A trip to the Beach started a very fun weekend

This happened about 12 years ago but I still love to think about it. I wonder why I have never managed to forget this girl.

My g/f of the time was called sally, she had a great body with larger than average boobs for her size was about 5 5 and she was sex mad. Sally was 21 at this time I was 23. We both had only 1 other sexual partner before now. it was a very hot summers day and we decided that we would go to the beach for the day, my b*****r Eric 19 wanted to come as well so we all got in the car and of we went. About an hour later we were at the beach but it was ram packed but to the left was a sign say nudist beach that way we talked and decided to go there as it may be quieter. We walked the pathway past some rocks that separated the 2 beach’s and we were on the nudist side. Having never done this before and what with having Eric with us I was a bit nervous of her stripping of and showing Eric what she was equipped with. It didn’t bother her she goes topless when abroad anyway. So we peeled off our kit and walked along looking for a spot to call base. We got settled and then went for a play in the sea it was great here there were people of all ages around us with noting on and the sites were very pleasant. We played a ball game with a group of lads and girls for a while then decided to sit for a while to top up the tans and just rest in general. We were lying back enjoying the sun when a man in his 70’s I guess came to talk to us. He was blatantly perving over sally but she didn’t seem to mind as he seemed to be no threat to her. He wondered of into the sea below us and spent a long time sitting in the water looking our way, sally the flirty bird that she is decided to move her legs up so the old guy got a good view. The day went on much the same playing ball games in the sea and sunbathing and we left for home after being there about 5-6 hours. We got home after a great day but we were all a bit tired so we went for a lay down. At this time me and eric were still living with our parents but they were away for a couple of weeks so we had the house to ourselves. Me and sally were laying in bed and couldn’t sl**p we were both feeling quite horney so i suggested maybe we watch some porn just to spice things up a bit. She chose the movie and went for one with lots of 3some scenes. We were watching and fiddling with each other under the sheets and eric came and started to watch the movie with us. I thought I would test how far sally would go in her aroused state and asked eric to fetch some drinks from down stairs. While he was out I whispered in sally’s ear do u want to play a game called guess who. She replied with a cheeky smile I can guess how this game goes I smiled back. Yes lets play she said. I think she was now testing me but my resolve was strong. I said if something u don’t like starts just say stop and its over. Eric returned and I told him about the game and he was up for it (of cause he was he’s a bloke). Sally asks what’s the prize for the person that wins. My response was you can have anything you want but only tonight. Tomorrow is to late to chose. So we gently blindfold sally and start the game me and eric are both standing on the floor next to the bed and sally is close to the edge. We shuffle around and I start with a couple of kisses on her cheek and neck then eric repeats she guessed right but I don’t tell her that keeps the suspense going. We then stroked her neck and face with our fingers and again she guesses correctly. I think its time to up the game so I slide the bed sheet down to reveal her great tits. This time eric goes first with groping a tit and then playing with a nipple I then tackle the other one, she points out who is who so we shuffle again but back to the same spots and again eric goes first with his mouth on her great tit, licking and kissing and sucking her I get him to stand and climb the bed the other side and work on the other tit while I play with the left one. This I can tell baffles her and she guess wrong I had managed to trick her. Were now at the point where I think its getting more adventurous and she may just say stop, but we play on until she is not comfortable with it. Me and eric have both got dicks as hard as rock so we shuffle again and then spin her around the other way just to try to muddle her up. We take 1 of her hands each and get her to feel the swollen heads of our cocks after a couple of minutes and her trying to grab extra amounts of shaft she cant deside and guesses wrong again so its 3-2 for her at the moment. We then move behind her head and slide her so her head is just off the end of the bed so when eric slips his cock against her lips there is no other body contact. She refuse to open her mouth so he pulls away she then shouts eric. Cheeky cow knew he would be extra careful to not upset her so were now 4-2 in her favour. I try the old repeat stunt and send eric up 1st again this time she opens her mouth and takes a couple of inch of cock then its my turn and she says eric was 1st. Never play this game with a girl u have been with for 6 years is what I have now lernt. So were done with the kissing fondling and cock tasteing and its time to move to the pussy. She will surely say stop at this point I think. So the sheet is pulled down again, and there she is fiddling with her clit, her pussy wetter than I have ever seen it. Her hand is removed and replaced by mine as I frig her pussy and tickle her clit, eric doesn’t wait for me to give up instead adds his fingers into the mix so she has 4 fingers sliding in and out and me then eric rubbing her clit. Shes every close to cuming so we stop and await the answer who went 1st. Eric she says so that’s 5-3 shes still winning and I have realised that I may not really want here to win incase I don’t like the prize she chooses. The next test is whos mouth we both give her a good tougueing and tickling of the pussy this time she comes buckets on erics face and the silly buger stands and says he’s never sin a girl come so much. She shouts eric and is off cause right. I take my turn pleasuring her pussy and again she comes like a tap there’s pussy juice all over my face. I go to kiss her and she gets to taste her pussy and then licks my face clean, she must like pussy as much as I do I think. So there’s just one test left who’s cock in the cunt. Eric takes the 1st stab with just a few inchs and no more allowed in the twat she is wiggling and thrusting for more she doesn’t even know which cock it is. I swap very quickly with eric and again only give a few inches at first then a bit more she’s still trying to hump the cock and get it deep we swop again and this time its full on length but don’t let her cum I tell my b*o. one last swop and then she knows who’s was last but it really doesn’t mater as she cant loss now.
So Sally has come about 3 times now and they were big cums like I’ve never seen her have before. She still has the blindfold on and says it must be prize time I will stay blindfolded for my prize please. What’s it to be then I ask, thinking to myself I know eric just sort of fucked you but only a little bit im not to keen on him getting the full service out of her pussy and tits for the night. I’m feeling sick in the bottom of my belly but my cock is saying let him have her all night. She says I want to be fucked in the arse, pussy and mouth by both of you and it wont stop until I am quite satisfied even if that’s not till tomorrow night.

