Frankie meets her first couple

After Frankie's insight in the world of BSDM, Lesbianism and group sex she was beginning to wonder how much further she could push her boundaries.

She never thought in a million years she would be turned on by a woman but after her dalliance with Charlie she thought she might want to try again.

So she changed her profile to accept messages from Couples and waited for them to start messaging her, no sooner had she changed it then she got a message from a guy called Karl, saying he played on his own but his wife was ok with it.

She didn't really need any more guys she wanted to feel the touch of a woman again but with a cock involved too.

The next message arrived a few minutes later from Gus, his wife had seen her picture and was really turned on by it, would she be interested in a threesome with them.

She checked his profile and his 9" cock drew her attention immediately, his wife a pretty petite brunette, she wondered how she could take him.

She quickly discovered his wife was called Sue and they lived only a few miles away, Sue came online and asked her if she wanted to meet that night as her k**s where away.

Frankie held her breath for a minute but knowing she was going to agree.
They set up the meet at their house and Frankie agreed to be there within the hour.

She went upstairs, put on her best underwear, a long black dress, high heels and took time over her makeup and hair.

She felt good as she took one last look in the mirror before heading for the car, as she climbed in, she really couldn't believe what she was about to do as she drove on auto pilot to the address they had given her.

She was really nervous, much more nervous then she had been meeting the men she had recently met, she didn't have any experience with women only Charlie and she had just finger fucked her and not expected anything in return, could she lick another woman’s pussy if it was thrust in front of her, she really wasn't sure she could.

She had tried it once years ago and nearly gagged at the taste, her whole head was telling her to turn around and go home, while her pussy was telling her she should carry on.

Before she knew it she was knocking on the door, shaking from head to foot, Sue opened the door and smiled, welcoming her into her home.

"Can I get you a drink?" she asked, "yes please, water will be fine" she replied.

"I have to tell you both I have not done this before, but recently my boundaries have been broadened and I have tried and enjoyed things I never thought I would" she explained.

She told them about Charlie and how she had been totally mesmerised by her, but said she had never had those feelings for a woman before and didn't know how she felt then.

Sue reassured her they would go at her pace and even have a stop word if it made her feel better, Frankie agreed that was a good idea and informed them the word she would use was toy.

Gus came into the room at that point and introduced himself, warmly shaking her hand, which seemed a bit weird considering he planned to fuck her later.
It was all very surreal as they sat and chatted like old friends, discussing work, families and hobbies.

They had obviously done it before because they had the relaxation bit done to a tee, Frankie realised she was actually enjoying their company and if another arena could have seen them being friends.

Just at the point when Frankie thought this pleasant chat was going to go on all night Gus got hold of her hand and asked her if she would like to retire to the bedroom, Frankie felt the nerves kick in again, but Gus quickly realised what was going through her mind and reassured her, she had a stop word and no matter how far in they were she could use it.

"Don't worry, you will be fine, we will both look after you" he spoke gently has she felt herself rise from the sofa holding his hand, he guided her to the bedroom.

As they got in the doorway she suddenly needed to pee, nerves she was sure, she excused herself and sat on the toilet with every thought going through her head, mainly she shouldn't be doing this, but then another voice telling her, she couldn't back out now she had to at least try.

She pulled her underwear up, smoothed her dress down and walked back towards the bedroom.

"Will it make you feel better if you take the lead Frankie" Sue asked, "no, its ok" she replied, "I don't know what I am doing, maybe you should"

"Ok but we all know the stop word and I promise you we won't go any further if you use it" Sue consoled her.

Frankie suddenly felt very vulnerable stood there waiting for someone to make the first move, without warning Sue leaned into her and kissed her passionately on the lips, so soft, yet her tongue started to search inside Frankie mouth and despite herself Frankie felt herself respond.

Sue was now guiding her to the bed as she lifted her dress above her head, she let out a sigh at the sight before her, Frankie could feel goose bumps all over her body as the anticipation of what was about to happen to her took over, she fell backwards from a slight push onto the bed as Sue pulled her legs apart and started to lick up the inside of her thighs, first one side then the other, just lightly licking her pussy through her underwear and back down the other side of her thighs, Frankie felt herself involuntarily lift herself up encouraging Sue's tongue.

