The next weekend

A continuation from the 1st story I posted while I was with a very uninhibited girlfriend.

It was the next Saturday when we woke up and sally said I have a present for you today. As she squeezed my morning hard on she said Anna will be here soon and were going to play your game “Guess Who” so get up get showered and shaved and look your best I don’t want her to think I am with a lazy git.
I did as instructed and while I shaved sally had a shower, I heard the front door closing and sally piped up that she had asked Eric my b*****r if he would go out for the day as she wanted to repay me for last weekend. She said, he wasn’t keen so I told him he would get a great reward soon and gave him a naughty wick, and your now a £100 poorer. Fuck, u paid him to leave Anna best be good for that amount of money I said. We were all cleaned and lovely when there was a knock at the door I answered it in just my towel it was of cause Anna as expected. She said to me , so were going to play a game sally tells me hope its fun. I do the host thing and run to sally asking, does she know what the game is? She smiles and says no but we will teacher her about it when I am done in here, she’s a nympho as well she wont say no.
I leave the bathroom and go talk with Anna she’s got a short summer dress on that’s really thin material and I can see here lovely tits with no bra and she has white French knickers on. Here chest is smaller than sally’s but still just as sexy. Sally walks in wrapped in just a towel and she’s looking very red and sounds very relaxed. I look her in the eye and its obvious she has just wanked herself in the bathroom, the cow, I am still carrying my morning load that she started to tease from me earlier. She sits across my lap looking at Anna and says your looking sexy today were you hoping to fuck my man. Anna smiles and says, you know I would fuck him in a heart beat if you would allow it, I just thought he may like the view of a different sexy body for a change. Sally wiggles in my lap on my hard cock and says I think he does like the view his tool is like a steel bar under me at the moment.
Sally gets up and walks over to Anna and takes her hand and pulls her up saying, lets go prepare for the game I have planned for us. As they leave the room she shouts come on to me so I follow the two women and there GREAT arses up the stairs to my bedroom. When were in there Sally slips a blindfold on me and lays me on the bed as I had done to her the week before then she tied my hands to the headboard and says Anna we a playing a game called Guess Who, we touch him, kiss him, fondle him, feed him our body’s and suck fuck and make him cum. Sally explained that I win if I guess more right than wrong and that I get to chose my prize and that what I say goes, do u want to play she says to anna. Hell yes she replied. So the 1st touch was a kiss on the cheek from each girl I guessed correctly so on they went with a lick of my nipples from each and i got that wrong they moved on to a kiss on the lips I got that right. Sally says it’s a pain holding this towel on you don’t mind if I remove it do u anna, she replied saying she would love to see the sexy body under there so please do. Next was a pair of nipples dragging across my chest this was easy to guess as sally’s larger boobs were easy to identify. They were getting naughtier now and the next test was who’s wanking my Really hard cock. Not so easy to guess as the second hand followed the same technique I really had to guess I said Anna was 1st I was lucky and got it right. The next move really shocked me I nearly spurted straight away as a pair of lips slid over my cock end and started to suck this was my girl, I knew but only because I felt her wonderful tits resting against my leg but I waited to answer until after both girls had given me a short BJ. I was of cause correct, what was left I started to wonder as then I felt a pair of legs move onto the bed then 1 each side of my head a very wet beautifully smelling pussy was lowered onto my mouth which I sucked and licked I really couldn’t tell so I started flicking the clit with my tongue until I heard a small whimper from above that was not sally’s sound, as the body lifted to be replaced by the next pussy on my face I had a good lick of my lips so I could get that final taste of annas great cunt. Down came what I knew was sally’s pussy I gave her special attention and gave he a great orgasm on my tongue before she got of me. My cock was aching by now they had teased me for about an hour and I was busting to cum but they wouldn’t let me. A body moved over my waist a leg each side of me and I felt a wet pussy dragging across my belly towards my cock I knew this wouldn’t last long as the body raised and slumped down in on long movement onto my pretty big hard cock it wasn’t