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The following day Bob rang Frankie and asked her to be ready in half an hour, stockings, suspenders, basque and high heels, Frankie questioned what he wanted to do but he just replied, get ready and you will find out.

Frankie took great care, first shaving her pussy, legs and underarms, before drying off and sliding into a white suspender belt, white stockings, white thong and high heels, she felt quite horny at the look, though doubted she would be able to walk for long in the heels.

She pondered what she should put on top as Bob had not said and also not said whether they were staying in or going out, so after applying her makeup, doing her hair and applying the brightest and sluttish red lipstick, she pulled on a silky wrap and made her way downstairs.

Frankie didn’t have time to think about how she looked as Bob arrived at that moment, she ran to the door and opened it slightly, just enough for him to appreciate what she was wearing, let me in then he pleaded, she pulled the door open and his mouth was open and aghast at what she was wearing, she looked so fuckable, but he wasn’t going to fuck her here, he had a surprise for her, as it was daylight he asked if she had a long coat because once she was in the car she could walk to where they were going without anyone seeing her.

She pulled on a long coat a pair of flat shoes, taking her heels with her and Bob opened the door and she climbed in the car, as she sat down she removed the flats and put her heels back on, lifting her legs so Bob could see the effect she had created for him.

She asked him where they were going and again he said it was a surprise, he drove on to the outskirts of town and suddenly turned up a private drive which needed a security code to enter the gates, Bob entered the code and drove in, Frankie was intrigued and asked him if they would be alone and he said yes just you me, no one else, it’s a friend’s house and he’s said I can borrow a part of it for you.

As they drove down the winding drive Frankie was in awe at this magnificent house sprawling out in front of her, but what part of it where they going to borrow.?

Bob pulled the car to a halt and walked round to open Frankie’s door and help her out of the car as she left the coat behind she just stood there in her basque and stockings, he guided her to the front door, keyed in another code and it opened.

Frankie had forgotten all about how she was going to walk in the shoes as she took off down the hallway investigating this beautiful house, suddenly Bob turned her round and as his hands came to her eyes she felt something soft close over them and all daylight disappeared, Bob had blindfolded her, in panic she asked what he was doing and jokingly asked if she was safe, safe as houses I just want to surprise you as she felt him guiding her to another door with a code, as he punched in the code he advised her she would be walking downstairs but he would guide her and not let her fall.

As Frankie walked gingerly from one step to another an overwhelming smell hit her, but she couldn’t put her finger on what the smell was, they reached the bottom step and Bob continued to walk her forwards, suddenly she felt herself falling backwards and she landed on something soft, as she tried to work out what it was, Bob got hold of her right leg and pulled it outwards wrapping something around her ankle until she heard a click, she tried to pull away but her leg wouldn’t move just as he pulled the left leg out and she heard the familiar click, she was nervous now someone who she had only just met was obviously tying her down, nervous as she was though her pussy was involuntarily twitching at the thought of what was to come.

No sooner had she thought about what he was going to do next then both of her arms where attached in the same way as her legs, a snigger left her mouth as she thought how ridiculous she must look spread-eagled on whatever she was laid on.

She then asked if he would remove the blindfold and he said no, I want to feel all your senses and if you can see what I am doing you won’t give me it all Frankie was still nervous but kept telling herself she could trust him she felt sure. Suddenly she felt something soft being flicked over her pussy lips through her pants which were leaving nothing to the imagination, she couldn’t decide if it was a feather or not, it felt amazing as whatever Bob was using was running up and down her body finding erogenous zones she didn’t know existed her body was squirming all over as this invader of her senses ran all over her body so soft yet tantalising at the same time.

Bob suddenly stopped what he was doing and she realised her tits had fallen out of her basque because of the position he had her in, her nipples felt cold and rock hard then something clamped on the first one then both she couldn’t decide if it hurt or not as pleasure ripped through her body from top to toe, Bob was pulling on whatever he had clamped there and she was sure her first orgasm wasn’t far away, pain and pleasure all at the same time. Then the vibrations started on her nipples like she had never known before, her body shook and she felt the vibrations moving to her pussy just when she thought she could take no more something long and hard was thrust straight into her pussy and she came at once, Bob continued fucking her pussy with the hard thing, which she had no idea what it was and rode one orgasm after a another, still not being able to see what he was doing to her.

Bob then pulled the hard thing out with one almighty slap but left the nipples vibrators on and the feeling for her was incredible, he then started stroking her with the what she thought was the feather again all over her body paying special attention to her pussy lips as she begged him to put the hard thing back in her.

He stopped stoking her and she felt him move as his cock found her willing mouth she feasted on him sucking and licking him as she never had before when she felt something hard on her clit and he turned the vibration on full, while she tried to concentrate on his cock she could feel her pussy throbbing ready her for next orgasm, he pressed harder and her whole body was shaking with the vibrations from her pussy and nipples she started cumming and it just wouldn’t stop, Bob wouldn’t let up with the pressure so her cum just kept flowing as she felt his own cum hit the back of her throat she didn’t hesitate to swallow every drop not letting him out of her mouth, she felt him growing inside her again.