She was aware of Gus just to the side of her as he climbed on the bed and started the lick at her nipples through her bra, quick smooth strokes with his tongue, sending her pussy twitching towards Sue’s waiting tongue, Sue slowly pulled her underwear off tracing her legs with her tongue all the way back up to her pussy.

"Mmmmmm" Frankie purred as Sue's tongue found her clit and started to lick viciously at it, backwards and forwards with such speed, while Gus continued to bite and suck her nipples through her bra, Sue started to run her fingers up and down the folds of her now soaking wet pussy lips, her tongue battering away at her clit, she slowly slid one finger in and found Frankie g-spot in an instance, pulling her towards her while her tongue continued its assault.

Gus finally removed her breasts from her bra, sucking hungrily from one nipple to another, she was gone now and knew the stop word would never be used as she felt her body tense, she ground her pussy into Sue's face as her orgasm took over her, her legs started to shake as she squirted Sue straight in her face, Sue lapping at her pussy, Frankie bouncing about trying to pull away from as her pussy was so sensitive.

Sue finally let up as her pussy continued to twitch with the final throws of her orgasm, she knew that was going to be the first of many.

Sue’s tongue had been wonderful and was probably the best licking she had ever received, but she was getting brave now, all the nerves gone completely as she beckoned Gus towards her, undid his Jeans and pulled his cock straight into her mouth, licking, sucking, tasting his precum, god, she had just had the best pussy licking ever but she was a whore when it came to cock, she guzzled at him pulling him further into her mouth as she licked up and down his shaft, cupping his balls willing his cum to fill her mouth.

Sue was now stood to the side of her, stroking her own pussy, Frankie noticed she was very wet and keeping Gus in her mouth, she reached a finger towards Sue's pussy and started to stroke it, my god she was wet, she started to dip a finger in and pulled Sue towards her, finger inside her and by the moan that came from deep within, She had found Sue's g-spot as easily as Sue had found hers earlier.

Still sucking Gus's cock deep forcing him into her mouth she pushed another finger in Sue and started to fuck her , inside and out slowly at first, then she really got her rhythm as three fingers slide into her wetness she started to fuck her hard, pulling her towards her and guzzling Gus's now very hard and wet cock.

She heard a moan above her as Gus tensed she fucked Sue's pussy harder than ever with her fingers deep inside her, as she felt Gus's seed start to spill into her mouth she pulled Sue towards her and with once last fuck of her fingers Sue was screaming blue murder as she came all over Frankie's hand, Frankie trying to control Sue's bouncing body and swallow Gus's cum at the same time, she pulled out of Sue as she took the last of Gus's cum down her throat.

"My god" exclaimed Sue "you have never done that before?" "I can't believe that you have never done that before” I can’t remember the last time I came so hard” Gus nodded in agreement as he tried to recover from his own orgasm.

As Sue and Gus laid back for a minute to gather themselves and recover Frankie was now ready for what was to come next, she knew what she wanted, after all she was a cock whore and the size of Gus’s cock was making her pussy throb, she had to have him inside her.

She took control and while Gus was recovering she moved around the bed so her face was level with Sue’s pussy, this was the one thing she had never done, but she had tasted herself enough times to know it wasn’t that bad, as she spread Sue’s legs apart, she kissed her full on, tongue swirling around her mouth letting Sue taste what was left of Gus inside her.

“Suck his cock” she instructed Sue “I want it hard to go in my pussy” “so don’t make him cum, just get him hard for me”.

Sue leaned in and took Gus’s now shrunken cock between her lips and started rolling her tongue over it, licking up his remaining juices as she went.

Frankie lay between Sue legs and replicated Sue’s kissing of her thighs, up one side, flicking her clit with her tongue and down the other, Sue’s body raising up to her, just as she had to Sue previously, she looked up to see Gus working Sue’s nipples between his fingers as his cock started to swell in her mouth.

