Frankie & The Plumber

Frankie picked the phone up in a panic who did she know who could stem the flow that was now running out of a pipe in the kitchen.

As she hunted through her contacts she felt sure she knew a plumber and there he was at the top, her friends ex husband Adam.

She quickly rang him and he answered straight away and said he would be with her within 15 minutes.

She put the phone down and tried in vain to find the stop cock, she was soaking from trying to stem the flow, her jeans and t-shirt clinging to her body.

Adam arrived and when he saw her looking so bedraggled what he really wanted to do was fuck her senseless on the spot, but he had a leaking pipe to sort out first.

He quickly found the stop cock, at last managed to switch the mains off and got to work on repairing the pipe.

Frankie still mopping up around him, he repaired the pipe and helped her rip the lino up off the floor and mopped into all the corners for her.

‘You go and put some dry clothes on and I will finish up down here’ he said to her as he carried on clearing up the kitchen for her.

Frankie went upstairs, dried her hair roughly and put on clean jeans and a t-shirt and went back downstairs,

Adam was just finishing off as she made them both a drink.

‘Come and sit down in here’ she motioned to him, as she sat on the sofa and picked her purse up.

He walked in the room and instead of sitting on the opposite sofa sat down next to her, ‘what do I owe you’ she asked ‘oh nothing it was only a small repair’ he replied, ‘no’ she said you have to take something if I had had to ring someone else it would have cost me a fortune’ ‘it’s ok we are friends it’s the least I can do for you, he replied.

Frankie stood up purse in hand and asked him again ‘let me give you something for your time at least, you haven’t only repaired the pipe, you have also cleaned up for me’ ‘well there is something you could give me, but I am not sure you will’ he said with a grin on his face.

‘Oh yes and what’s that then’ she grinned back. ‘Well, when I first walked in the last thing on my mind when I saw you all wet and bedraggled was the pipe I had come to repair’ he said. Frankie sat back down next to him looked him in the eyes and said ‘what were you thinking’ she didn’t need any more clarification as his hand reached out and stroked her nipple through her t-shirt, ‘is this ok?’ he asked while he continued to stroke her nipple. As Frankie’s lips met his she breathed into his mouth ‘more than ok to me’ her tongue met his and circled round inside his mouth has he pushed her into the sofa both hands lifting her t-shirt above her head, he lifted her breasts out of her bra and swooped to kiss each one in turn while expertly undoing her jeans trying to slide her out of them.

Adam continued to suck and nibble at her nipples as his hand found her pussy, fingers rubbing at her now engorged clit, her head back holding onto his head onto her now rock hard nipples.

She managed to get the words out, even though she didn’t know how ‘this is wrong you are Julia’s ex husband’. Adam lifted his head up from her nipples moved to towards her mouth saying ‘ex being the operative word, now are you ok with this or do you want me to stop?’ Her tongue seeking his as their lips met, gave him all the answer he needed.

Frankie continued to kiss him tongue circling his deep in his throat, his fingers still playing with her clit, she felt that familiar warm feeling running down her body, as she kissed him deep, her hips rose up to meet his fingers as she moaned into his mouth her first cum exploded all over his hand, as the fingers that had rubbed her to orgasm then entered her now soaking pussy.

Frankie pulled back from his lips and said ‘I am supposed to be paying you, not the other way round’, as he continued his finger fucking of her pussy he looked her in the eyes and said ‘I have wanted to fuck you since the first minute you opened the door, if you had only seen how hard I was just at the sight of you, there would still be water flooding your kitchen.

Frankie took his face in her hands and kissed him again with all the passion she had in her while his fingers continued their assault on her pussy, the slopping sound coming from her was driving him crazy as he banged away at her, her kisses turning him to mush.

He thought he was going to cum himself at any minute just at the sounds Frankie was making as she kept pulling away from the kiss and moaning loudly, his cock was rock hard against her leg.

Frankie screamed out as her cum flooded down her legs all over Adam’s fingers, but he didn’t let up for a minute riding her pussy as her cum flowed all over them, the roar that left Frankie’s mouth as her hips lifted up off the sofa to meet his fingers, Frankie was pushing against them now as she felt her legs going numb as the feeling moved up towards her pussy, hands on his shoulders pushing him from her, with the f***e of her orgasm she nearly pushed him clean off her as her pussy violently twitched and throbbed her cum flooding out of her, Adam finally released her and pushed his soaking fingers in between the lips of her mouth..

