Frankie's Ordeal! Or was it a Game!!!

People often ask me if my writing is fiction or non fiction, so I will confirm here and now all my writing is in my fantasies, all involves adults over the age of 18, in fact well over the age of 18 and any reference to anything is purely in my thoughts. Especially the following story.

Frankie had been out with the girls again and this time wasn’t approached by any strange amazon women or many men to be fair.

They had started the night at Gemma’s on champagne then gone into town and she knew she had d***k far more then she should have.

She had gone to the toilet in the last pub and started to feel the bile rise in her throat and felt it was time she called it a night.

Now she was a pratt for when she had had enough, just wandering off on her own, which is what her head told her to do, she needed to be at home tucked up in bed.

She cursed the fact she had worn heels as she never really walked well in them, but she still decided to walk home.

Home was a good mile away, as she tottered across the main road and over the bridge, she thought how ridiculous she must look struggling to walk and wearing a dress which was now riding up as she moved.

Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all, she thought, but her determination kept her moving forward, step by ginger step.

As she got over the bridge, suddenly out of nowhere she felt a gloved hand on her mouth, another around her waist and a feeling of falling backwards as she landed dress in the air, losing a shoe in the process under the bridge.

It was dark and she couldn’t get her bearings, she felt the bile rise in her throat at the taste of the leather as she tried to cry out, the noise was muffled and nothing could be heard, tears pricked at her eyes and she could hear her assailant breathing heavily in her ear ‘don’t say a word’ ‘do as I say and you won’t get hurt’ .

Tears now flooded her eyes as he still stifled her sobs with his hand, she had never felt so terrified in her life, she decided the only way to deal with it was to step away from it in her mind and just do what he wanted.

At that moment, just when she was thinking she could handle it, she had to if she wanted to get out alive, he roughly reached up and pulled her thong down in one swift move and grabbed her pussy towards him with his still gloved other hand, ramming two leather fingers straight inside her, she tried to jump away from him as he fucked her with his fingers ‘bitch you enjoy this, you love my fingers inside you’ ‘don’t you?’

Frankie thoughts where crashing all over, she didn’t know the voice but he seemed to know her, she was getting more annoyed by the minute as her stupid body decided to defy her terror and her pussy responded to his thrusting fingers, wet with her juice as he fucked her harder and harder ‘No! you are not going to cum yet bitch, you will cum when I say’ he growled as he pulled his sopping wet fingers straight out of her pussy, holding on to her and pulling her down, until his hand was on the back of her head guiding her straight for his open crotch, the other hand on her mouth still. As his hand and her mouth approached his cock he growled again ‘I am removing my hand from your mouth and the only place your mouth his going in over my cock, make a sound other than a groan of appreciation and I will knock you out with this!’ he lifted the cosh from behind and Frankie new she was beat, she knew by his voice he would carry out his threat in an instance.

She looked up at him and for the first time realised he was wearing a mask, he was tall though and by his voice only young, her thoughts turned to his cock which was in a fairly flaccid state at present though dripping at the tip, just as she gagged at the thought, the bile rising in her throat once again he removed his hand from her mouth and without even giving her chance to take a breath f***ed her mouth onto his cock, holding her hair tight.

As his scent took over her nostrils and her senses, she continued to gag as he pulled her head backwards and forwards along his shaft, she could feel her knees digging into the ground below her and her hair being pulled out at the roots as he roughly fucked her face in and out, her gag reflex had long since left and all she could taste on him was pussy juice and she knew it was stale pussy juice, he must of read her mind as he grunted ‘I have the cosh in my other hand, look up bitch! I won’t hesitate to batter you to death if you get any ideas of biting me, work my cock bitch! Make me cum!’

Frankie completely zoned out as he thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, she didn’t want to make him cum, it was the last thing she wanted, the taste in her mouth was vile, but she heard him grunting above her as her tears still falling splashed over his cock her face a complete wreck she felt him tense up as a groan left his lips, before she knew it, he was fucking her face even harder as she felt the onslaught on his sperm hit the back of her throat, the only thing she could do was swallow and swallow to save her from choking on his cum, his fucking of her face slowed down as he spent his last drop down her throat, still holding her hair he pulled her off and threw her roughly on the floor.

Frankie felt the dirt dig into her face as she landed, her knees where bleeding where she had knelt before him, totally raw, she felt a trickle of bl**d enter her mouth as she realised her face was cut, she tried to compose herself and was about to open her mouth, when he stuck the cosh under her chin pushing up at her ‘don’t speak, I didn’t give you permission to speak’.