He pulled the vibrations away from her pussy and started to release her from her binds still blindfolded he stood her up and walked her backwards and ordered her to sit down gently, as she fell backwards into what felt like a hammock her feet and arms where locked again and her pussy exposed in all its glory, still dripping cum she felt Bob nearing her as his cock found her pussy entrance easily he rammed it straight in her and fucked her pounding in and out of her with as much energy as he could muster, her juices surrounding him and her screams getting louder just as he collapsed on top her she came again nearly pushing him out of her as his seed sprayed up to her cervix.

Just as she thought she couldn’t take anymore Bob released the blindfold and Frankie looked around in amazement at all the tools and tables in the room, her nose finally picked up the smell and it was leather she had smelt as Bob walked her down the steps, everywhere she turned there was leather something or other be it whips, truncheons, the binds that had held her on the bed and even the hammock, Frankie stared open mouthed at what lay in front of her!

She felt like a k** in a sweetshop as she took in everything that lay around her and realising the hard thing Bob had fucked her with was in fact one of the leather truncheons, she took a sharp intake of breath seeing her juice all over it and couldn’t believe the size and the fact it had been inside her, she looked further down and saw a hitachi wand also covered in her juices, she had seen them before but never used one, that was one purchase she was going to be making after this.

All the time the nipple clamps continued to vibrate her nipples sending her whole body into spasm as Bob asked if there was anything else she would like to try, she looked around the room and there was so much to choose from, she really didn’t know what she wanted to try next.

At that moment, Bob removed the nipple clamps and picked her up from the swing and carried her over to the bed she had been shackled to earlier, no shackles this time as he laid her back and climbed on next to her and pulled her into his arms, kissing her passionately and stroking her pussy very gently, his fingers worked her clit as she returned his kisses probing her tongue all round his mouth, he then moved his mouth down and very gently kissed her nipples one by one biting a little each time, his fingers moved back to her pussy and gently stroked her clit, she rose upwards to meet his fingers and moaning encouraged him to press harder, but he wanted to be gentle with her now, he wanted to make love to her!

Frankie couldn’t take in what was happening to her after all the ferocity of the previous session he was so gentle, when he moved down her body raining little kisses over her belly and the inside of her thighs, blowing on her clit at the same time until he moved his lips towards her clit and licked it and sucked it as gently as he had kissed her thighs, it felt like a hundred butterflies fluttering all at once as she rose to meet his tongue, willing him to take her at once, she pleaded for him to enter her but he insisted on carrying on licking her, she tried to pull his cock towards her and he knocked her hand back telling her this was for her, she could sort him out later.

Bob’s fingers now made their way into the folds of her pussy lips and stroked her labia while his tongue continued its assault on her clit, she felt the inevitable start to rise inside her as the hundreds of butterflies flicked gently at her clit, it started high up inside her and gradually moved down her body until it felt like she was being lifted off the bed and the whole world was standing still, she heard a growling sound and then someone screaming as she started to ride the crest of the wave she realised the sound was coming from her, her body started to shake as she rose to greet her impending orgasm full on.

The waves came and came again until they crashed completely squirting everything she had straight into Bob’s face, Bob didn’t move he just lay there lapping at her pussy juices and taking in the scent of her.

Frankie laid back completely sated with the onslaught she had just gone through as Bob rolled her onto her side and slide his hard cock straight into her pussy from behind, he didn’t move at first, just luxuriated in the warm feel of her very wet pussy clamped around his cock, he reached from behind her and cupped each tit in his hands and worked her nipples from behind as he started to slowly rock backwards and forwards behind her and Frankie could feel every inch of his cock rubbing against her pussy walls, she started to rock with him and they laid rocking backwards and forwards for what seemed like forever, each lost in their own thoughts with Frankie feeling like no one had ever made love to her like Bob was now, hang on this wasn’t love, this was lust, this was just sex, love didn’t come into it, the mixed signals in her brain crashed as she thought she heard Bob say he thought he was falling in love with her, what did you just say she asked, not really sure if her mind was playing tricks on her or whether he had actually just said it, Bob continued to rock with her and repeated he thought he was falling in love with her, Frankie replied she thought that was what he had said and it certainly felt like he was making love to her now, she broke the spell slightly by asking him when the last time was he had made love and he said he couldn’t remember, Frankie agreed neither could she, in fact she didn’t think anyone had tried to make love to her the way he was now, so gentle but every fibre of her body was screaming out in ecstasy, just as she felt she had broken the spell her orgasm began to approach, this time not in her whole body but in the pit of her stomach.

She clamped her legs even tighter and pushed back to him as he felt her pussy tighten he knew she wasn’t far away from her next orgasm, he pulled out and rolled her on her back in one movement he spread her legs and pushed his cock back into her, Frankie lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back so she could get the full impact of his cock inside her, he continued to fuck her gently as she felt his pelvic bone on hers grinding away slowly she knew she was going to cum again, but she didn’t want to she wanted them to cum together, she clamped her pussy tight around his cock and pulled him further into her, she felt him tense up and willed her orgasm to appear has his did, Bob speeded up his thrusts and she needn’t have worried as he came inside her the f***e of her orgasm pushed him clean out of her as her fingers played in his cum she fell back on the bed exhausted.

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