Frankie Chocolate Part 1

Frankie was beginning to wonder what else she could try, when she was online and a message flashed up from a guy called Kai.

As she opened his profile, the biggest chocolate cock she had ever seen popped up on the screen in front of her eyes, the picture having been taken just after he had cum was covered with his juice.

Her eyes nearly popped out at the sight and her pussy began to throb instantly, she read his details and she was quite disappointed to see he wasn’t close to her.

She felt her hand go to her pussy as she stared at the screen and the wonderful cock in front of her, fingers finding their way to her clit, pulling on it as she fantasised about fucking his wonderful cock.

She sent him a message telling him she was playing with her clit staring at his cock and waited for a reply, he quickly replied saying, he would rather be licking her pussy then talking on here.

She replied saying he was too far away, otherwise she would let him willingly. She quickly established his name was Kaiand he travelled regularly with work so distance wasn’t an object. In face he was due to visit her home town the following day.

Frankie’s pussy jerked at the thought that this wonderful chocolate cock could be hers if she wanted it, she had never been with a black man before, in fact she had never really been interested in one, but now she knew this was something she just had to try.

She messaged him back sending a face picture and said if he wanted to meet to let her know where he would be.

Kai couldn’t believe his luck when she replied and quickly responded telling her which hotel he would be in the following night and that she was welcome to visit him after 8pm.

Frankie thought this was mad she had only just started chatting to him and she was already planning what she was going to wear, when really she should have been backing off.

Kai sent her his mobile number and she returned with hers, him saying no pressure it was entirely up to her whether she turned up or not, but he would love it if she did.

The following day Frankie didn’t know how she managed to get through the day, all the time thinking about whether she should meet Kai or not, she told her friend she was going on a blind date and that she might call her for back up, she didn’t tell her she was planning an evening of rampant sex just that they were meeting in the hotel.

She didn’t know Kai from adam, so at least she thought by telling her friend she was playing it safe.

She got in from work, showered and changed into a red lace body stocking and high heels, she finished the look with the long black dress she had worn before, did her hair and makeup and sent a text to Kai telling him she was on the way.
Kai replied, with his room number, saying he was ready for her.

When Frankie walked into the hotel, one of the prestige ones, she was heading for the lift when she heard a voice behind her, “can I help you madam” the receptionist asked her, Frankie froze on the spot not knowing what to say in reply, she stuttered “Oh sorry I am just going up to surprise my husband he doesn’t know I am here, you won’t tell him will you” “no that’s ok madam, go on up, do you know which room he is in”? She enquired, “yes, yes no worries he told me earlier”. Heading quickly for the lift, grateful that she had worn the long dress over her body stocking and it couldn’t be seen by the receptionist.

As she rode up in the lift, she laughed to herself thinking the receptionist must have thought she was an e****t, she just hoped she looked high class enough to pass for acceptable.

As she strode along the deep carpeted corridor towards room 542, the Do Not Disturb sign was already hung on the door, she knocked with trepidation hoping she had got the right room.

Kai walked to the door and opened it, in just a towel, body glistening from the shower, when Frankie saw him, she took a sharp intake of breath at the most handsome man she had ever seen stood in front of her, she suddenly felt very plain, fat and ordinary as she took in the pools of his black eyes.

The smile that lit his face when he saw her she noticed went all the way up to his eyes, “you must be Frankie” he whispered, “and you must be the most stunning man I have ever set eyes on” she purred back at him, not really caring if she sounded either desperate or a slut.

His chocolate brown skin held such an amazing sheen to it, that she just wanted to touch him, she reached out her hand, not realising and stroked his arms as they moved to her waist. Her whole body shivered as his skin touched hers.

He must have been 6’ 5” and about 18 stone, but all she could see was solid muscle in front of her, he then stood back and said “you will stay, won’t you” her mouth felt very dry as she tried to formulate the words it came out as “just try and stop me”, “sorry” she said “but you really have got me all a quiver, I can’t even speak properly” she stammered again.

What was happening to her, she felt like a bumbling idiot in front of him, but the warmth in his smile as he said “will you stay the night”. Oh my god she thought suddenly, as she heard the champagne cork pop, this wasn’t part of the plan, what? could she say.

Bumbling again, she found herself replying “I suppose if I am drinking that I will have too” as he handed her a champagne flute, she sipped at it as the bubbles went up her nose a nervous laugh escaped her.

Frankie’s pussy was throbbing wildly now and she really believed if he so much as touched it she would cum in his hand.

Kai pulled her towards him and said “let’s play a little with the champagne shall we”? He lifted her dress and spotted the red body stocking beneath it, “let’s see what we have here” he purred as he swiftly lifted her dress above her head and swooped straight into her chest, her nipples where rock hard already as his enormous tongue flicked over first one then another, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the minute, it was as if her nipples where connected to it.

Kai lifted his head up and his mouth met hers searching with his tongue as hers involuntarily met his Frankie was purring again and so incredibly turned on by what was happening.

Kai took her hand and lead her to a chair near the bed “sit down there” he whispered “we are going to play a game”. Frankie took a large sip of her champagne and could feel her head starting to whirl already, not sure if it was the fizz or Kai stood so close to her.

Kai then opened another bottle of champagne and sprayed it all down her front, with the champagne dripping between her legs, he leaned into her and licked the champagne from first her face, then her throat, then her breasts, taking care to lick her nipples and all over her stomach. Frankie's body rose up to meet his licking as he kissed and licked all over her body.

Kai then reached into the ice bucket and scooped up a big handful of ice, pulled the top of her body stocking outwards at her breasts and threw the ice underneath it, his big hands moving down her body taking pieces of ice with them while Frankie squirmed in her seat, he placed one each over her nipples and rolling them between his fingers as they melted all over her, the others making their way down between her legs.

Once the ice had melted on Frankie’s nipples he moved further down and gathered more between her legs, seeking out her clit, rolling the ice backwards and forwards, Frankie thought she was going insane at the feeling he had created.

Just at the point the ice was starting to melt against her clit, she felt the roar deep inside her, as he flicked away, he realised any minute now she was going cum, he wanted to taste it though, so he dipped down still stroking her clit as his tongue swapped places with his fingers through her body stocking, he lapped at her clit, holding the champagne bottle in his hand, just as he felt her tense beneath him, he continued to suck at her clit, she rose up against his tongue and as she rode her orgasm, Kai poured the champagne over his tongue so it fell through the stocking on to her pussy, he lapped eagerly at the mix of champagne and Frankie’s squirt.

When Kai had got the last of the champagne and juice mix up he lifted his head and kissed Frankie, sharing the champagne and juice mix with her.

To be continued

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3 years ago
Fantastic story!!! I can't wait to read the next part.
3 years ago
very good start