Frankie prepares to be filmed

A few days after Frankie had had the most amazing sex with her friends ex husband Adam, he started to text her suggestive texts. Frankie went along with it and had fun telling him what she wanted to do to him, while he told her what he wanted to do to her.

Frankie was getting turned on by all this texting and on more than one occasion had felt the need to make herself cum while the texts went between them.

One night they started to discuss fantasies and Frankie was surprised when Adam said his was to be filmed fucking, Frankie lol at him and he replied sorry if he had offended her but yes it was something he wanted to do, if she fancied trying it he knew someone who would film them.

Frankie was taken aback but also intrigued at the thought of it, she texted back saying she might be up for it but only if her face was obscured from view.

Adam couldn’t believe his luck, he really hadn’t expected Frankie to agree to it, so he quickly replied saying, he could arrange it and if she was up for it he would pay for it and assured her it was only for their private viewing afterwards.

Frankie thought long and hard about it, not replying to his text until the following morning after a sl**pless night thinking could she do it, everything went around in her head, mainly who would see it, but she couldn’t help being turned on at the thought and sex between them had been amazing.

So if it meant she was going to get a re-run, than she might well be up for it.

She texted him back the next morning saying yes she would consider it, but she wanted to meet the cameraman first just to make sure he could conceal her face and that the video wouldn’t be shared with anyone else.

Adam replied saying he would sort it and let her know when she could meet him, he told her he was a professional and did it for a living and that he had met him through work and he seemed a really genuine guy.

That evening Frankie got a text from Adam saying he had spoken to James and he would be happy to come round that night to discuss it, no pressure just see how it went, James had said he wouldn’t film that night even if they wanted too, because he liked his subjects to be prepared to his standard.

Frankie replied saying that was ok and she would look forward to meeting James, all the while thinking it was good he wasn’t going to film that night so she could check him out first and make sure he wasn’t a sleaze bag.

Adam had arranged for James and him to come to hers for 6.30pm and they both arrived on time.

Frankie was very nervous but James completely put her at ease in an instant by telling her he did it for a living and had seen more couples have sex in front of his lens then Adam and her had had hot dinners between them.

He also reassured her that he would not be involved he was strictly there to film them. He told them he would film them just naturally and edit the finish article so her face was not seen, Adam didn’t seem too bothered about his face but Frankie was adamant her face could not be seen.

James said he would position them so her face was always covered up by something, but if she really felt that uncomfortable she could wear a mask.

Frankie was getting quite turned on at thought of it as James said he would arrange for his makeup and beauty department to wax her and make them both up for the shoot.

Frankie thanked him and said she would like to go ahead with it on her terms as Adam face broke into a big grin, she asked James when they could do it.

As it happened James had had a cancellation for the Sunday, if they were in agreement Frankie could go for the waxing on the Friday and the make up team would be on hand on the Sunday, he said he was happy to film in her own home but if she preferred they could go to his studio, which was set out in a very comfortable and inviting bedroom scene, he also assured them once the make up team had finished there would only be the three of them left in the room.

They both thanked James and agreed between them that maybe it was a good idea if they used the studio if that was ok, James said that was fine, gave Frankie a number to ring for her waxing and the address for the studio, told them to turn up at 9am and they would both go into makeup, he planned to start filming at 12pm.

They discussed what they would both wear and it was decided Frankie would wear her red basque, red suspender belt, red thong, red stockings and killer heels, Adam would be in Jeans and a t-shirt.

They both bid James goodbye and thanked him again, Frankie clutching the card for the waxing salon in her hand.

After a quick chat about what they were going to do Adam said he would pick her up on the Sunday morning, Frankie said she would go in normal clothes and take the dressing up gear with her, he kissed her and left.

The following morning Frankie rang the salon and booked in for the Friday morning.

As she breezed through the week she was dying to tell someone what she was going to do but daren’t so all she did was continue to discuss it with Adam via text message.

The Friday arrived and she walked into the salon, as soon as she said her name they suddenly started to treat her like royalty, she was offered champagne as a ther****t called Lucy asked her to get undressed and get into the gown she provided. Once Frankie was settled on the ther****ts bed, Lucy set about first waxing her legs, then her eyebrows, then her underarms and asked Frankie if there was anywhere else she would like waxing.

‘If you wax my pussy will it be ok for Sunday’ Frankie asked nervously. ‘Yes it will be fine that’s why James isn’t filming till Sunday so it will give it chance to settle down, no sex till then though’ Lucy replied.

‘I didn’t know James would tell you what was happening we asked him to keep it to himself’ Frankie said quite annoyed.

‘It’s ok your secret is safe with me, it’s the only work we do in here anyway, we work solely for James, everything is confidential I promise you’ Lucy reassured her.

‘Ok then, but try not to hurt me’ Frankie pleaded with Lucy.

Frankie needn’t have worried because Lucy set about waxing her pussy so quickly and efficiently that she didn’t have chance to feel the pain as she pulled the strips from her one after the other, she was getting very nervous though at the thought of how wet her pussy was getting as Lucy pulled the strips from her labia lips, she almost felt herself squirt, in fact she was sure she had.

Lucy reading her mind said ‘it’s ok Frankie most women get turned on by this but I am certainly not here to take advantage of the fact especially after I have just told you no sex till Sunday’.

Once Lucy had finished waxing her pussy she showed her the result in the mirror and even Frankie was turned on by how good it looked. Lucy then said ‘I need to put some lotion on just to stop in from irritating you, but I warn you now I do rub it in quite vigorously so you don’t end up with any ingrown hair’.

‘That’s ok, do what you have to do’ Frankie replied.

With that Lucy poured lotion into her hands, rubbed them together and started to massage Frankie’s pussy all over where she had waxed, as she ran her hands full length from under her ass to her clit hood and over her mound, Frankie felt the inevitable happen as she rose to meet Lucy’s hands she heard herself apologising to Lucy as she squirted on the table below.

Lucy laughed gently and said not be embarrassed as she had produced more orgasms through waxing than anything else she had done as she told Frankie to just enjoy it, she advised her again no sex and no masturbation till Sunday.

As Frankie stood up, her pussy felt amazing and all she wanted to do was stroke it but knew she couldn’t, she normally masturbated at least once a day and didn’t know how she was going to be able to keep her hands away.

She got dressed and asked Lucy how much it all was, Lucy replied with ‘oh no it’s all on James we don’t take money from clients’ ‘well at least take a tip from me’ Frankie said as she thanked her again and pushed a ten pound note into her hand, as she headed for the door Lucy was behind her saying ‘I can’t take all this, James pays me well for what I do it wouldn’t be fair’ Frankie insisted Lucy take the money and pushing it back into her hand opened the door and left.

As Frankie walked back to the car she texted Adam telling him her pussy had never felt so pampered in her life, she also told him she had cum on the treatment table and wasn’t allowed to masturbate or have sex until Sunday, so it was all his and a day without masturbation was going to kill her so he would benefit from that.

He replied he couldn’t wait and would pamper her pussy just as much on the day.

Sunday arrived quicker then she could have imagined as she got in Adam’s car, her sexy lingerie and shoes in a bag, she kissed him passionately and pulled the door too.

The studio was just the other side of town and as they drove along chatting about what they were going to do to each other Frankie could feel her pussy getting wet.

Adam pulled up at the studio got out of the car, as Frankie was getting out he rushed round to her side, pulled her into in arms, kissed her and thanked her for what she was doing for him.

They walked to the door hand in hand.........Frankie’s legs shaking with what was going to happen over the next few hours....

To be continued......

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hope the cameraman cant make it, ill be round with my camera in a flash