The Lake House

Just for the record this is my first story sorry for spelling mistakes.

It was a warm summer day at my like house in Michigan. Summer was almost over and nest year I would be a Senior in High School. My moms friend rented the house up the hill from ours. She had 2 beautiful Daughters. One of the Girls was in my grade. Her name was Taylor and she was smoking hot with a nice butt and perfect B cup boobs. She played any sport you can think of and was the starter on the girls basketball and Softball teams. Her s****r, Lauren, was quite the opposite. She was head cheerleader for or high school last year and would be going to college at Michigan State when the summer was over. She was tall with a round ass and A cup boobs.

When the day came and they arrived at there rental house i was so happy. I could not wait to see them and there perfect bodies. As soon as they came down to my house i was ready to get it on. I knew that our moms would go out to the casino that night like they did every year that they came to the lake. that was when i would make my move. They came inside my house and we chatted and flirted till about 8PM. that was when my mom said that they were leaving and that they were leaving. My mom said they would be home by 3 which gave us plenty of time to fuck around.

As soon as they walked out the door Taylor said "You guys wannna go skinny dipping?" Lauren was quick to reply with "I am down for anything that gets me naked" as she whipped of her t-shirt. As we made it to the hot tub Taylor was first to go in as she took of her panties and bra and dived in the water. I was second right on her heals quickly taking off my shorts. Lauren took her time getting in making sure she had enough time to show off her perfect round ass. by the time we go in Taylor was already getting horny asking questions like "Angelo, how big is your dick?" as she scooted closer to me. By the time Taylor was done bombarding questions she was already sitting on my knee. then all f the sudden Taylor Reach back and grabbed my fully erect penis. then Taylor said "looks like someone is ready to have some fun."

Taylor jumped out of the pool and started running into the house beckoning for me to chase her. by the time i got inside her soaking wet body was waiting for me on my bed with her legs all stretched out as she Whispered "come and get some." I walked over to her and inserted my erect penis into her tight pussy as she screamed with pleasure. I went in and out faster and fast until all of the sudden Lauren came walking in. Lauren saw us and said looks like you left someone out of the party as she pulled me out of Taylor's pussy. Lauren pushed me until i was sitting on the bed and began sucking on my hard dick. Taylor felt left out and pulled my head back as she put her wet pussy in my face. I began licking ferociously at her tight pussy as she squirted out hot juices in my face. It was all great until... TO BE CONTINUED.

Tell me if you like it and if you guys do i will make the continuation.

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1 month ago
Tell a little more about the girls. Give them some quirks and personality. That makes it more authentic and the story longer. And tell a bit about your self. And do your self a favor and don't descrip to Mitch anatomy. Let a there be gap for imagination
1 year ago
What? Yes this its good you mother fucker, continue! Lemme cum!