He roughly grabbed her arm, which smarted at the feeling and dragged her further under the bridge to where there was a ledge, he turned her round as her face hit the concrete below, more grazing to it, he bent her forwards, with the cosh f***ed her legs apart and started to push it against her pussy lips, she was pleased to feel she was dry, or at least she was until he tried to ram in straight into her in one go, her pussy didn’t move, it seemed to have a mind of its own against this massive invader, but that wasn’t good she was thinking, because any minute now if it wouldn’t go in he would f***e it.

‘Stick your fingers in your pussy bitch, make yourself wet, otherwise this b**st is ramming straight in you, I am fucking you with it whether you are wet or not’ he spat at her.

Against her better judgement, Frankie reached down to her clit and started to roll it between her fingers, dipping inside her pussy with her other finger at the same time, this wasn’t right she wasn’t getting wet at all, it was dry as a bone down there, her body finally defying the intruder. ‘Move away bitch I will get you wet, your obviously not any good at it yourself’. Frankie wanted to scream ‘I am normally one of the horniest women ever, it’s you that’s drying me up’ but as the tears fell she knew she wouldn’t say a thing.

He pulled her hands back above her head and spread her legs even further apart as he thrust two gloved fingers straight into her, her pussy pushed at them not wanting these intruders inside her but as he reached her g-spot and pushed against it, even her body couldn’t deny it and she felt the wetness between her legs, he finger fucked her hard again until the point when he seemed to know her orgasm was approaching pulled out swiftly and f***ed the cosh inside her, before she could even think about it, he was pushing it in and out and she found herself lost again and riding back against it, she could hear her wetness now, slopping around the leather going rapidly in and out of her pussy.

She was vaguely aware of him playing with his cock with his other hand, just as she felt a gloved finger straight in her ass, her pussy started to jerk as she bounced back on both the finger and the cosh, she was cumming all over the cosh, her juices sliding down its length the sloshing sound increasing as her cum continued to pore from her.

Without warning, while Frankie was riding the cosh, her ass cheeks where spread wide and she felt his cock head push against her ass hole , the cosh movement started to slow down as he pushed against her again, he pulled the cosh out with a slop and his fingers where back inside her scooping up her juice he rubbed it round her ass hole and with one push he was in.

His hand again reached for her hair as he pulled her upwards impaling her on his cock, with each thrust into her he pulled her higher up until she was stood in front of him, his cock plunging in and out of her arse, his gloved hands came round and pulled viciously on her nipples both at once as she screamed he quickly moved his hand back to her mouth gagging her, ‘don’t make a sound bitch! You have been warned, this cosh might be sticky with your juice but one crack and I will open your head from top to bottom, now ride my cock’.

Frankie could taste herself on his hand as with his other hand he held her back to him with her nipple squeezing it tight as he rode in and out of her arse.

This time she felt the feeling in the pit of her stomach as her ass twinged and tweaked at the onslaught of his cock pounding in and out, she reached down to shove two fingers in her pussy just at the point his cock stiffened inside her, she rode her orgasm as she came all over her fingers she felt his cum spraying straight at her rectum, he pulled out quickly spraying his remaining cum over her back.

Before Frankie knew what was happening he had released her, thrown her back to the floor pushed the cosh back in her face and evilly whispered, ‘stay there bitch! Don’t move for at least ten minutes’ as he pulled up his jeans, grabbed the cosh and ran off into the distance.

Frankie laid on the floor for what seemed like hours, but was in reality only minutes, taking in the state of her clothes, her scratched face, her bleeding knees and her cum splattered body, she pulled her knees into her and she heard a strange keening sound coming from somewhere as she rocked backwards and forwards she realised the sound was coming from her.

Sobbing uncontrollably she managed to stand up, found her thong and her shoes, not putting the shoes on she climbed back up the side of the bridge, not even caring if he was still there, she just wanted this ordeal over with.

The next minute she found herself stood in the middle of the road as cars where swerving to avoid her thinking she was a pissed up wreck, she continued walking home still in the middle of the road, shoes in hand, she was aware of horns and shouting going on around her until she heard a different sound, she flung her hands in the air as he heard the wail of sirens and felt the gentle touch of a hand guiding her to the side of the road.

The next feeling was being laid on the backseat of a car, knees to her chest as she wailed like a baby.

The Officers took one look at her face still bleeding, her hair all over and mud and something else they assumed was semen covering her body, she heard one say ‘get someone down here straight away, seal off the area, we have either a viciously assaulted suspected **** victim, or the result of a game that went horribly wrong and we need to bring her straight in!

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3 years ago
cosh = cock or dildo ?????????
3 years ago
I love to read of a cunt and arse being well used, especially when the owner doesn't want it.
It's what your cunt is for girl, so give it around more.