as they touched them both up again.

‘Relax the pair of you, I will start filming when you are both ready, how do you want to start it? I can always edit it out afterwards if you don’t like it, so best just get at it’ James joked with them ‘I have been filming since you came into the room’.

Frankie looked at Adam as James pointed the camera at the door, she took Adam’s hand and guided him straight to the Leather corner suite, still holding his hand she bent in to kiss him softly biting his lip between her teeth, nuzzling around his mouth and into his neck, Adam’s head went back as she nibbled at his Adam’s apple and then up and around his ears, still holding both his hands in front of her, Adam’s head then swooped in to her neck as they nibbled each other around the ears and down onto their necks, they both lifted their heads at the same time as their lips met, they started the hungry search of each other’s tongues still holding hands.

Adam released his lips from Frankie and leaned into her chest, nuzzling between her breasts his hands finally moving from hers, he ran them over her breasts through the basque causing Frankie’s head to go backwards at the feeling on her nipples as the lace and Adam’s hands rubbed over them, his lips and tongue quickly replacing his hands as he sought out her nipples through the lace, not wanting to remove it just yet, Frankie’s head back as his fingers traced a line from her breast to her pussy mound and back up the side of her body, his fingers feeling like electric currents running through her, he still sucked at her nipples but had managed to sneak one through the lace of her basque and the sensation the lace and his tongue created was incredible, she could feel her pussy getting wetter by the minute as he continued the assault on her nipples, his fingers moving in circles up and down her body back and front.
As Frankie pushed herself at Adams tongue on her nipples, she tried to reach down for his cock but through a mouthful of nipple he whispered ‘not yet hun, I want to please you completely first’ Frankie moaned as his touch started to turn her inside out and he still hadn’t been anywhere near her wet pussy but she could feel the familiar flutter in her belly with every stroke of his fingers and as his index finger drew a line down her back from shoulder to ass the flutter increased as she felt her head go back even further she pulled at his head to suckle her rock hard nipples as the flutter hit her pussy to felt her cum running down her legs, Adam lifted his head from her breasts and as he moved to kiss her muttered ‘oh you sexy girl, you have cum already’ kissing her deep now tongue thrusting at hers Frankie kissed him back fighting with his tongue flicking it backwards and forwards with her own as she felt Adam’s hands on her waist still kissing her he guided himself backwards as his hands slipped down the side of Frankie’s thighs still pulling her towards him he sat down on the sofa with Frankie’s pussy level with his mouth, still holding her he moved in towards her body and started to flick kisses all over her belly, moving down with his tongue, circling around the outside of her mound Frankie involuntarily opened her legs wider as his tongue now snaked from her knee up the inside of her thigh, brushing her pussy lips lightly as it snaked down the other thigh.

Adam’s tongue was driving Frankie insane as he reached up his tongue flicked at her clit through her thong, she felt sure she must have squirted at that point because her thighs where soaking with his salvia and her cum. Frankie reached down to her thong and tried to rip it from her but it wouldn’t move she wanted his tongue on her clit like never before.

She tried again as his tongue continued to kiss the inside of her thighs he reached up took hold of both sides of the thong and still kissing her thighs gradually pulled it down till it was on the floor.

Frankie pushed her pussy towards him but he continued to lick up and down her thighs and reaching up to pinch her nipples through the lace, her pussy was soaking now and her moans where getting louder ‘fuck’ she pleaded‘please lick my soaking wet pussy now’ ‘patience’ he replied as her nipples on fire through the lace pulsed in his fingers she could feel she was holding her breath willing his tongue onto her clit, as it finally touched it she exhaled as his fingers left her nipples and moved to spread her pussy lips so he could get his tongue right at the nub of her swollen clit he hit it first go and Frankie squirted in his face but he didn’t let up he had her clit in his grasp now and he was not letting go, as his fingers spread her pussy even wider his tongue moving into her and back to her clit flicking backwards and forward over the nub and back into her pussy, as he pulled now at her labia she felt his tongue go right up inside her pussy.

Frankie couldn’t do anything else but push down on his tongue as it flicked about inside her, feeling like a hundred butterflies at once, but the butterflies where in her belly again as his finger and thumb found the nub of her clit he started to roll it between them, Frankie felt like she was flying, the butterflies in her pussy where fluttering as Adam’s tongue continued to fuck her, his fingers and thumb rolling the nub of her engorged clit, she stood straight up now as her breathing increased she was moaning so loud at the feeling he was creating inside her.

Adam felt her pussy walls tense up around his tongue as she started the climb, she was climbing reaching high above her, Adam removed his tongue from her pussy and replaced it with his fingers pulling her forwards as his tongue fixed back on her clit she saw the lightening flash as she started the fall down, her pussy started to twitch her legs shaking from top to bottom Adam holding on as tight as he could pumping his fingers in and out his mouth completely covering her clit as his tongue flicked over it, she bared down hard on his fingers as her orgasm took over Adam rode it Frankie bouncing about on his hand as she was falling to the floor her cum was pouring all over Adam as he guided her gently downwards, he knew she was spent for a while now, so removing his fingers he bent down and scooped her up in his arms, laying back on the sofa he held her kissing her head and face while she recovered from her shattering orgasm.

‘Wow! You two certainly know how to make love! I couldn’t have scripted it better if I had tried, would you like a break and a quick drink before we go again? Frankie looked up at James and whispered ‘yes that’s a lovely idea’ as she snuggled back into Adam’s arms, James ordered the drinks!

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