Frankie's Walk Home

In the early days of chatting to Ian they had talked about their fantasies, Ian’s where all pretty much MMF or FFM or more if he could. Frankie’s though was to be taken roughly while she was walking home.

Frankie was due to go out with the girls again on Friday night so Ian suggested he would meet her but wouldn’t tell her where he would be.

They had agreed she would text him ½ hr before she was leaving the last pub and to walk home, they agreed the route she would take and he assured her she wouldn’t be walking far before he found her.

Frankie dressed with trepidation not knowing really what Ian had in mind, she chose to wear her black lacy underwear and put a pair of lace hold ups in her bag for the walk home.

She put a knee length black dress on and heels and made her way out to the waiting taxi.

All night she alternated her drinks with water, she wanted to have some awareness of Ian and her surroundings.

It was getting late and the others where ordering taxis they offered her lift but she told them she was meeting Ian in the next pub, pulled her phone out she texted him to tell him she would be leaving in half an hour, he replied saying she wouldn’t know where he was but just to start the walk home they had discussed.

Frankie finished her drink, went to relieve herself and put the hold ups on, she said bye to the girls and headed out of the pub.

She stood outside and lit a cigarette, it was a chilly night and she didn’t have much on, but was grateful that she had at least added the hold ups.

She set off walking down the road, past the remaining pubs looking all around her in case Ian appeared.

She crossed the road and walked over the bridge, hoping that wasn’t the place he chose, thankfully he didn’t appear, so she kept walking, crossed the road at a junction and continued to walk, she was getting nervous now she didn’t think he would have let her walk that far on her own at night, as she walked past the entrance to the wood yard someone jumped in front of her, dressed all in black with a ski mask on.

Frankie was scared now, really scared, this couldn’t be Ian, he didn’t have Ian’s eyes, but as he dragged her behind a wall she protested and he didn’t say a word.

She kept looking at him knowing it wasn’t Ian’s eyes but wondering what was going to happen at the same time, “what do you want from me” she managed to say, as his arm snaked around her waist pulling her dress up, he still didn’t speak, he just pulled at her clothes, she wanted to believe it was Ian but she was not totally convinced.

She asked again “what do you want from me? Are you going to **** me?” he nodded his head as releasing her he fell to his knees lifted her dress and pulled her pussy towards his tongue, he lapped through the material at first as her back arched she thought if it wasn’t Ian, she was going to enjoy it anyway, he was too gentle for him to do her any harm.

He lapped and licked and sucked her clit as she pushed herself into the wall behind her, her hands found his head and pushed him into her, by now he had pulled her pants to one side and was feasting on her clit, finding the nub and flicking it with his wet tongue pulling her into him.

His fingers found her entrance and started to fuck in and out of her as his speed increased she felt the familiar warm glow reaching into her pussy as she pushed his head away she squirted him in the face, covering his ski mask in her cum.

He then picked her up and lifted her onto a bin, ass in the air pulling her towards his crotch he unzipped and rammed himself into her in one go, as she leaned into the bin the smell hit her but she didn’t care all she cared about was the cock assaulting her pussy at great speed, no words had still been spoken and the only sounds that could be heard was Frankie’s moans and the sloshing sound of his cock going in and out of her pussy just as he brought her once again to orgasm, as she collapsed back into him he threw two more quick thrusts at her and shot straight inside her.

Before she knew what was happening he had lifted her off the bin and was back at her pussy licking both of their juices from her, he licked and lapped greedily at her and tasted both his own and her cum inside her, but he didn’t want to miss a drop, the beating of his tongue once again had her cumming all over his face.

He stood back as she gathered herself together, removed the ski mask and asked her “if she liked the contact lenses”, the relief that hit Frankie when she realised it was Ian “how did you manage not to speak throughout all that” she asked him.

“No idea” he replied “but I have always wanted to taste my cum inside you and it tastes just as good as I imagined” he whispered.

Frankie flung her arms around him and kissed him passionately, still tasting both of their juices on his tongue.

“The question is? Did you know it was me?” As he grabbed her hand and walked her the rest of the way home.

They made love again that night!

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3 years ago
i would love to have that happen to me!!!
3 years ago
that would be fucking awesome to do