So me and eric were still hard and both needed to let out some “well steam” so I took her mouth and he took her pussy and we banged away until we both blew or loads in her, a little rest and a ciggie and were ready for more this time the other way round her pussy was oozing out cum and I slid in with ease and fucked away until pussy cock (me she’s still blindfolded) was told to lay on my back, she mounted me with her tits swinging in my face and other cock was instructed to do her arse I was sucking her tits and then she said that’s you on the bottom isn’t it I replied and she kissed me with a new found passion and said we have both won you know Anna has said to me how she would like to fuck you. Then of cause I blew my load in her socked pussy and eric quickly followed and filled her arse up. I wasn’t limp so I took her arse while she sucked eric to life and then told him to fill her pussy with cum again while I fucked her arse. This was the last round of fucking for now and we fell asl**p all covered in sweat and cum. She woke in the night and woke me with her crying what’s wrong I say, I feel like a dirty cheating slut, how can you still love me after earlier. I told her about the sick feeling I had in my gut and how my cock was saying the complete opposite thing but how I really loved seeing and feeling the excitement she was getting. I reminded here that I suggested the game knowing full well where it might lead, hoping at the time of cause it didn’t lead where it went but that she hadn’t cheated as I was there participating and loving it. And that it was fine for her to have loved it as that’s what it was about good fun in bed. We fell back to sl**p her happy and content now, in the morning she was up and around quite early considering the night before she had showered and shaved her pussy and whispered in my ear remember I said this happens until I was quite satisfied, when I woke next to 2 cocks with hands all over my body I was instantly turned back on I frigged myself in the shower but it really didn’t help I really want to feel fully used up again is it still ok?
I was a bit shocked that she wanted more but she pulled my hand to her pussy and she was burning up and sloppy wet. She said as she already owes me a great night with hear and anna she would add a night with her friend lucy who was a lesbian and she would be very bi for that night. Shes saying what she knows I want to hear of cause as my cock was getting hard just with the talk of it.

More to come
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3 years ago
Very hot. Thanks
3 years ago
Cannot wait to read the follow-up, great story!
4 years ago
damn that was a hot story i wanna hear more!
4 years ago