long until the moaning and whimpering began and I realised it was anna riding me and she was loving it by the noises she made and the way hear body twitched on me. I felt my legs being pushed open and then a body knelt in between them I wondered what’s happening are the girls making out this isn’t fair I want to see. It was only a few seconds until I felt a finger sliding across anna clit it tapped my cock a couple of times I then realised that annas moans were different, muffled I guess, they were kissing while sally rubbed annas clit while I was fucking here pussy this got me going and I really started to push up to the trusts and that lasted maybe a dozen times before I shouted im gonna cum anna carried on fucking so I did to, and filled her pussy with my load hoping she was on the pill. She stayed sat on my cock for a minute until she laid back on to my body and my dick dropped out of her pussy then sally was licking and sucking my dick to get our mixed orgasm juices. And then I head anna start moaning again I could tell sally was still between my legs but she wasn’t touching me I listened and could hear the licks and slurps of a pussy being licked, I started to get hard again and my cock was just pushed to the side by a hand so the pussy licking could continue. Anna was arching hear back and thrusting here body up as she started the twitching movements before another orgasm ran though here sally must have got a mouthful of pussy cum and my cum as anna thrashed away on me. The moment passed and she slid of me and laid at my side holding my cock and balls giving a gentle squeeze. Sally asked who had fucked me I said it was anna and I knew you had also fucked her with your fingers and mouth. She said, I did and it was great the taste of both cums was amazing I think you need to take anna as a girlfriend as well so we can always fuck like this. She kissed me and released my hands then laid at my side cuddling up to me. I told her I realised that I had the best g/f in the world and that I didn’t want a second g/f but would like to play like this more often if she really enjoyed it that much. She reached across me and held onto annas hand like they were long time lovers. We feel asl**p for a while it could have been ten minutes or a couple of hours I really couldn’t tell but I notice I was still hard so pulled sally up and onto me and she rode my cock just as anna had earlier. I felt movement between my legs again this was anna playing with the pussy that was riding my cock and I heard the extra moans of pleasure as sally got the extra attention from her new female lover, then she moaned suck my tits harder I love my nips being bit, this was driving me wild again I think she wanted filling up quick so she could get her 1st orgasm from a female tongue I didn’t mind this as long as I got my far share of the fun, she jumped up and stopped riding me so hard for a second as she shouted im gonna cum I want you to fill my pussy with your cum so anna can eat it from me and started really banging down I thrust up as much as I could and that soon had me filling her up as she went over the edge. She laid back on me straight away and I could here the fingers in here pussy and the tongue lapping at her clit it took no time for anna to bring her to the biggest orgasm I had ever know her to have. She was gone for a couple of minutes I was kind of worried she may have died from pleasure. Anna was sucking my dick clean of all the fuck juices and didn’t even notice. Sally came around telling us that was the hardest she had every cum but she had a really splitting headache now and needed to rest we all did and this time we did sl**p for about 4 hours all cuddled up together feeling so content with ourselves.
We woke to a door slamming shut it must be Eric I said still with the dam blindfold on guess that’s why I slept so well. We heard someone come up the stairs and in our sl**py dreary state couldn’t think to get covered up before the bedroom door opened which it did. someone stood in the door way and said Alright bruv have either of those cock hungry sluts got any fuck left in them or have you worn them out. I removed the blindfold and looked around at the girls. Anna looked him up and down and touched here tits and said we might have what you got to offer us. Sally piped up a fucking great cock for starters, the shock in annas eyes was amazing as she looked sally in the face and asked , how do u now that then? Sally responded, what do you think us three did all of last sat evening and most of Sunday. Anna looked me and sally in the eyes and asked can we play Guess Who? with Eric.

There is more when i have more spare time
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4 years ago
lucky bastard! sounds like a great time to be had by all!
4 years ago
very good & yes more of it please