another night, not too forget

so one night after coming home from work, I was pretty bored. Horny as usual, I was just kicking back in my boxers watching tv. Later into the night my s****r comes home a lil d***k from the bar. I was kinda upset wondering why I wasn't invited but then learned it wasn't even worth it which is why she was home and not still there. so she asked if he could watch a movie with me as she laid down in my bed. I replied sure and we found something too watch. A short while passed as she decided she wanted to get more comfortable so she asked me for some sweats and a shirt.

that's when it all started, I watched as she slid her tight jeans down revealing a lace black thong. I was instantly hard, I couldn't help it, she was so sexy all tan, perfect body, and her extremely sexy underwear, I was so turned on. she then took off her shirt and grabbed one of my black t shirts and before she could put it on I muttered god dammn s*s.. she laughed a lil and said what. I said you are so sexy look what you did to me.. looking down she saw my huge cock bulging in my pants.

mmm she replied as she grabbed it and started rubbing it outside my shorts. she then said to me, do you like looking at your s****r in her underwear. speechless I said only of course, so she said really, and walked away to her room looking back at me smilng.

I didn't know what to expect, I was rock hard and she just left me sitting there. then outta knowwhere a few minest later she appeared at my door in the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen. she asked me do I like it, and I said no I love it. then she crawled up my bed licking her lips all the way even as she pulled my shorts off of me. looking up at me she then asked if I would do her a favor. so amazed by how sexy she was I said anything, she then told me she waqntd me to eat her pussy and she deep throated my huge cock.. she said she was craving a dick down herthroat and she wanted to feel someone bust all over her face. so I was read in seconds, and needless to say I ate her pussy like I was starving, licking and fingering sucking I made her cum and squirt 5 times.

so the she proceded to get on her knees and go to town on my cock. I couldn't believe how great it felt as she went up and down throating my huge cock.. hands stroking it running her tounge up and down it. looking up at me she said are you gonna give me that hot cum b*o, I want it all over my face.. I said yea you have me ready too explode.. getting more into it, going faster and faster deeper, and deeper I couldn't hold back anymore, I grabbed her by her hair and ripped her head back, cumming all over her face she screamed ohh yea stairing at my huge cock cumming all over her face.

it was so hotm after that she sucked every last drop out then used her fingers too wipe every drop off her face and swallow it. she then old me that she loved that we did this kinda stuff, she said no one elsemade her feel so good and make her cum so much.. smiling I said it was because I was so attracted to her and it was easy. laying there next me me still in the lingerie she said, I hope you don't tink your done and I said nah I didn't why. she then said that was just four play, she wanted me too fuck her brains with my huge cock..

so what happened next is a whole story in its own and I cant ait to tell you.
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5 months ago
sounds good so far..mmmmm
5 months ago
You lead a charmed life!
6 months ago
Totally fucking awesome....yes please go on....thanks for letting me know it was up....