Frankie totally sated licked gently at his fingers still recovering from her orgasm, she lazily ran her hand down his belly and found his rock hard cock still in his jeans, this brought her back to life with a jolt as she eagerly pulled at his belt, button and zip he lifted off her and aided the removal of his jeans, she pushed him upwards, climbed from underneath him, sat on the floor and took his cock in her mouth.

‘I want to fuck you first’ he said as her tongue on his cock took his breath away. Frankie looked at him his cock still in her mouth, circling the tip, one hand massaging his shaft the other cupping his balls, her nails teasing the sac. She let him go for a second as she whispered ‘you can when I have made you cum, but this cock is mine first’ as she swooped him up again, his head went back and he moaned gently at the feeling of her devouring his cock from every angle, she lapped, sucked, licked the tip circling her tongue around the head as his moaning got louder by the second, his cock rock hard, he pulled her onto him, hands on her head now he started fucking her mouth, he sat and watched as his cock got lost inside her mouth, she had him to the throat now as he screamed at her ‘fuck my cock with your face, go on make me cum Frankie, take my load down your throaaattttttt’ Frankie felt him start to tense up as his hands fell from her head, that familiar feeling started to move up his cock as she continued to circle his head, his head went back and he screamed just at the point of Frankie taking him down her throat, his hot sticky cum poured down her throat as she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed his cum hitting the back of her throat.

As Frankie released him from her mouth he was still cuming, so she let the last spills land on her chin and kissed him on the mouth sharing the last of his cum with him.

As Frankie looked down she could see he was still semi hard, he was recovering quickly as he picked her up off the floor, still kissing her, he stood up, turned her around, pushed her hands on to sofa in front of her, her ass in the air.

Adam gushed behind her ‘fuck I am really going to fuck that pussy, it’s so wet and delicious’ his cock head now snaking up and down her wet hole, she could feel him getting hard again so she pushed back at him, wanting to feel his length in her pussy now. ‘Don’t be inpatient’ he said laughing ‘you are getting him, I just want him rock hard for you first’. Frankie still pushed back, but Adam was massaging his cock himself while it ran up and down Frankie’s pussy lips, finally after a few minutes she felt his head push at her lips as they parted easily, he started to slide in and out of her his cock was now rock hard again and felt amazing against her g-spot, so amazing she was squirting her cum on him already, Adam’s cock sloshed in and out and his speed increased she didn’t know how long she could last, he held her nipples in each hand pulling and twisting while his cock fucked in and out of her rapidly, she was going to cum she just knew it, her g-spot couldn’t take that much battering before it caused her to explode.

She pushed herself lower to the sofa thinking it might change the direction of his cock, but fuck no, it just put more pressure on her already swollen g-spot ‘arghhhhh’ was the only sound he heard as his cock thrust in and out of her, she felt her breathing quicken, her pussy, nipples and even her ass hole twitch as she rose up her orgasm was approaching fast as she felt Adam hold still and then increase his speed even faster if possible he seed now running down his shaft as it hit her pussy walls her own orgasm took over, she screamed out as she rode it out over Adam’s own pulsing cock inside her as she collapsed on the sofa cum seeping down her legs, Adam still inside her.

Adam fell onto her his cock still inside her pulsing away, so much cum from them both, his arms went round her and he held her while they both recovered from their respective orgasms.

Frankie was the first to move as Adam was quite heavy on her back, she pushed Adam off her as she rolled over onto her back Adam was stood in front of her, she reached out to his cock took it back in her mouth and licked all their combined cum from him.
When Frankie got all she could from his cock she pulled him back down into a kiss, kissing him deeply while saying ‘if I had known you where that good I would have tried before’ she was laughing as he replied ‘fuck Frankie, that’s the best sex I have had in a very long time, whatever you need doing for the next ten years I am indebted to you even if we never have sex again, thank you’ as he kissed her again, he pulled her into his arms.

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3 years ago
Cock spanking spectacular!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
wish i was a plumber, id be round everyday checking for leaks
3 years ago
Excellent story, thanks for sharing!
3 years ago
fuck,thats a good story!