Frankie and the Builders

Since joining the sex site Frankie just couldn't get enough sex, she was constantly turned on and her pussy was always screaming out for attention.

She had put a call into her landlord earlier in the day because her back door wasn't shutting properly, he had said he would try and get someone to look at it but would ring her back to let her know.

At this moment she was laid on her bed legs wide open, fucking herself with her rampant rabbit, she had made no plans for sex today but she needed an orgasm quickly.

She was completely lost in herself, forcing the rabbit in and out of her pussy, juice running down her legs and creating a lovely sound as it pumped in and out of her, she was close she could feel it, she reached up with the other hand and squeezed her nipple hard just at the point her orgasm took over and she shook about on the bed the rabbit still inside her, her juices running down its shaft and into her hand, she stopped suddenly thinking she had heard a knock on the door, listened out for it again and no mistake she had.

She gathered herself up, wiped her soaking pussy with a baby wipe and quickly pulled on jeans and a t-shirt, not even realising she hadn't put any underwear on.

She ran downstairs, opened the door to three men asking if she had a problem with her door, "yes she gasped, come on in", not sure it's going to take three of you though" she stated.

"Oh it's ok we were on the way to a big job when we got the call and you need the door securing so here we are", "three teas if you don't mind one with sugar", "ah yes ok", "how rude of me" the doors there it's the back one she replied and went to make them all a drink.

The three of them inspected the door and the big one said it was going to need a new one, so while he and his mate drank their tea the other guy would go for it.

Frankie invited them to sit down and quickly established the big one was called Gav, his mate was Steve and the guy who had gone for the door was Trev.

She looked down at Gav and could see a massive bulge where he sat on the sofa, she had to look away because she thought he had seen her.

They started to chat about the job they were on the way too, while they drank their tea, Frankie now painfully aware she had two men in the house and no underwear on, she was convinced they knew, Gav certainly knew she had no bra on because he couldn't take his eyes of her nipples.

Steve just chatted not really taking in what was around him, when Gav stood up and asked if he could use the loo, "yes no problem" she replied and pointed him in the direction he needed.

Just as she heard his steps going up the stairs she remembered the rabbit in the middle of the bed, she lept off the other sofa and ran up the stairs hoping to get to it and hide it before Gav came out of the loo.

Too late Gav was stood in the bedroom doorway, rabbit in hand, sniffing at the head of it, "my my, what have we here" he asked teasingly, "if I am not mistaken this has been in your pussy not long ago" "I can still smell you on it" then he lowered his head and his tongue snaked around the tip, tasting her juices which were still all over it, "Mmmmm, if this taste good I can only imagine what the real thing will taste like"! Frankie lunged towards him trying to grab the rabbit from him but he was strong and he wasn't letting go.

"If I let you have it back" he asked her "will you show me how you use it?" Frankie was mortified, not quite caught with her pants down but not far off.

She really didn't want to do this, Steve was downstairs totally oblivious to what was developing above him, "hey Stevo" Gav yelled, "come and see some pussy" Frankie really didn't know how she was going to get out of this one as Steve bounded up the stairs like an eager puppy after a ball.

The sight that greeted him was Gav stood in the bedroom doorway waving the rabbit at Frankie, while Frankie just looked on in horror, but he was so turned on by her fear even though he knew he shouldn't be.

Gav then grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bedroom, rabbit still in hand "come on Stevo, she is going to give is a little show" he said, Frankie by now was terrified of what was going to happen when Gav grabbed, not too gently at her throbbing nipples, her body was defying her on this one as he then grabbed at the front of her jeans pulling her towards him, swiftly undoing them as she fell towards him, without knowing they where on the floor and Frankie tried to cover herself up knowing she had nothing to protect her pussy.

Gav roughly threw her back on the bed and pulled her jeans from her ankles and she tried to fight him off her, he still had the rabbit in his hand and she knew because of his size he was going to be able to do whatever he wanted.

Steve stood in the doorway, hand on the front of his jeans stroking his cock at the sight of Frankie laid on the bed as Gav roughly grabbed her ankle, "oh look what we have here", he exclaimed as he pulled a handful of tie wraps out of his pocket, before Frankie knew what was happening he had fastened first one leg and then the other to either side of the bed.

There she was laid spread eagled on her bed with two men staring down at her, Gav still clutching the rabbit in his hand she knew what was coming next as Gav thrust the rabbit straight into her pussy, roughly forcing it in and out, her body again defying her again, she was soaking wet and rode the rabbit back as he f***ed it deep into her, Steve's cock appeared at the side of her and he pushed it into her mouth, which besides what she should have done she licked at greedily, he was big and he was fucking into her mouth, she was trying her hardest not to gag, just kept licking sucking him as deep as she could manage, while the rabbit plunged in and out of her.