This was the moment Frankie had dreaded, but she was so turned on, she had to do it, she moved her face nearer Sue’s pussy and spread her lips with her fingers and gently blew on Sue’s clit, the reaction she got surprised her, as Sue screamed out and leaned over and pulled her face right into her pussy.

Frankie panicked slightly and tried to pull back but Sue had her hand on her head and she had no other choice then to get in there, she snaked out her tongue and licked gingerly at her clit, her scent was tying her own pussy in knots, as she pushed forward and took her clit gently between her teeth, flicking her tongue on the nub, Sue started to bounce around the bed, it took all Frankie’s strength to hold her still enough for her to lick at her, Sue’s juices seeping out of her pussy, she had so obviously cum instantly. She went back towards her clit and spread her lips with her fingers pulling them apart she licked from her labia to her clit, increasing the pressure every time she made contact, Sue rising off the bed to greet her tongue, she lapped at Sue’s pussy and as she pushed a finger in, Sue squirted over it, but continued to ride it.

As Frankie looked up, still tonguing Sue’s pussy she could see Gus’s cock going in and out of Sue’s mouth, back to its normal size, she was in a quandary now she wanted Gus’s cock inside her but she also wanted Sue to cum for her again.

As her tongue continued its assault on Sue’s clit she pushed two then three fingers inside her, she was so wet they went in easily.

“Fist me Frankie” she heard Sue purr above her “stick your fist in me”.

Frankie didn’t know how to respond but Sue was wet enough to take her fist she was sure, her juices were still running down the three fingers she had inside her, she must have cum three or four times, so she lifted her face away from her pussy and pushed a fourth finger in, punching at her g-spot, she cupped her hand and her thumb was now in, moving gently, circling inside her, suddenly her full hand was inside Sue, twisting inside her, Sue screamed so loud, Frankie thought she had hurt her, until the f***e of her orgasm rolling through her body, pushed Frankie’s hand clean out of her, the fountain that came with it Frankie leaned back down and caught it as it sprayed out of her, lapping at Sue’s juices.

“He’s ready for you now” she heard a breathless Sue say, as Gus’s rock hard cock fell out of her mouth. She laid back letting the last throws of her orgasm flow over her.

Gus laid on his back, 9” of solid cock pointing upwards, “Mmmmmm I want him inside me” Frankie said as she quickly straddled above him, gradually impaling herself and taking him in inch by inch , she rose slowly and pushed back down gently as he found his space until his hips started to move off the bed and the pounding began, upwards and downwards, pounding into her pussy, bouncing her about on top of him, his cock was amazing and she felt so full up, she thought she was going to burst with the size, but her pussy was getting wetter and wetter with every thrust and he sunk right inside her.

Sue had finally recovered and while Frankie bounced on top of her husband she tried to take her nipples in her mouth, sucking and kissing them, Frankie pulled Sue towards her and thrust her fingers straight back into her pussy, pulling Sue towards her, she had her weak spot and knew she wouldn’t be long in covering her fingers all over again, she felt Gus tense below her and he started to pump even harder as she lifted herself off his, fingers still buried in Sue’s pussy she huskily said “we both want to share this” as Gus shot his cum up her body and into her face, Sue’s pussy throbbed and as Frankie fucked her even harder, she came once again, over her fingers, with her still throbbing she pulled her towards her stomach and breasts and pushed her face into Gus’s cum, which she lapped greedily at, kissing Frankie, sharing Gus once last time they swirled tongues and tasted him.

Gus and Sue again, laid back spent, as Frankie realised she hadn’t cum yet, she stood astride them both, fingers in her pussy and as she pulled her orgasm from her, she squirted in both their faces, they only just had enough energy to lick it up.

With Sue and Gus now wrapped in each other’s arms, Frankie quickly cleaned herself up , dressed, kissed them both passionately on the lips and said “until the next time”! She let herself out of the house.

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holy wow ... you should direct films
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very good & hot