Frankie & Kelly

Frankie had gone to a toy party at her friends, she didn’t really like toy parties and lots of silly women giggling but Kelly was a good friend and she felt she should go.

She was sat gazing into space while the hostess first showed off all the sexy lingerie she had and then got onto the main event as the toys came out to whoops and cheers of joy for the assembled girls.

Frankie wasn’t really in the mood she would rather have been shagging Ian’s brains out somewhere, at that thought her pussy twitched, the thought of his cock could always do that to her.

She made her excuse and wandered off upstairs to use the toilet, as she sat down, peed, wiped herself and could feel she was wet at her previous thoughts.

Damn she cursed she really needed Ian’s cock inside her now, what was she to do she couldn’t make her excuses this early could she?

No, she would make her way back downstairs and try and get into the spirit of things.

As she opened the door Kelly was stood in front of her pointing and giggling with the biggest, blackest and fattest vibrator she had ever seen, Frankie eyes went to it ‘what on earth are you going to do with that?’ she asked her, ‘well, funny you should ask, but I didn’t know anyone was up here and as soon as I saw it my pussy twitched and I knew I had to have it inside me’ Kelly replied still giggling, but slightly embarrassed now also.

‘Knock yourself out girl’, Frankie replied as she held the bathroom door open for her to enter, but Kelly didn’t move straight away she switched the vibrator on and it nearly bounced out of her hand with the power, before Frankie knew what was happening the vibrator was heading straight for her pussy through her skirt, Kelly’s hand guiding it ‘see what do you think? It’s powerful isn’t it? Kelly asked her as the vibrator hit her pussy Frankie had to hold on to the door to stay standing....’fuck yes you’re not k**ding, now take it away from me and go and try it for yourself’ Frankie replied, but her pussy was saying differently as Kelly still held the tip against her.

Frankie was bouncing now as she felt a wave of orgasm start to crash over her, Kelly leaned into her and started to fondle her breasts through her top while still prodding her with the vibrator, ‘oh my god’ Frankie gushed ‘there are people downstairs, what are you doing to me?’ Without a second thought Kelly pushed Frankie backwards guiding her with the vibrator in to the bathroom and quickly shutting and locking the door behind them both.

Frankie was a mess and the vibrator was turning her on like never before, Kelly swooped down and lifted her top, pulling both breasts out of her bra, her hand still on the vibrator she started a slow licking of Frankie’s nipples, one by one she took them between her lips and sucked and nibbled her.

Frankie’s hand went to her thong to pull it to one side, but the power of the vibrator nearly knocked it away, Kelly edged into her thong with it and as Frankie collapsed downwards making easier access to her pussy, she felt the tip at her entrance, she was cumming in buckets already it was flowing out of her.

Kelly still holding the vibrator in one hand at her entrance, turned the speed down slightly and lifted Frankie’s foot onto the bath with her other hand....’Mmmmm perfect’ she moaned as she unzipped Frankie’s skirt, lifting her leg out of it, it fell to floor, Frankie’s pussy on display for her.

‘Frankie, I always knew you had this in you and there are so many times I have wanted your pussy and daren’t ask’ will you give me it please?’

‘Hell, yes you have it do what you want with it!’ As she moaned with the onslaught of another orgasm.

Kelly still sucking and nibbling her nipples, started to move the vibrator further towards Frankie’s hole, she had turned the speed right down now, because it kept bouncing out of her hand.

Kelly reached up behind Frankie and grabbed a bottle of lube from the cabinet above her, as she removed the vibrator backwards she poured the lube the full length of it, Frankie just stared in awe at it must have been a good 12” and about 6” girth, her pussy was still squirming all over Kelly as she gently pushed at Frankie’s hole with it, Frankie spread her legs a little wider as the felt the head gradually moving in, Kelly now stood in front of her both hands on the vibrator pushing it into her.

Kelly hadn’t got 2” in before Frankie was screaming, Kelly quickly removed one hand and shoved her face cloth in Frankie’s mouth to stifle her screams.

Frankie couldn’t believe the feeling and orgasms this b**st was giving her as she came again gushing out of her pussy she pushed down against the big black intruder and felt it fill her completely as she started to move slow on to it and back up again, her cum just wouldn’t stop, but she wanted to ride it now more than anything else.

Kelly knew she had her now and gagged so she couldn’t scream she pushed it in and out of Frankie’s pussy, much easier then she had expected, Frankie’s pussy walls grabbed at it and she rode it with Kelly’s strokes.

Frankie looked down in amazement at the amount of it in her and continued to ride it in and out of her pussy, suddenly she was climbing high as she felt Kelly move it even faster in and out of her, she continued to climb, reaching her hands high in the distance she heard a soft squelching noise, then she was falling, her legs where shaking and starting to give way as Kelly impalled her on the b**st in her pussy, she knew she couldn’t stand much longer, as her belly tightened, her breathing begin to get faster, every part of her body was on fire as she roared as loud as the gag would let her, ‘yes, yes, fuckin, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss’ her orgasm over took her and she felt like her pussy was swimming, Kelly trying to keep up the momentum, but she pushed her orgasm out with so much f***e Kelly couldn’t control the vibrator any longer, the gag was f***ed from her mouth as the vibrator fell to the floor with a bang it was closely followed by Frankie’s cum and Frankie as she squirted and squirted until she thought she would never stop.

After a few minutes, Frankie started to come round again and pulled Kelly to her on to the floor kissing her deeply, ‘thanks for that it was fucking fantastic, but you brought it up here for you not me’ she whispered.

‘No worries, it’s my hostess gift I will play with it later, I brought on the off chance I could use it on you’ Kelly giggled.

‘You little sneak’ Frankie replied ‘but I am so glad you did’ as she kissed her tongue deep again.

‘We better get back downstairs before someone realises we are missing’ Frankie whispered.

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