Frankie felt the familiar knot in her belly as her orgasm started to build, just as Gav removed the rabbit, she suddenly felt empty and pleaded for him to put it back in her. The bed moved as Gav climbed on lifted her legs as much as he could with the binds on her and rammed his cock straight into her, any thoughts she shouldn't be doing this went with the orgasm that took over her body as Gav pounded in and out of her, she came all over his cock.

"Now are you going to do this willingly" "if so I will untie you" she heard a voice say "yes please" then realised it was her own. Gav quickly snapped the ties while she continued working Steve's cock inside her mouth, Gav quickly turned her over and thrust his cock straight back in her, Steve now stood in front of her she took his cock back in her mouth, lapping at it her saliva and his precum making it very sticky, Gav pounding in her pussy he kept pulling out and then back in with a f***e she didn't know she could stand.

"What the fucks going on here" a voice on the stairs said, "come and join us Trev, this is one horny fucking bitch we have here" Trev didn't need asking twice as his jeans where round his ankles his shirt and pants on the bedroom floor he was knelt on the bed next to her face, Frankie moved from Steve's cock onto Trev's it wasn't as big and it was fairly soft and despite herself she was a sucker for making a soft cock hard, so she set about achieving her goal on Trev's cock sucking and running her hand along his shaft, she could feel him growing inside her mouth, this was the best feeling on earth for Frankie knowing she could get a cock from soft to hard in a very short space of time, she realised he was actually bigger then she thought as she started to gag on his length, Gav still pounding her pussy behind her.

Gav then pulled out of her as she greedily swapped from Steve to Trev's cocks both of them hard as rocks. "here Stevo lay down on your back" Frankie straddle him and fuck him for me I want you to suck my cock now" Gav said.

Stevo did as he was told and laid flat on the bed as Frankie climbed on his cock and sunk down on him relishing his hardness as he slid into her she started to ride him up and down, Trev laid on Stevo's chest and played with her nipples while Gav put his cock in her mouth, she sucked at him tasting her own juices all over and suddenly thought how bad it was to be enjoying three men at once, she had one cock pounding her pussy which was about to cum again, another in her mouth and Trev playing with her tits, she had never felt so turned on in her life by something that was so wrong.

As she continued to gorge on Gav's cock tasting his precum her orgasm was approaching fast as she drove down on Stevo's cock she wanted this orgasm like never before, Trev moved from her tits and before she knew it he was pushing with his cock at the cheeks of her arse pushing slowly at the entrance as Stevo continued to pound his cock in her pussy, her orgasm just about on the brink, she heard the screams and realised it was her screaming just as Trev's cock slipped between her arse cheeks she exploded all over Stevo's cock, at the same time as Gav's head went back he howled as his spunk hit the back of her throat, she tried to swallow but the f***e of her orgasm shook her so much he dropped out of her mouth, covering her chin in his seed.

As she continued to cum she felt Stevo pounding her pussy and Trev pounding in and out of her arse her juices running over both of them, just as Stevo went rigid and spilled his cum inside her pussy, Trev did the same inside her arse, the three of them collapsed on the bed exhausted.

Stevo was the first to get up and go to the bathroom to clean up, then Trev followed, both got dressed as Frankie started to stand up Gav pushed her back down, he was insatiable this one, he had just cum in fountains, it was still dripping of her chin, yet he was hard again, "I need a wee" Frankie muttered, "ok but you are coming back because I want your arse" he replied.

Stevo shouted he was going to get on with the door and Trev followed him downstairs, leaving Gav with his hard on in his hand and Frankie worn out in the bedroom.

Gav pulled her towards him and kissed her with as much passion as he could, Frankie was shocked at the response in her pussy as he tongued the inside of her mouth gently, she didn't realise he could be so soft, he had been so rough and f***eful with her previously, she fell back into his arms as she kissed him deep he stroked her nipples one after the other and moved down to her pussy, pulling the fold apart he stroked her clit and gently pushed one finger inside her rocking her towards him as he continued kissing her.

He rolled her onto her back and rose above her his cock now rock hard again, entering her slowly, he moved in and out of her as she lifted her legs around his back and pulled him into her, he was making love to her, not fucking her now, he felt amazing inside her and they seemed to lay there pushing up and down for what seemed like ages, him kissing her and licking her nipples at the same time as he pushed in and out of her.

She felt him go rigid inside her as her own orgasm was approaching, she felt it in her chest, in her stomach, in her legs and finally with his soft movements inside her, her pussy rose off the bed and seemed to fly away with the intensity as her orgasm crashed over both of them, his seed hitting her cervix, mixed juices rolling around inside them, he kissed her passionately and asked her if she would like to do it again? "Only the two of us" she replied "definitely only the two of us, I am not sharing you with anyone ever again".

The both got dressed and Gav went downstairs and joined the others just as they had hung the door, "it will need painting" said Trev "but I am sure Gav will be happy to come back and do it for you soon"! Frankie noticed the wink that passed between them.
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