My true experience as pro-am video actor

I would like to share with you all my one (but very memorable) experience in the adult video industry. This took place in NYC, in the late 90s.

It began with a classified ad placed in a local paper, seeking talent for a pro-am porn video series called "Strokebook Video". I sent in my pic, and a SASE, then mostly forgot about the ad. A few months later, the producers contacted me. They gave me the date and location of the shoot for what would be the third release of the series. I eagerly awaited the date, not sure exactly what would be required of the talent.

On the night of the shoot, we entered a large studio, which was mostly empty but for the production equipment and staff. There was also a raised stage area. There were about twenty other guys, all there as the 'amateur' talent. We were told to fill out and sign release forms. We all did so. The men were offered eye masks to wear, in case they wanted to hide their identies. Some of them wore the masks, but I declined.

The director was a slim white guy wearing shades and a flowery shirt, who called himself Stuart. He introduced the three porn starlets who would be working with us - Alexandra Silk, Shanna McCullough, and Randi Storm. Alexandra was a petite brunette with long hair; Shanna was a mannish brunette with medium-length hair; Randi was a tall, sexy blonde who kept her long hair tied at the back. They were all clad in revealing clothes, and the guys all cheered them as they were introduced.

The first scene we shot was called "The Gauntlet". The guys were instructed to form two lines, facing across each other. Each porn starlet went down the lines of men, while we felt them up and made sexy comments. They seemed to like the interaction. They even dry-humped some of the guys, for extra fun. (Randi pressed her delightful backside against me as she passed me. Little did I know that I was going to experience something even better with her, before long...)

The next two sequences involved the three starlets and two lucky guys who had been pre-selected to take part in some hardcore scenes. The first guy was only average-looking, but got to enjoy lusty sex with all three of the starlets, on the raised stage. The rest of the guys all clamored for close views of the hot action. The second guy had longish hair, but was better-looking then the first guy. He also indulged in oral and vaginal penetration with Alexandra, Shanna, and Randi. In between the two 'hardcore' scenes, we got to see the starlets pleasure themselves and each other. They not only went down on each other, but took turns riding this huge rubber ball that had an artificial penis attached to it. It was incredibly sexy to watch them stuff that rubber tool into their snatches, and bounce happily upon it. All three starlets were exhibitionists to the max, and we all appreciated it greatly.

The last scene was a group one, but stopped a bit short of being an 'orgy'. Some of the men - myself included - volunteered to stand in a circle around the three starlets, as they fingered themselves on the floor of the stage. The guys all started to stroke their cocks, as we watched them. The crew was filming the action, but making sure (as per Stu's orders) not to show any of the guys' faces. Each man, as he got close to orgasm, was instructed to stand over one of the porn girls, and drop his load of spunk onto her body. We watched Alexandra and Shanna get the first two rounds of fresh cum. I was lucky number three. I gave a 'heads up' to the camera guy that I was on the verge, and he told me to stand next to Randi. I was actually hoping that she would be the chosen co-star, as I so enjoyed fondling her and rubbing up against her in the 'gauntlet' scene earlier that night. I stood over Randi, my turgid cock in hand. She knew what was going to happen, and she encouraged me. She smiled at me, and wiggled her tongue seductively. Before I knew it, I came. I gasped as a thick torrent of hot sperm poured from my loins, dropping right onto Randi's sexy chest. She and the other two starlets cheered the moment, which was captured for posterity by the cameras. "We should put you in the business!" she told me - a compliment I greatly appreciated. I watched in awe as Alexandra dipped her finger into the pool of white cum I had given Randi. I was hoping she would lick it off her finger, but that didn't happen.

After that powerful orgasm - my first ever in front of a camera - I left the stage, and cleaned up in the restroom. I returned to watch the shoot continue. Some of the other guys also shot their loads onto the porn starlets' chests, and one of them blew the director for good measure. As the shoot began to wind down, the talent left the stage. "We love you guys!" Randi told us. "We love you right back!" I told her - and that wasn't a lie. I saw Randi casually move around the set, with my jizz still dripping down her chest. If Randi ever thinks back on that shoot, I hope she has fond memories of me shooting my cum onto her. Of course, I would have been much happier to have screwed her properly, but I was grateful for the experience all the same.

I hope you enjoyed this true account of my foray into pro-am porn video. (If you are curious, the video came out in 1997. It's entitled "Every Porn Fan's Ultimate Fantasy", volume 3. I have a VHS edition, but don't know if it was ever released on DVD.)

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2 years ago ; Hi FYI -"Randi Storm" is now on Hamster check out her page !! - - Enjoy
2 years ago You should friend "Randi Storm" here in Hamster, and share your story with her
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Thanks mate you lucky man
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Good story, man. Thanks
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Good true story, thanks!
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Right on